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Take A Front Row Seat For The End Of All Things- part two

Posted by lahar9jhadav on August 15, 2006

optical illusion And There Shall Be Elves, And Rumours of Elves

You probably didn’t notice it…but i mentioned, rather quickly hoping that it would not cause a glitch, that I have known (or thought i did) about the “coming delicacy” for decades- and strange as it may seem, or not depending on that tail of yours, I am one amongst many.

“How is it so?”, bellows the T.V. scientist.

In a nutshell- the Aliens told me.

Oh God! I’ve done it- and there I was thinking that I would traipse around the bush, leading the reader into a false sense of normality whilst s-l-o-w-l-y moving towards that particular revelation. But no, instead I just go and blurt it right out. Well the damage is done, there can be no looking back now…no hiding from the…i was going to use the word “truth” there, but “truth in reality” is never simple, never monotone, never easy- in fact I have heard that it is “indigestible food”.

So “what in the hell” do I mean by “aliens”.

Ok- let us, for the moment, take the familiar road that mainstream UFOlogy takes- if you have “studied” the area what is about to come will be familiar, if not take my word for it- this is a “widespread” social phenomenon.

When I was young I had certain experiences of a very strange order- meetings with landed spaceships, sightings, strange physical body manifestations appeared overnight- such as the scoop mark I have on my left shin which is a memento of one such incident-powerful visions, dreams. Then in my middle years after a quiet period with no “alien” shenanigans, UFO’s galore populated my skies, tons and tons of strange events- funnily enough usually with witnesses to vouch for the experiences. Lately it has been very quiet.

So..there you have it- I didn’t want to bore you with countless details or a complete chronology- just the gist is enough to give you the idea- from the point of view of the mainstream.

However the interesting aspect of all this, is the internal voyage one goes through when touched by this “realm”- and in my case along with some notable others the inner voyage concerned itself with amongst other things the idea of the coming meeting with the zero-point of history, agh hum..The End, my friend. What the ‘alien’ intervention into my reality did was to ‘prepare’ me for the idea of the “end” and to help me find my way through it, perhaps to the other side- so there was an “alien” inspired decades long search into the under/over belly of reality- of myself and the world that eats me, er…that I live in.

It is time, here and now to say this- I don’t buy into 99% of mainstream UFOlogical theories or it’s stablemates in the Conspiracy genre–matter of fact I don’t buy into mostly anything, so there’s no mystery there. I realized pretty early on that a different ‘story’ was required if one were to get anywhere even close to what was really going on in regards to the “alien realm”. And because my experiences happened way before it all became the new parlour game and because I was located in an isolated part of the globe, I have been fortunately spared the personal incursion, mostly, of the usual simpleton ufological accretions.

Something has been going on, sure- there has been a long term “program” of education happening globally involving many people over many generations…this has lead to the development of scientific ideas and even technology let alone new paradigms regarding consciousness, evolution, ecology, the soul- you name it- the effect has been very, very dramatic and widespread- the human collective unconscious has been influenced in radical ways.


So then what are the “aliens” and all the ufos? They have been the medium, not the message and yet also the message and not the medium- they are the archetype used to shock us into a situation where we have had to come up with some new questions about ourselves and the larger cosmos.

“Yes, but what is behind them, then- who is it that has been educating us using these archetypes”?

The best answer I have is- it doesn’t matter. The second best answer is, “US”. The trouble is that we don’t know who WE is.

But from another perspective- speaking as one who has had these experiences it is ME, myself who has been behind my own personal journey- the ships I have seen have been me, the scars my body holds were inflicted by me and so on- somehow.

There is a fundamental problem here in regards to understanding “completely” and it is our perceptions of Time- the very fabric of our human consciousness is wrapped into our linear viewpoint and our faulty limited dimensional perception. We will never “see” the whole Truth- but what is important is what we, I, EXPERIENCE.

But there have been some other answers about the Who behind “it” all- from much more serious and intelligent and wise people than I- maybe one of these will be just right for you, maybe one of these answers will suddenly all crystallize it for you. But there is something much more important than an explanation- and that is Personal Experiences Personally Experienced. No one else can fill you with their Understanding- because understanding is based on personal experience and self consciousness: understanding beats knowledge every time.

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