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RARE BIRD: As Your Mind Flies By…

Posted by lahar9jhadav on January 17, 2007

rare bird as your mind flies by


Rare Bird were a progressive rock band that came together in the 1960s. They were formed in England, but had more success in other European countries than they did at home.

The band’s initial line up was as below, although there would be line up changes for the band by the time the came to work on their 3rd album, the first two members listed were a constant throughout the life time of the band.

* Steve Gould (vocals/saxophone/bass)
* Dave Kaffinetti (keyboards)
* Graham Field (organ)
* Mark Ashton (drums)

Rare Bird formed in London, England in late 1969. The original members were Graham Field on organ, Dave Kaffinetti on electric piano, Steve Gould on bass guitar and vocals, and Mark Ashton on drums. They began rehearsing in Graham Field’s London apartment. They soon were offered a residency at London’s Marquee. Their self-titled debut album was issued before the end of 1969 and reached No. 117 on the U.S. charts. Their second release, AS YOUR MIND FLIES BY, continued their keyboard-driven sound along with Gould’s powerful vocals. In 1970, Billboard Magazine listed Rare Bird as one of the top ten best new bands. Rare Bird’s third release, EPIC FOREST, saw the departure of Graham Field and Mark Ashton. Fred Kelly took over on drums and Ced Curtis on guitar. Paul Karas and Paul Holland now rounded out the band. Aside from AS YOUR MIND FLIES BY, EPIC FOREST may well be the bands best effort.

“RARE BIRD as a guitarless band which played a creative mix of classical music and Zappa influenced jazzrock was a dream for me which only came to fruitation when, as a result of ads in the music press, I met first Dave, the fantastic electric pianist, then Steve who I always thought was a world class singer, and later Mark who was such an interesting and creative rock drummer. When after two years on the road and two albums we had to split to gain release from contracts which would have kept us poor for our whole professional life, it was heartbreaking.. the senseless defeat of something really good in popular music…..” Graham Field. more




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