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Climate Control-CHEMTRAILS

Posted by lahar9jhadav on October 5, 2006

May 2003: Here we quote the communication from “Deep Shield”:

Having read your email, I must say that you are full of questions. These questions I would dismiss immediately as being the frustrated attempts of fringe groups to bring a halt to the project, however these reports of biological material being part of the spray should be addressed. Therefore I will give as much attention to all of your questions as possible.

1. What purpose do polymer threads imbedded with biological material serve in this scenario?

Polymers are part of the mixture and they do form in threads and in `tufts’. The idea is simple and comes to us from the spider. As you may know spider webbing is very light, some newborn spiders spin a `parachute’ to catch the prevailing breeze to travel far from their place of birth. Spiders have been able to attain high altitudes and travel great distances for long periods of time. Most of the elements used in the spray are heavier than air, even in their powdered form they are heavier and will sink quickly. Mixing them with the polymers suspends the particles in the atmosphere high above the surface for longer periods of time, therefore in theory we do not need to spray as often or as much material. Since the suspended particles eventually do settle into the lowest part of the atmosphere and are inhaled by all life forms on the surface there is an attempt to counter the growth of mold by adding to the mixture mold growth suppressants – some of which may be of biological material.

Mold comes in spores that travel on the winds; the polymers can attract mold spores through static charges created by the friction of the polymer threads and the atmosphere. Add a bit of warmth and moisture and mold begins to grow. The polymer is stored in a liquid form as two separate chemicals. When sprayed they combine behind the plane `spinning’ long polymer chains (threads). Much tinkering has been done which the chemical matrix in past years. Many polymers (plastics) are non-biodegradable thus add to the problem of pollution. Various formula have been used, some which even use biological agents. It would be great if we could reproduce the same web material that spiders make, it is extremely strong, extremely lightweight and breaks down relatively fast in the ecology.

2. If this spraying is to mitigate global warming, why does so much of it take place at night?

Though it would appear that the dispersal rate of the spray is fast, it is actually takes much longer to be an effective shield. There is a desired concentration being sought. One that is thick enough to stem the UV and the Infrared, while being thin enough to allow visible light through. A perpetual cloud cover would have disastrous effects on plant life; the food chain thus disrupted would soon collapse. The desired effect wanted is a thin cover that would theoretically create a daytime haze that allows plenty of sunlight while providing protection. From UV radiation and also reflect enough infrared to maintain nominal temperatures.

The optimal condition is to use the least amount of material to provide the maximum amount of shielding. Ideally that would be a one-time application which would stay suspended for years, however, as noted, barium and aluminum and other trace elements are far heavier than air and they sink rather rapidly. The different temperatures between day and night causes massive volumes of air to rise during the night, the warm air trapped at the surface rises above the cooling air above. By strategically spraying in certain areas at night, we get the advantage of the rising air, which not only pushes the material higher, but also causes the material to disperse into a thin layer.

I would suggest studying on the subject of weather, namely highs and lows and how air moves to fully understand the times of spraying. I note, it is not just global warming we are combating here, we are also combating UV Summer. Global warming could effectively be treated by applications during the night, when the warm air rises. However the UV needs to be treated during the day. This is why on some days one finds that more spraying is done during the day. The UV indexes are monitored constantly for local areas. If the problem were simply cooling the earth, rockets would have been used to suspend particles in the high atmosphere. However the delicate nature of the Ozone Layer precludes this method of shielding. More on this in the answer to Question 6.

3. What other military programs are in place involving the spraying of barium and what are their purposes? Do you know and understand the chemical make up of the element?

A little knowledge will go a long way to understanding the need to use barium: Barium is often used in barium-nickel alloys for spark-plug electrodes and in vacuum tubes as a drying and oxygen-removing agent. Barium oxidizes in air, and it reacts vigorously with water to form the hydroxide, liberating hydrogen. In moist air it may spontaneously ignite. It burns in air to form the peroxide, which produces hydrogen peroxide when treated with water. Barium reacts with almost all of the nonmetals; all of its water-soluble and acid-soluble compounds are poisonous. Barium carbonate is used in glass, as a pottery glaze, and as a rat poison. Chrome yellow (barium chromate) is used as a paint pigment and in safety matches. The chlorate and nitrate are used in pyrotechnics to provide a green color. Barium oxide strongly absorbs carbon dioxide and water; it is used as a drying agent. Barium chloride is used in medicinal preparations and as a water softener. Barium sulfide phosphoresces after exposure to light; it is sometimes used as a paint pigment. Barite, the sulfate ore, has many industrial uses. Because barium sulfate is virtually insoluble in water and acids, it can be used to coat the alimentary tract to increase the contrast for X-ray photography without being absorbed by the body and poisoning the subject.

Note what Barium Oxide can do, absorb carbon dioxide – one of the chief gasses causing the green house effect. In my answer to Question 4 I will discuss the need to carry a current in the shield. I would like to point out that barium and aluminum work together to diffuse and strengthen an electrical charge. Somewhat like the current produced when acid is introduced between two dissimilar metals, such as iron and copper. There are military applications for everything you can think of, can not a butter knife be used as a weapon? The same concept holds true here.

4. What is the connection between ELF, EMF, VLF and Chemtrails spraying? Or is there one?

To understand the use of radio waves in the shield, one first understands how ozone is created. I cannot stress to you how dire the situation really is. The shield in place is only a partial solution; we must counter the depletion of the ozone- this means we must make ozone in the stratosphere. Ozone at ground levels does no good; indeed, ozone pollution at ground levels it what is used to determine the air quality. Higher levels of ground level ozone mean that air quality is bad. Pure ozone is an unstable, faintly bluish gas with a characteristic fresh, penetrating odor. The gas has a density of 2.144 grams per liter at standard temperature and pressure. Below its boiling point (-112?) ozone is a dark blue liquid; below its melting point (-193?) it is a blue-black crystalline solid. Ozone is triatomic oxygen, O3, and has a molecular weight of 47.9982 atomic mass units (amu). It is the most chemically active form of oxygen. It is formed in the ozone layer of the stratosphere by the action of solar ultraviolet light on oxygen. Although it is present in this layer only to an extent of about 10 parts per million, ozone is important because its formation prevents most ultraviolet and other high-energy radiation, which is harmful to life, from penetrating to the earth’s surface. Ultraviolet light is absorbed when its strikes an ozone molecule; the molecule is split into atomic and diatomic oxygen: 03+ ultraviolet light ->0+02. Later, in the presence of a catalyst, the atomic and diatomic oxygen reunite to form ozone.

Ozone is also formed when an electric discharge passes through air; for example, it is formed by lightning and by some electric motors and generators. Ozone is produced commercially by passing dry air between two concentric-tube or plate electrodes connected to an alternating high voltage; this is called the silent electric discharge method. Since UV radiation is the problem, we can not use UV to produce more stratospheric ozone. Another method must be found. The shield acts like one plate of the electrode, when tickled with certain radio waves; it produces an opposite charge to stratospheric layers producing low atmosphere to stratosphere lightening. Creating ozone where it is needed.

5. If this is being done for the reasons you say, then why are other chemicals being used, why are different sprays being used?

Correcting the ecological damage that mankind has done has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE. We are relatively new to this notion of terraforming on a real scale. That is what we are doing, Terraforming. We are trying to recreate the ideal life-sustaining conditions on a dying planet. We have never done this before, not intentionally. We are testing and trying different methods. Granted, if we do nothing 89% of all species will go extinct and humanity stands a high chance of not surviving through two more generations (or less). However the idea of 2 billion casualties death and permanent injury is not easy to swallow either.

Several attempts to improve the application of Shielding material and getting the most out of each application are taking place all the time. The combined resources of the nations of earth are not enough to allow constant spraying. Though we have achieved a high level of technology, there is a great surface area that needs to be covered nearly daily. Large sections of ocean are all but ignored; the remaining land masses are more than what can be covered effectively. The Shield would work best if it was a single thin layer without interruption, however due to the movement of air, weather patterns and the sad fact that we do not have the means to place ample amounts of material at the same level at the same time we are getting a small fraction of the effectiveness from our applications.

6. Why is spraying found before storm fronts? Is it to cause drought?

Before a storm there is a front, the front clears the air before a storm, pushing particulate matter ahead of it, leaving a space relatively clear of particulate matter. UV radiation levels rise in these areas, sometimes to dangerous levels. The shield must be maintained. Since barium absorbs water as well as carbon dioxide, precipitation has been affected. Other kinds of sprays are in development and testing which may reduce the affects on precipitation. As I stated above, this is a new technology we are working with, it is still in its infancy and there are some problems with it.

7. Why are UFO’s and disappearing spray planes reported?

I do not know.

8. What about the reports of sickness after spraying?

There are several causatives for this. Some people are more sensitive to metals, whiles others are sensitive to the polymer chemicals. As stated in a previous email, people will get sick, and some will die. It is estimated that 2 billion worldwide will be affected to some degree by the spraying. Without spraying we have a 90% + chance of becoming extinct as a species with in the next 20 years.

9. What is the relationship between these spraying programs and One World Order?

Personally I am against the move for globalization, and yes, there is potential to use the Shield to speed up the process of globalization, there are several countries that are involved in this project: European Union Nations, USA and Russia are the largest contributors to the project, many of the allied nations and UN Members participate to one extent or another. The material (chemical spray as you may call it) comes from all of these nations.

To insure that the chemicals are not tampered with, they are mixed and sprayed over random nations. This means that chemicals produced in the USA has a good chance of being sprayed over Russia, England and the USA. This random spray of material means that no nation would be certain that their chemicals will be sprayed over a nation which they have issues with. Russian planes may be seen in USA skies, but so too will USA planes be seen in Russian skies. The canisters used are sealed in a third nation that has no idea where its canister is going. Participating nations have their observers at every station where canister loading is done. All of this to insure that the shield is not used as a weapon. To further insure that the shield is not used as a weapon, non participant nations are sprayed by participants who must spray in order to get enough material to maintain their nations shield. It is understood that not spraying is as much a military offense as shooting at them.

Without the shield, UV poisoning would cause great death. The threat is a common one, which has brought nations together in defense. The natural outcome of having a common enemy is to strengthen international ties – a step toward globalization.

10. Is the Spraying related to terrorism?

Yes and no. Recent terrorist activity can be traced to resistance groups who feel that we should not interfere with the natural order of things. As you know, there are many rumors out there as to what the Shield Program is. Some believe that this is a population reduction scheme, designed to kill off ‘undesirable’ peoples. While others hold that this is a mind control program. There are many theories which have sinister plots in them these are propagated by the resistance groups in an attempt to stop the shield regardless of the consequences.

The same delivery method could be used for biological and chemical warfare. It could also be used to inoculate large populations, the effectiveness of these uses are low, there are better methods that can be used. As a means to fight terrorism it is ineffectual, it is far easier to inoculate a population individually and would insure full inoculation against germ warfare.

11. Why all the secrecy?

Due to the severity of the situation it is mandatory to maintain public calm for as long as possible. The Earth is dying. Humanity is on the road to extinction – without the Shield mankind will die off with in 20 to 50 years. Most people alive today could live to see this extinction take place. This means that an announcement of the situation we face boils down to telling every man, woman and child on earth that they have no future, they are going to be killed. People would panic. There would be economic collapse, the production and movement of goods would collapse. Millions would die in all cities on earth, riots and violence would reduce civilian centers to rubble within days. Half of the population in dense metropolitan areas would try to leave the cities seeking ‘safety’ in the rural areas thinking that they would be safe. Those left behind in the cities would be at war with their neighbors, fighting for the remaining supplies. We would be telling the world that the world is coming to an end, and even with the Shield the chances of survival are small.

UV Summer and Global Warming are the immediate problems we face, there are far greater problems that are raising their ugly heads and will present new problems which in some cases have no viable solutions at this time. Ecologies are collapsing. The extinction rate of species is climbing. The amount of chemical pollutants in the water and soil are fast approaching and in many places has surpassed the earth’s ability to heal itself. Crop failure is on the rise, even in the USA the returns on crops are smaller than they were 10 years ago. Even with the advances in genetically altered food crops, we are falling behind in our ability to produce enough to go around. Throughout the 20th century chemical fertilizers and pesticides were used to insure the best yields. Unfortunately many of these have contaminated ground water, killed beneficial insects along with the undesirable insects. These chemicals have gotten into the food chain and are affected other species besides mankind. It is only a matter of years before famine spreads like a cancer throughout the world.

Clean fresh water is in short supply, in many places well water is non-potable, containing the run off of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers that have been used on crops and lawns. The water treatment facilities we have are unable to scrub out all of the toxins we have placed in the soil and water supply. Many of the toxins we find build up over time in the body, a long slow poisoning which has been making its presence felt in many areas of the world in the form of cancers, leukemia, sterility, birth defects, learning disorders, immune deficiency problems, etc. These are on the rise, any good researcher can find the records. For decades there was public outcry for the end to pollution. For every small step we made to clean up our production, millions where born who added to the problem. Yes, pollution is down per individual, however there are a couple more billion individuals producing pollution, thus the real numbers have an increase in over all pollution produced. Name a city that does not have problems with smog. You would be hard pressed to find one. Though smog controls on automobiles is higher than ever before, the number of autos on the road has increased thus the amount of smog producing pollutants is higher than ever before. All the clean air acts passed to curb individual factory and auto emissions did not address the production of more factories and more autos. Here an uneasy compromise was made between the need to maintain the economy against the need to maintain the ecology. The ecology lost since it was estimated to be a problem decades from now. The economy was a problem that would have dire effects today.

All of these factors combined have produced a scenario that in shorts boils down to the end of the world in 50 to 75 years. Even if we were to stop all emissions of pollution today, the inertia of past decades is enough to carry us over the brink in 100 years. However we cannot stop the production of pollution, to do so would mean shutting down every factory, every auto, every train, truck, ship and every household on the planet. Electricity is used to heat many homes in the Western World. The production of electricity produces fewer pollutants than heating all homes with wood or coal. Cutting our power generation abilities down to hydroelectric and fission reactors would leave a good chunk of the world in the dark. It is an impossible situation, our civilization is geared to the use of energy, take away our energy and civilization will collapse.

12. When will spraying stop?

There are several factors governing this:

A. Should the Ozone layer repair itself or our active attempts at repair reduces the amount of ground level UV to acceptable levels, spraying will stop. Present calculations place this between 2018 and 2024.

B. Should another method be found which is more effective, less costly or presents us with long-term solutions the Shield project would be replaced.

C. When the other problems become too big to make the maintenance of the shield worth the effort. The estimated date for this is 2025 to 2050.

13. Since Global Warming and UV summer are the problem, why is the Government backing down on its pollution controls?

Because they are ineffectual and will cause more economic problems than they would solve ecological problems. We surpassed the threshold of Earth’s ability to absorb pollutants in the 1970’s. Since that time the earth’s population has nearly doubled. Emerging Industrial nations have come into being, more pollutants are produced now than back then, even with the stringent controls in place. The world is heading for economic depression, more emission controls would add to the economic problems. This translates into our being unable to do anything to start solving the problems.

Unfortunately our technologies require a strong economy to advance. We need that advancement, we need the trillions of dollars spent on research that a strong economy causes. Each corporation that produces a product has a product development program in place. Many of the past products invented came by accident through other unrelated products. There is a corporate drive to find methods to clean up the ecology, to reduce emissions, etc. These goals have been in place for decades, many of the large corporations are in the know when it comes to the ecological problems we face thus they are spending a great deal of money and time on finding solutions to the problems we face. Take away the economy and their research stops.

14. How are you related to the Chemtrails? How do you know that this is what is happening?

I would prefer to not state who I am or how I am related to all of this. To validate what I say, would require a bit of research on your behalf. I would recommend the following subjects to look up and study:

A. Population numbers for industrial nations and the tons of pollutants produced annually. Start with 1975 and work your way up.

B. Number of emerging Industrial Nations.

C. Number of cases of Skin cancers worldwide.

D. Crop Production vs. land area dedicated to crop production. Simple math will show that more acreage is needed to produce food per individual.

E. Automobile production from 1975 to present, estimated number of autos on the road and the average emissions of later model cars produced as compared the emissions of earlier model cars. A little math will show that though individual autos produce less emissions, the amount of emissions has risen due to the number of autos on the road. Remember that many autos are the road that were built before present emission control standards. 1980 is a cut off date – anything put on the road before then produces more pollutants than autos produced today. I would include research in the number of diesel autos produced, diesel has not been under the emissions control acts.

F. Severity of storms and the number of severe storms. Also include heat waves and droughts in that research, you will find that the numbers are staggering when compared to data from 1950, 1960 and 1970.

G. Research how naturally occurring Ozone is produced in the stratosphere. Compare to how it is produced industrially.

H. Research political reforms in the past 30 years, see which political institutions have changed, which nations have joined with whom. Concentrate more on these from 1982 onward. This would include the fall of the Wall and Iron Curtain.

I. Research polymers and how they are made, look at recent research done in biological polymers, medical polymers and filaments.

J. Check out spiders and spider web and the way spiders use their different webs and threads.

K. Research clean fresh water estimates as compared to the 1970’s to today – world wide.

L. Research the following medical conditions per capita: Birth Defects Cancers Leukemia Immune deficiency diseases (excluding virus borne ID illnesses such as HIV) Occurrences of Learning disabilities, including dyslexia, ADD, and over all IQ tests Sterility for both male and females world wide Instances of glaucoma and cataracts.

M. Compare the history of UV indexes from 1970 to present. You may note that it was on sharp rise until 1997-99.

N. I would strongly recommend researching the reactions of different barium and aluminum compounds and how they are used. Research how long it takes for these metals in pure form to oxidize, how they combine with nitrates, carbon monoxide carbon dioxide and fluorocarbons and hydrocarbons and water vapor.

O. Research how mold propagates, the conditions it needs to grow and just how abundant it is in the atmosphere.

If you pursue these lines of inquiry, you will see the Shield Project as it really is. ”
see Chemtrails flash movie 

chemtrails Chemtrails: A Fortean View
A New Look at a Mystery of the Skies

Colin Bennett 

The so-called “chemtrails” that are seen almost everywhere in the skies of the world are an incredible phenomenon of our time, if only because like UFO sightings, the broad span of social, political, and intellectual life of major nations largely ignores such things utterly. Even those with imagination (artists, playwrights, novelists, poets) ignore such anomalistic things as UFOs and chemtrails, even though they offer images, symbols, metaphors, intrigue, mysterious technology, and much more besides! This changing of the skies of the world full previously of traditional pantomime clouds to a sky scored by lines of whitish-grey streaks is totally ignored by major news, media, and communication outlets. This is strange again given that the effects are quite spectacular and beautiful when lit by the evening sun. The trails spread out at different rates, they come from different angles, and the aircraft that create them can be seen streaking across the sky, often several at once, and at extremely high speeds.

The word “chemtrails” is used here for lack of a better word, but it is unlikely that what we see spreading out across the sky are chemicals of some sort. Such an amount of chemicals would surely have the most immediate and obvious effect on both our minds and environment. We would be please to hear from environmental group who have more specialized knowledge about any kind of chemical/environmental approach.

Over the past year, the Combat Diaries team have conducted a special investigation of chemtrails over Britain. With the help of specialists (some ex Royal Air Force), we conducted a 16 hour period of observation by web, telephone, and amateur radio of the skies over America and Central Europe, from first light to last light, taking into account time differences. The results were quite disturbing. It was obvious that simultaneous operation by large numbers of quite visible aircraft were being mounted over continental areas on both sides of the Atlantic. Through contacts, we managed also to get reports on this selected same day from the civilian staff of merchant and cruise ships crossing the Atlantic. They reported that sky trails were visible in whilst sailing in mid Atlantic.

Thus we concluded that chemtrails represent a continuous operation of incredible magnitude. The aircraft involved show remarkably similar characteristic and performance, though their profile we have yet to find in any book of aircraft recognition. Roughly, they resemble in shape and size the Boeing 757 (the type that crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11), but carried no markings. This is remarkable in itself, because technically it is illegal. Measured by range theodolite and ex-service hand-held rangefinders, they were doing approximately the same speed at the same height. The speed was steady, quite precisely maintained, being 1200 –1400 mph. This is somewhat high for an outmoded passenger aircraft type, meant for inland short/medium range commuter flights at a top speed of 450 mph!

These things are wonders in themselves, but it is the sheer number of these pseudo 757-type aircraft that is beyond belief. On this chosen sample day, our reporters in France, Germany and Holland, Spain, Italy and Israel alone reported at noon the sky trails of no less that 234 almost identical aircraft at between 40-50,00 feet Since this hourly rate continued during the day it represented some 2340 sorties over ten hours. Worldwide, multiplying the quite reasonable factor of 10, we have 23,400 sorties per day by planes of a non-military non-supersonic configuration, travelling at speeds equivalent to the combat speed of F16 or Typhoon Euro-fighter.

By comparison, NATO figures for annual full-scale exercises amount to something like 300 (jet supersonic) combat sorties at full stretch for the same time period, involving some no more than 150 aircraft. Again, the absence of reported noise is strange. Even a single Tornado on afterburner over central London would shake the population up considerably.

Since our observers at military and civilian airfields reported no such activity by any such aircraft, we have here a modern mystery in our skies visible to all on a clear day. National airspace regulations don’t appear to be a problem at all with any country as far as these infringements are concerned.

This vast number of aircraft appear to have no detectable bases, they have no apparent air-refuelling needs, they do not carry drop tanks, and the routes appear to stretch across the sky from all compass points, often crossing one another on a pretty random basis. They appear also to have no detectible manufacturers, support base, or refuelling facilities. And they don’t appear to land or take off! Again, since no air force in the world (not even the United States Air Force) has any supersonic transport aircraft, the presence of many hundreds of supersonic transport aircraft is rather strange!

The cost such of such visible operations on a worldwide basis by the approximately the same type of powerful aircraft must be stupendous. The maintenance, fuelling, and repair facilities of such a great number of high-performance aircraft can only be imagined. The training schemes and accommodation of the personnel appear not to exist! Since no such numbers of this aircraft type are on manufacturer’s lists, and the number that have been manufactured are all busy on conventional routes flying conventional passengers and cargo, we have here a true mystery of our time.

Where are they from, and what are they doing on their seemingly purposeless routes across the sky?

Investigations are continuing. We are trying, by various means to monitor their VHF, but they do not appear to have any measurable frequency signature and neither do they appear to make any physical noise. This again is amazing because the represent a very great number of aircraft that are entering and leaving (an indeed manoeuvring) inside national airspace at will, with no recognition signals, and no visible identification. Since they are supersonic, they are over the visible horizon in seconds (the comparatively lazy motion of a 400-mph 747 Jumbo may be compared to them). Where these many aircraft all break into Mach 1 is another mystery.

We have discovered something else that multiplies these astonishments. Using (passive) night scope infrared amplifiers, we found that the operations did not cease after nightfall!

This means that roughly speaking we can possibly multiply the scale of operations by a factor of two, bringing us into absurd realms as regards cost, maintenance, and purpose.

Our collective “not-seeing” is unusual if only because chemtrails are much more visible and more frequent than UFO visitations. We are forced to consider the idea that levels of conscious acceptance and recognition within a culture have often nothing to do with how much “evidence” is available. All anomalistic structures have this common peculiarity. Somehow, like a bioelectric switch, as a society we turn most anomalies “off” as far as social cognition is concerned. This is a most common effect. The phenomenon may be large or small, fantastic or mundane, it makes no difference. We cannot see the kitchen matchbox in front of us, say, because we are have been diverted into thinking about something else. We don’t have enough RAM to hold all our files open at the same time!

From a Fortean point of view, the phenomenon of chemtrails might enable us to construct a new and healthier definition of what we mean by “skepticism.” We might see skepticism not a revealing of mundane truth, so much as an automated control mechanism by means of which maintain a kind of wonder-management rather than differentiate fact from fiction. This was Charles Fort’s original view of the function of skepticism. It puts “doubt” in a new dynamic context rather than it being seen as a depressing semi-automated denial of all that is wondrous and magical in the world.

Meantime, we are starting the long, hard road of corresponding with the appropriate civil and military authorities about chemtrails.

We can hear both Franz Kafka and Charles Fort laughing from their graves!


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