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Mysterious Airship 2

Posted by lahar9jhadav on August 16, 2006

cigar shaped ufo That account of the cable from the “demon-ship” brings to mind a much more recent report, an account from a prosperous and prominent farmer, Alexander Hamilton, of Le Roy, Kansas.

In a sworn statement dated April 21, 1897, he says:

Last Monday night about 10: 30 we were awakened by a noise among the cattle. I arose, thinking that perhaps my bulldog was performing his pranks, but upon going to the door saw to my utter astonishment that an airship was slowly descending upon my cow lot, about forty rods [660 feet] from the house.

Calling my tenant, Gid Heslip, and my son Wall, we seized some axes and ran to the corral. Meanwhile the ship had been gently descending until it was not more than thirty feet above the ground, and we came within fifty yards of it.

It consisted of a great cigar-shaped portion, possibly three hundred feet long, with a carriage underneath. The carriage was made of glass or some other transparent substance alternating with a narrow strip of some material. It was brightly lighted within and everything was plainly visible – it was occupied by six of the strangest beings I ever saw. They were jabbering together but we could not understand a word they said.

Every part of the vessel which was not transparent was of a dark reddish color. We stood mute with wonder and fright. Then some noise attracted their attention and they turned a light directly upon us. Immediately on catching sight of us they turned on some unknown power, and a great turbine wheel, about thirty feet in diameter, which was revolving slowly below the craft, began to buzz and the vessel rose lightly as a bird. When about three hundred feet above us it seemed to pause and to hover directly above a two-year-old heifer, which was bawling and jumping, apparently fast in the fence. Going to her we found a cable about half an inch in thickness made of some red material fastened in a slip knot around her neck and going up to the vessel from the heifer tangled in the wire fence. We tried to get it off but could not, so we cut the wire loose to see the ship, heifer and all, rise slowly, disappearing in the north-west.

We went home but I was so frightened I could not sleep. Rising early Tuesday I started out on my horse, hoping to find some trace of my cow. This I failed to do, but coming back in the evening found that Link Thomas, about three or four miles went of LeRoy, had found the hide, legs and head in his field that day. He, thinking that someone had butchered a stolen beast, had brought the hide to town for identification, but was greatly mystified in not being able to find any tracks in the soft ground. After identifying the hide by my brand, I went home. But every time I would drop to sleep I would see the cursed thing, with its big lights and hideous people. I don’t know whether they are devils or angels, or what; but we all saw them, and my whole family saw the ship and I don’t want any more to do with them.


“Hamilton has long been a resident of Kansas and known all over Woodson, Allen, Coffey and Anderson counties. He was a member of the House of Representatives. He staked his sacred honor upon the truth of his story.

As there are now, always have been and always will be skeptics and unbelievers whenever the truth of anything bordering the improbable is presented, and knowing that some ignorant or suspicious people will doubt the truthfulness of the above statement, now therefore we, the undersigned, do hereby make the following affidavit:

That we have known Alexander Hamilton for one to thirty years, and that for truth and veracity we have never heard his word questioned, and that we do verily, believe his statement to be true and correct.

Signed: E. W. Wharton, State Oil Inspector

M. E. Hunt, Sheriff

W. Lauber, Deputy Sheriff

R. H. Winter, Banker

H. S. Johnson, Pharmacist

J. H. Stitcher, Attorney

Alexander Stewart, Justice of the Peace

F. W. Butler, Druggist

James W. Martin, Registrar of Deeds.

and H. C. Rollins, Postmaster

Subscribed and Sworn before me this 21st day of April, 1897″

Since affidavits are considered evidential matter before the highest courts in the land, we are justified in giving the above story more than usual weight in the annals of these weird craft – and their “hideous people,” as Mr. Hamilton called them..

from, Flying Saucers Serious Business


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