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Science of Being—technique #33

Posted by lahar9jhadav on August 15, 2006

durer rhino Now we come to the area which the ancients call the third eye. It is situated in the pineal gland which is both an organ of perception and a gland. A gland in that it exhumes, it emits hormones but it is also light sensitive, extremely light sensitive and regulates your circadian rhythm which is upset by flying, for example, by jet lag. And while the heart center represents our relationship with the sun of our planetary system, the pineal gland represents our connection with the center of the galaxy. And though it is light sensitive, it is particularly sensitive to ultraviolet light, and beyond. Well ultraviolet is simply beyond the perceptible range, but of course there are many different frequencies and infinite regress.

So that if one concentrates upon that connection, one develops galactic consciousness. Which in the Kabbalah it is beyond the Galganim, it’s the Hayoth. That is, the consciousness of the very high spheres of reality that aren’t limited by the motion of the planets.

So, I find it very useful to look in books of anatomy to see where the pineal gland is situated. Well, no use trying to define it, well the thalamus and pituitary is at the back of the brain and the pineal is a little further forward. This is one of the reasons why one is taught to curl one’s tongue and press one’s tongue against the palate, exercising pressure on the fourth ventricle of the brain and effecting the flow of the spinal rashidic fluid in the brain. And it could actually exercise a good mechanical pressure on the pineal gland. But one has to be very careful with, there are people, chiropractors, who work with exercising pressure on the palate, but you must be very careful because one could make one’s whole brain askew by doing so.

And so the tongue perhaps knows a little more how to do this than if we were to use your thumb. But I would say that this is where concentrating on the stars is often said to be only the first step. One has to grasp something beyond the light of the stars. I think this is where Rumi says there is a world of light in which there is no combustion. Somehow we are talking about a different kind of light than perceptible light.



4 Responses to “Science of Being—technique #33”

  1. The actual technique envolves placing the tongue curled upwards, touching the palate behind the top teeth. Then in meditative mode, when breathing slightly open the mouth and breathe in through both nose and mouth. At the same time, with eyes closed, direct your eyes to the top of the forehead, about 3/4 inch above the eyes.

    Practice this wice per day, for sittings of approximately five to ten minutes. One can increase the length of these periods in time.

    Eventually this technique will automatically engage when sitting and at this stage one may start to adopt the technique when lying down at the beginning of nightly sleep. Eventually, again, this technique will automatically engage itself even when asleep.

    This becomes a very powerful process. One should never attempt this exercise in isolation- it should be part of a larger work on self, such as self observation, work on negative emotions, imagination, moving center  (physical work) and so on.

    The language used in the post is both metaphor and realistic descriptor- “galactic consciousness” for example. What could this possibly mean? Many imaginative and ridiculous accounts have been given out from so called experts and they are all ignorant- on the other hand they have a benefit which lies in the fact that the Real experience, because not actually mentioned, will not be projected by the imagination/ego. Therefore whatever you have heard or read regarding results, phenomenon and so on- they are all distortions upon distortions if not outright lies. The truth is always greater than the fictions which surround it.

  2. The galaxy is within- the Light of the Stars are within. This is a definite stage. The telescope must be turned both outwards and inwards.

  3. When the Pineal Gland is ‘activated’ one can literally feel it working inside the head. Though to be sure this is far from where one may be at this present time in the process.

    One cannot get to this stage without ‘help’, without a connection being made with something ‘higher’. For the allegory, or metaphor, associated with this aspect one could turn to the baptism of Jesus and the descent of the Dove. View it as a descriptive gift of the process- both physical and psychological.

    To receive ‘help’ one must become ‘interesting’ to the ‘helper’.

  4. “the consciousness of the very high spheres of reality that aren’t limited by the motion of the planets.”

    The planets are our planets- our solar system. The ultimate goal concerns something beyond our solar system- at present we are ‘captives’ of our planetary system, actually we are captive of our moon earth system but the process is vertical so to speak, so first escape from moon, then solar system.

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