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Archive for October, 2006

Australia devestated by global climate change

Posted by patchouli on October 30, 2006

dead planet #13


The consequences of ‘global-warming’ have become a present day reality for the inhabitants of the Great South Land- Australia.

At present Australia is locked in a drought the likes of which have never been seen in the modern history of that land- for many parts the drought has been ongoing for a decade, but this pattern has now spread to cover 75% of the continent. The farming sector has come to a standstill causing hardship, farm sell-offs, suicides amongst the farming community. Billions of dollars will be lost and billions will be spent in rural aid. The prices of food in all cities has increased to such an extent that the country’s inflation rate is beginning to spiral exponentially- causing interest rates to rise and then the consequent hardship to mortgage holders and others who have been in a ‘borrowing spree’ for the last decade- personal debt in Australia is the highest in the world- and when you factor in the ‘inflated’ housing costs created by stupid government policy also over the last decade or so, well…Australia is in for a big ‘correction’.

There is only one region in Australia which is a reasonably good position, Western Australia. That state has been and will continue to be, in a growing financial boom-time due to its incredible mineral, and natural gas reserves- also it has been spending big on infrastructure projects whilst the other states have been ‘sleeping’…and above all it recognised the coming ‘water’ problem and has been developing solutions and spending big. To add ‘salt to the wounds’ of the other states, Western Australia seems to be the least effected by ‘global warming’, in it’s totality at any rate.

Personally I believe that NSW and Sydney which at present is the unofficial capital of Australia, will lose it’s place as will all the eastern sea board states, as the financial and cultural centres of Australia. Western Australia will increasingly see a migration boom from the other states as people realize which ‘way the wind is blowing’ and seek for a more stable and safe existence for themselves and their children. This migration and other factors will eventually lead to a denouement – a point of ‘critical mass’ where Western Australia will simply have to restrict access and this in turn will lead Australia into a political crisis which will rock the basis of the continent’s political structure- for example Western Australia seceding from the Commonwealth and becoming an independent and sovereign State, which, by the way, has always been an underlying movement in the politics of Western Australia.

Global Warming and it’s consequences will be increasingly catastrophic for many parts of the globe causing the typeof widespread migrations not experienced since the ‘end of the ice age’. Whole nations will simply disappear under the rising waters of the worlds oceans- and not just a few Pacific Islands and not just in the third world…and other parts, such as Australia, will lose the productivity of their rural lands and therefore the ability to feed their populations. Yes, the whole face of the present day ‘world’ will be altered and so will it’s power structures and financial stability, in fact we are seeing the end of an age.

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