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The trouble with Ms. Bressington (part 3 in the series)

Posted by irisheaven on September 5, 2006

part one. part two

1. Ms. Bressington likes to introduce so-called “research” into the debate to bolster her ‘argument’- unfortunately the research, as pointed out by Dr. Caldicott, is spurious, non-scientific and not replicated. In other words it’s “crap”.

This is what happens when you develop a “policy” based only on your own isolated, ignorant and personal belief system- ie. good research won’t back you up so you are only left with partisan biased leftovers.

2. Ms. Bressington after being confronted with the ‘vaccuousness’ of her “research” ignores the reality and just blunders on using hyperbole of a biblical nature to defend her view, ie. she says her “research is demonised”. Actually it was quietly and rationally put into context.

3. By dealing with the issue of crap research in this way, Ms. Bressington does an injustice and damage to the whole, so-to-say, “drugs” debate.

She is just another in a long line of, at best, misguided and ignorant, or at worse, deceptive and dangerous commentators on the issue.

Personally I don’t think her “heart” is in the right place at all- I have heard her play out the ‘well if you are not with me then you are soft on drugs’ rhetoric too many times to see her as anything but another opportunistic ‘hate and fear monger’ working from some inner psychological difficulty that drives her ‘totalitarian’ fantasies.
God spare us from the “world changers”!


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