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is there life on earth, or are we just dreaming…


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Genevieve dropped the egg

Posted by lahar9jhadav on August 16, 2006

egg Genevieve dropped the egg, it shattered into a million pieces, streaks of molten rainbow flew through the air in every direction resolving into fractal universes evolving at light speed. She noticed too, that bits of her were sparking off into long streams like plasma clouds-“I have never looked so beautiful” she thought.

Genevieve instinctively raised her arm and saw what she presumed to be her hand at the end of it- silhouetted against the glowing sparkling waves above her- she could see that everything was connected though disintegration was in the air.

The space between the particles seemed to be getting larger and she was getting smaller, then a large wave broke above her and Genevieve thought she saw herself mirrored in the floating reflections that just then appeared, there was an odd sound in the air too- like bees buzzing, getting louder and louder-

“something is going to happen” she thought…

then words began to fall, like rain- letters all over the sky of her room- she couldn’t stop breathing them in…they were everywhere…

genevieve wondered whether she was digesting something interesting or was it all just gibberish- there was already so much gibberish in the world..she saw a rather large word coming towards her…she breathed in trying to control its descent but as she did she felt a wind blow against her cheeks and she was a little startled…she sucked again and another wind kissed her beautiful shining face…

“things are definitely rather strange tonight” she said out loud….

she breathed in harder now and the words swept into her..her breathing became even harder now and the worlds began to move towards her, the waves and the lights and the winds all began to swarm around her in spiralling crescendo and she became the centre, getting larger as she ate the universes travelling at double light speed into her…to see Genevieve from the outside was to see a black hole but inside she was filling with light and being and soul.


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