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How to Pray

Posted by patchouli on September 8, 2006


‘Unio Mystica'(detail)

artist – Andrew Gonzalez

How to Pray

by P. Reich

The Work is the most important and yet the most ‘secret’ thing happening on this planet. It is secret because that is the way of higher consciousness- the lower cannot see the higher, cannot understand it, and when the laws of the Higher are manifested in the lower it becomes miraculous and mysterious and our way of thought can by no means come to any conclusions because we are unaware of the whole.

The Work is not merely some invention of a modern mystical philosopher- the reworking of older ideas or the revelation of new ones. It is part of a much greater living reality- it is the manifestation and insertion of a Higher into our Lower. It is the result of the Work of the many, not the few. It is a cosmic gift of Grace to a lonely lost planet and its falling civilization- it is the process of evolution inherent in the great creation. We are called as individuals and as a civilization to evolve into the possibility of entering the Great Ocean, the kingdom of God. At this interval there are only two choices, two rivers of destiny- involution or evolution. The time has come, as many people across the globe have felt and come to realize, when the fruits of our civilization shall be tested.

Time, the heropass has made the decision for us- how many shall survive is not known but there are many scattered on the surface of this planet who have returned to fulfill the wish and promise of their hearts which is to move into the higher worlds.

Science knows this- humanity is ‘doomed’ for it cannot escape this world to find a new one: the laws of physics preclude this- our bodies are simply too heavy, too low in the chain of being to escape the pull of this world. But the false hope of technology and its momentum keep humanity moving through its inertia- “we shall be alright” “a solution will be found” “all that is required is the resources to be allocated”, the dream of tomorrow, the horizontal. This is the dream of the people, but not the dream of those who rule- for they at least have the data which reveals the truth, the horror of the situation- that all attempts at removing physical bodies away from this planet into the wider world of emanations has proved fatal and futile. There is no where to go.

But there has always been Grace and Help. For those with eyes which can see: they have seen. For those with ears with which to hear: they have heard.

It is the Search for Truth, within and without, which opens the way for us at any given moment- how to be present to it is the Work. How to offer ourselves to this help. How to pray.


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