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tesla makes contact with extraterrestrials

Posted by lahar9jhadav on August 14, 2006

teslaNikola Tesla.

He is probably best known for the Tesla coil, but his greatest impact on the modern world was his victory over Thomas Edison which resulted in alternating current, advocated by Tesla, superseding the direct­current system advocated by Edison. (He refused, in 1921, to share a Nobel Physics prize with Edison, for whom he had a strong personal dislike.)

By 1899 Tesla was a wealthy, though somewhat eccentric, figure in the new era of electric power and wireless. One of his pet theories was that power could be drawn from the magnetic field of Earth in such stupendous quantities that it could be used to signal other planets – in case anybody might be listening there.

After a great deal of conferring with government experts to select a highly charged location for his work, Tesla moved to Colarado Springs, Colorado, where he set up his gear.

It was like nothing that man had ever constructed before;. it was a giant-size package of electrical equipment designed to deliver a giant-size blast of man-made lightning which could be loosed in such fashion that it would cross space in a sequence indicating that it was the work of intelligent beings.

In the generation of a mighty wallop, Tesla succeeded beyond his wildest expectations. By alternately changing the flow of the current through that immense coil, seventy-five feet in diameter, and finally shooting it into a copper ball atop a two-hundred-foot tower, Tesla produced bolts of artificial lightning which literally rocked the countryside for many miles around. He also burned out a power generating station, and lighted electric bulbs miles away by the immense flow of current from his experimental installation – a fantastic story which you will find in the book Prodigal Genius by John O’Neill. And before public outcry forced him to cease and desist to avoid arrest, Tesla felt that he had evidence to support his original contention … that somewhere out there in space his gargantuan dots and dashes had been detected . . . and answered.

The signals picked up by Tesla’s gear in 1899 were periodic and “with such clear suggestion of number and order that they could not be traced to any cause then known by me.”

And he added: “Although I did not decipher their meaning, it was impossible for me to think of them as accidental… there was a purpose behind those signals… they were the results of an attempt by some human beings, not of our world, to speak to us by [wireless] signals. .1 am absolutely certain they are not caused by anything terrestrial.”

Tesla’s contention that he had been listening to extra­terrestrial wireless signals was well-founded, for at that time Marconi was barely able to send puny little signals a distance of fifty miles – and it was two years AFTER Tesla’s experiences at Colorado Springs that Marconi managed to get the letter “S” across the Atlantic in intelligible form. Tesla said that . ‘his instruments picked up a transmission with a regular pulse which is not a characteristic of natural stellar radiation, as we now know after years of study. The regularity of the signals, and the apparent promptness with which they followed Tesla’s gigantic sparks, are unique in this type of experiment.


At the same time that Tesla was blasting the heavens with his artificial lightning in Colorado, young Marconi was tapping out the letter “V”; and his co-workers fifty miles away (Wimeraux to South Foreland) finally succeeded in intercepting the signals.

In 1921, Marconi reported that he had been receiving strange, unidentifiable radio signals on his yacht in the Mediterranean. As with Tesla twenty-two years before, Marconi noted the unnatural regularity of the pulses. He authorized his London representative to quote him as saying that the signals certainly represented some sort of code which he could not recognize, other than the letter “V” then being used in the Marconi code.

from…Flying Saucers Serious Business, Frank Edward

Download: Nicola Tesla Prodigal Genious


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