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Posted by lahar9jhadav on August 15, 2006

gurdjieff contactee ufo alice wonderland Lars Norrigan has claimed ET contact for over three decades and in his latest book, Pilgrimage, relates experiences aboard ET space craft, the fabled UFO’s, where he allegedly had many meetings with the philosopher G.I. Gurdjieff- who died in 1949!

“He looked entirely, exactly like the photo I procured of him after our last meeting- though his huge domed cranium did look rather more substantial in person. The photo showed Mr. Gurdjieff as he looked in 1947, two years before his death- and here I was having ongoing meetings with him in a spaceship in 1986!”- from Pilgrimage.

In an interview with Mr. Norrigan in January 2006, I asked him why he waited such a long time to publicly announce his alleged experiences with the long “dead” G.I. Gurdjieff…

” Firstly, the interactions with Mr. Gurdjieff took place over a period of fifteen years- the last time we met in the flesh, so to speak, was at the beginning of 2001 and there was never a question as to giving any publicity to what was occurring while it was occurring. The meetings with Mr. Gurdjieff related mostly to my own personal struggles with developing understanding and strength in the face of my experiences. Secondly, it took me a long time to make the decision to finally write about my experiences, after my last meeting with Mr. Gurdjieff- what to say and what not to say.”

Q: Are you worried about the backlash that your book might have with those who follow Gurdjieff’s teachings- after all, you are writing using the authority of G.I. Gurdjieff and there is absolutely no evidence of the “truth” of your experiences?

LN: My book concerns my experiences and I ask no one for belief. The first chapter of my book, Pilgrimage, goes into great detail how I envision the material in the book to be taken, and that is in short, not as a “reality” to be accepted but rather as the honest description of personal experience- whether I am mad, deluded, or whatever, the experiences related in my book are, as far as I could make them, an accurate recollection of events. I am not, and have never, wrapped up my experiences in only one colour, one theory so to speak…I know what happened I was there…but I only know the “half of it”, as they say. Actually the book, at its fundamental note, is about multiple realities- the realty that I entered into with Mr. Gurdjieff aboard the spaceship is only my perception of a slice of a much deeper, or more complicated reality- and since it revolves around me, this particular “reality” may only be a function of my own personal universe, manifested outwards into the shared collective, for you see there were many witnesses to much of the phenomenon- though I was always alone when meeting with Mr. Gurdjieff on the spaceships.

Q: What about the actual material which you include and allege were spoken by Mr. Gurdjieff at your meetings with him on the spaceships?

LN: I struggled long and hard as to what to publish of Mr. Gurdjieff’s words, and in the end I came to the conclusion that it was best not to edit them in the light of his published works- If what Mr. Gurdjieff said to me is at odds with what he said to others or wrote whilst he was “alive” then that may point to the inherent delusion to which I submitted myself…so be it, on the other hand maybe not. Look, the world is a world of lies and a world of sleep- each of us barely conscious…what difference will my own delusion make to the grand scheme? This book is not a self help manual, merely a journal of my own peculiar struggle. And by the way…as odd as it all seems, I am not the only one who has experienced meeting with Mr. Gurdjieff since his “death” in 1949, and not even in a spaceship.

Q: What would you say to anyone who may be thinking about reading your book?

LN: Don’t do it, unless you have a serious sense of humour.

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