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the ascendancy of RUDD over Beasley…

Posted by lahar9jhadav on December 2, 2006

ascendency of rudd over beasley




Kevin Rudd is the new leader of the Australian Labour Party, having ousted Kim Beazley in a caucus leadership spill.

Mr. Kevin Rudd is a “committed” Christian, attends an Anglican church regularly. He has described his Christo-politico centre as aligning with the ideals of what can be called democratic Christian Socialism.

Since the last federal election where the Right successfully and virtually ‘stole’ the Christian vote Mr. Kevin Rudd has been vocal in attempting to promote the “history” of the Christian Left in context of the Labour Party, and also trying to “widen” or “deepen” the debate in regards to Christianity and politics- for example, in pointing out that the inherent SOCIAL-Spiritual aspects of Christ’s Teaching as ‘portrayed’ in the Gospels.

It is of some concern then, that Mr. Rudd has already, and even immediately, signalled a shift in direction of the Labour Party’s policy regarding NUCLEAR energy and URANIUM mines.

Without Spiritual Understanding the proliferation globally of Nuclear Energy is destined to lead only on the same path as “civilization” at present descends – inequality, war, planetary destruction. It is playing with Powers and Principalities. A further descent into pure materialism, worship of the Idol – the road to Babylon.


The trouble of course with Bible Based Christianity, is that it is a diminution and distortion of Christ’s Teaching but anyway…



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