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Posted by lahar9jhadav on August 24, 2006


“Philology more important than philosophy. I trust my intuition more than a library of books by your so-called scholars.” Gurdjieff

I have, over many years, conducted a low-level ‘research project’ concerning ‘miraculous’ or ‘mysterious events’ which have occurred to people. Usually the best, the cleanest in regards to contamination, are those recalled from childhood…though there are some events which have occurred to certain people at a mature age which sem to be at odds with their cultural experiences and conditioning. It is not to say that the ‘contaminated’ events have no validity, just to say that for research purposes, mine at least, they are of lesser interest.

I am not concerned so much with the content of these experiences so much as their frequency and the context in which they occur and the processing of these events by the individual.

Statistically I can now say that the vast majority of the people that I have approached, have experienced these types of phenomenon. In a world that on the surface disregards, denies and ridicules the experience of ‘un-natural phenomenon’ this segment of the population is left in an invidious position, amounting to the self denial of their own experience and even the anathema of their personal experiences. For some few, this schism provides an impetus for a search for some real understanding of the reality behind, over or underneath, the agreed-on paradigm or at least their own experience in relation to it. However, the road to understanding is paved with many negativities, distortions, misdirections, falsifications- it is the land of the charlatan and false guru as well as the ‘negaters’- it is not an easy path and therefore the percenatge who begin the journey is far greater than the percentage who achieve some sort of real understanding.

As Below So Above…

The same ‘process’ occurs in the global situation in regards to extramundane phenomenon as it does to the individual in our Western societies. There are many examples of this: Crop Circles, UFO’s, Ancient Mysteries such as the constructions on the Gizeh Plateau, Baalbek, Peruvian Pyramids etc., etc. the list is very large and not confined to any one point in the Earth’s long history. Humanity in the Western Hemisphere lives in denial of its own experience or (maybe) worse has settled for crude and undeveloped, though comfortable, answers such as those spoon-fed to the populace through religion or the ‘sciences’- for example the “explanation” of how the Pyramids on Gizeh were built and their age.

But beyond this need for ‘quieting’ answers there appears to be some even more fundamental process going on in the psyche of humanity which simply put, is the inability to perceive reality as it is. We can all see with with some clarity that Humanity if seen as an individual person is: violent, egotistical, superficial, self-deluded and unaware – but this fundamental blindness to certain aspects of reality goes further than low-self-awareness or lack of understanding, in fact it is as if there were an organ placed somewhere whose function was to ‘disappear’ any facts which conflict with its prime program.


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