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Take A Front Row Seat For The End Of All Things

Posted by lahar9jhadav on August 15, 2006

omega zero pointWe are moving towards the zero point of history- the omega point, the end of time- well, you and me at least.

Sometime in the next few years the Earth will undergo the latest and greatest extinction event in its history- sure we are already in it at the present: species are dying out faster than any other event in history…but it is going to get even faster and the medium will be through radiation. The same sort of radiation that we have been fearing through man-mad nuclear destruction, only the radiation that is going to “elevate” us will be coming from Heaven- space.

Scientists have finally detected (!) what has been obvious to many for years- the sun is getting hotter, and not just for earth, no…the effect is solar system wide. What is causing this effect the scientists who study this area have no idea as yet. There are theories- supernova and so on, but a more intriguing idea is that an as yet undetected (by “us”) cosmic body is affecting our sun and solar system. This cosmic body could be “moving” closer to us or its “field of effect” might simply be expanding to encompass us.

Science is in the dark about all this – it theorized black holes and found some, but it has no idea about time scales, local effects and so on…and it is the same for other cosmic phenomenon of the same order. Right this very moment we could be on our way into the heart of a black hole and not even know it…our sun could be just about to blow its top and we wouldn’t know it. The idea that science will always give us “fair notice” about planetary destruction or effects is a quiescent and socially/politically agreed dream….either because it doesn’t know or because the PowerStructure on earth decides that the human being must not know of its impending doom because otherwise they would simply go “nuts” and decide that It wanted to do other things than “watch television”….in other words the social, political (and every other) order would collapse in the blink of an eye.

So..whatever scenario- we are not going to know until the last minute…though we may see some large scale “planning” going on whilst those who possibly do know try and use what time they have left to “save” themselves-in the belief that there will be at least some hope for them.

I for one see absolutely ‘no hope’- the radiation will sweep through every nook and cranny in the entire solar system- things will never be the same, believe me! But don’t worry no one will be around to suffer it.

Not very positive, as they say, is it? No, I don’t think the atmosphere turning into white fire will sell very well in the charts somehow.

So why am I looking forward to it then?

Yes, that question has been burning me for decades since I first learnt of these imminent possibilities and yet it is only quite recently that the reason for my forward looking optimism in the face of total DEATH and DESTRUCTION has been, as it is said, crystallized into some sort of formulation that makes sense…well, sense to me, at any rate. This formulation centres around the “idea” of EVOLUTION.

Yes, and old idea…full of holes and quackery in its practical theorization by “us”, but never-the-less, basically without it we are “doomed, doomed i tells ya.”

Now, there are those who have dabbled with the edges of the “evolutionary” paradigm- “hazard”, “novelty” “chaos” and such like, but these are only tinkering with the edges, the mechanisms if you like- whereas the centre seems to be holding.

Oh yeah I forgot…evolution by itself is not going to “help us” , or rather- evolution will only “help us” if we are indeed required after the “fall” or “ascent”, depending on which way your tail swings. And by “US” i don’t mean the “us” of today…no, that will be burned down to its constituent parts and then some…no, all that will be left, if we are lucky, is maybe just the merest “astral smell” of that once proud and blustering ego maniac- you and me. Or maybe not.

And why, you ask, would “we” be needed? Ask yourself the same question right now about our present and past situation- were we needed on the surface of this planet, as an intrinsically important part of the biosphere like other species that we have come to realize perform a planetary function? This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff, so to speak-

1. the idea that “nature” does nothing without reason, does not waste resources and species and millions of years for random streams of evolution. and

1. the idea that this evolutionary development is intrinsic like the laws of physics.

or in a nutshell….this moment that you are I now contemplate was realized and forseen in the first nanonanonanoseconds of the big bang. Or….
What Is was meant to Be.

The beauty for us, the hope for us- is that what happens next will also be for us. “We” are either just finishing our purpose in the scheme of things, like the 200 species that just disappeared whilst you were having your coffee this morning or “our” purpose is about to change somewhat.

Oh yeah by the way…

* whichever way you are inclined…the above scenario of total annihilation of our home world will occur some day, that is an absolute certainty…it is simply a question of when…

* every person you ever layed eyes on is going to die.

So it’s probably worth thinking about…for a while.


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