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Marissa Nadler- Conjuring Spirit Worlds

Posted by lahar9jhadav on January 22, 2007

marissa nadler


“Yes, winter. I love winter. I am cold at heart, maybe. I like bleak surrealist landscapes, and my paintings also seem lonely and wintry, like a Giacometti figure, or a Turner watercolor. The aesthetic of sadness is my terrain. I find gore and death, rape and sorrow, winter, and loneliness very very beautiful things. I like to create an atmosphere in my music for people to travel to, to escape the boring trappings of modernity and the bleak plasticity of the modern world.” more


so they say i’m breaking like a little girl
softly breaking petals off a flower to unfurl
i used to be your girl
now i sit and conjure spirit worlds
april fades to may and i see that our days are gone
all the summer sweeping up the dust to early dawn
i used to be your girl
now i sit and conjure spirit worlds


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