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Time Travel

Posted by lahar9jhadav on August 15, 2006

time travel crystal wave form by Paul Segal

from Cosmic Quiche, 1999, vol.4 # 7

Slowly but steadily we are moving towards a singularity which will change our world and cosmic viewpoint irrecovably- the meeting with the first public “announcement” that time travel is possible and that it has been achieved. The UFO’s that so many have been “studying” and sighting over so many years will come to be understood as functions and manifestations of both “soft” and “hard” time travel technology.

The “dark side of the moon” has been used for many “years”- though terms such as that which require a linear description of time will soon be meaningless- by earth’s own time travelers from our present future (one can see how our thinking is going to have to change).

The various democratic and stable Government’s of the earth and many scientists have been involved with the preparations for this coming singularity which has been given the date of 2012.

SO called flying saucers are indeed ‘secret’ projects only they have been developed in our future by “us”.

The above somewhat outlandish theme has actually been predicted by modern mathematical models and physics- both directly and indirectly. For example for the last several decades the idea that information has been increasing exponentially as a function of technology and quantum physics has become almost mainstream:- however this schema includes a “singularity-event”: a future point where the increase of information will be moving so fast (in terms of physics its “mass” or “energy” will be so great”) that we shall reach a kind of “black hole” where the mathematics and laws will begin to break down- this has always been a theoretical problem which has been usually “solved” by involving some sort of “consciousness evolutionary” quantum jump. What is increasingly being postulated is how “time travel” and therefore the connection between “our time, and consciousness” and a “future time and consciousness” can create a “wormhole” rather than a “black hole”. At the point of connection of the, shall we say “time tunnel”, we step into a new consciousness, or rather a “higher consciousness”- this is in terms of mathematics and technology but also it involves the fundamental human idea because time travel offers immediate solutions, of a sort, to our mortality- either through medical science advancement or through physical time travel itself.

Now…we live in a world of politics, as we all know- a world where there is an elite society which benefits from technological advancement and the masses who live in poverty and starvation as their daily lot. This elite has been in control of the dissemination of knowledge and the preparation of the 2012 event, and of course it works from its elitist world view-it’s capitalist “free trade” world view which has bathed the planet in blood many times for the projection of greed and power. This will not change very easily- as we can see very clearly that since the US government for example, first were contacted and understood what was going to occur, there has been more war than in the entire history of our planet. And of course what the Nazi’s did with the information has become a marker in our history that will never be erased.

The history of the “preparation” so to speak, for the singularity in our time, began in earnest in 1848 when the first connection between our time and the future time occurred- funnily enough this coincided with the beginning of the Aquarian age. The 1848 “connection” changed the earth and the biosphere in ways that science only now is beginning to understand or even “see”.

The most obvious changes were the consciousness of the mass of humanity and the rise of technology. In regards to the consciousness question, the rise of the world wide phenomenon of spiritualism was a function and manifestation of the changes. The interrelation the symbiosis, between the earth and such as humanity is so underrated as even a question of study that there is almost no understanding on this subject, though there has been a very few pioneers who have contemplated it in a scientific way. J.G. Bennet and Carl Jung were two of these pioneers.

Jung offered the idea of shared archetypal structures which somehow were operating in everyones unconscious independently of the individual. Bennett offered the idea of a connection between the consciousness of the planet and the consciousness of living beings and especially of humanity. The more recent ideas of morphic resonance and entanglement offer the mechanism for such symbiosis. All, in their own ways, predict in their models the coming of some future “singularity event”- in fact when you think about it, this “horizon event” has been postulated throughout history in various religious forms which themselves have provided ‘quantum consciousness jumps”. The theories of Terence Mckenna and others include the idea that history is a integral function of the evolution of humanity and the earth leading towards the singularity. In other words, everything is connected, All Is One.


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