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UFO’s, Frank Edwards & remembering old ground…

Posted by lahar9jhadav on February 5, 2007

ufo over city early

Frank Edwards

Chapter 58
“Does Science Follow the Flying Saucers?”

The world-wide phenomenon of the unidentified flying objects known as “flying saucers” constitutes one of the most fascinating stories of the century-and perhaps one of the most important in human history.

These objects, in various forms, have been seen since 1947 in every part of the world. They have been seen most frequently in the heavily industrialized areas. A study of their appearances shows that they made systematic flights from one important point to another, as though they were mapping which they may have been.

By the time they had ceased to be seen in numbers, one thing about them was well known to those entrusted with the responsibility of analyzing their activities:

These strange craft, operating beyond the capabilities and control of any man-made devices, had visited every important communications center, industrial center, and military installation on earth.

When this interesting and potentially ominous pattern began to develop, the government of the United States issued strict orders to prevent military or government personnel from discussing the objects publicly and provided stiff penalties for those who violated the restrictions. Commercial airlines cooperated with the government by ordering their personnel to refrain from mentioning such sightings in public. Airline sightings were to be dealt with only by written report to the company officials. In cases where the pilots did speak out in public, they generally recanted or became strangely silent on the subject, for reasons which can be easily surmised. In fact, I have a tape recording of a veteran airline pilot describing a strange object which paced his passenger plane. The pilot was subsequently silenced by the airline, which denied that he had ever made such a statement!

When the world-wide compilation of UFO sightings showed clearly that they were engaged in a program of organized surveillance of the earth, culminating in their three memorable appearances in force over Washington, D.C., the lid of censorship came down with a bang and, by and large, has remained down ever since.

By patiently assembling the bits of authoritative evidence which are gradually becoming more numerous and meaningful, it is possible to recognize the true nature of such procedures as the incredibly expensive space program in which we are engaged. Why the great urgency to reach the moon, which we are told is nothing more than a dead and arid orb that has sailed harmlessly round us since the beginning of time? Why the big rush to get there-NOW?

And for that matter, why are we engaged in this headlong risk of life and fortune to get to Mars, which we are told is nothing more than a great frozen desert in the sky? There must be a reason — a compelling reason — for our frenzied activities in these directions. There is a reason, and little by little it is beginning to show through the curtain of censorship.

Dr. Carl Sagan, eminent astronomer at the University of California, is also adviser to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration; is a member of the National Academy of Sciences; and, most important, is a member of the Armed Forces Panel on Extraterrestrial Life.

Speaking to a meeting of the American Rocket Society in the winter of 1962, Dr. Sagan said:

“The earth probably has been visited by intelligent beings representing an advanced civilization from outer space!”

And he added that these space visitors logically would have built and maintained a base on our moon, on the side which man cannot see.

In Decatur, Illinois, on January 9, 1963, Brigadier General John A. McDavid, Director of Communications-Electronics for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Washington, D.C., spoke at the annual alumni assembly at Millikin University. The University Public Relations Office, with approval of the General, prepared and released to the news media a report of the speech:

General McDavid said, “we must be prepared for the future. Our relation to other life in the universe is part of this future, for as the British interplanetary scientist and author, Dr. Arthur C. Clark believes, there can be little doubt we will ultimately come into contact out in space with races more intelligent than our own.”

General McDavid added: “Before long people may be forced to realize and accept as a fact that this earth is only an infinitesimal grain of sand in an infinite universe, that the human is one of many forms of life with which God is concerned and that others are far superior to us.”

“And, if this is true” he warned, “. . . our meeting with other types of existence in other places in the universe quite likely will increase the potential element of conflict rather than reduce it . . . .this imposes . . . an even greater burden of leadership on your generation,” he told the students.

Is this the background information on which our costly space program is predicated? Is this WHY?

Let’s look at the record.

On December 14 1962, our Mariner space probe sailed past the planet Venus, beeping its findings back to earth. It was a magnificent milestone for science but a fantastically expensive triumph for the American taxpayer. That series of radio messages cost us more than fifteen million dollars per hour— about fifty million dollars all told. And Mariner was but one of many such experiments.

Beginning with our first satellite launching in February, 1958, we have launched ( or tried to launch ) more than fifty devices of various types: Explorers, Vanguard, Discoverers Echoes, Telestars, Samos, Tiros, etc. There is still another type of satellite, devoted to photography alone, of which we have at least five in orbit, although their launchings never have been officially announced.

This means the American taxpayer has spent about fifty billion dollars on various space projects in the ten years between 1953 and 1963.

Why? What grave emergency inspired us to embark on this program?

At first we were told we must beat the Russians to the moon. Then we were told, more generally, that we must support the space program at any cost “to beat the Russians.”

But our fifty-million-dollar Mariner shot past Venus, can hardly be included in racing the Russians. There are no Russians on Venus.

If there is a real urgency for this frantic drive into space — and there must be — then we must look beyond the official statements for it. Especially as you will recall that after the Cuban crisis Assistant Defense Secretary Arthur Sylvester said that the government had a right to lie and to “generate news” if a matter of national security were involved.

Following World War II we began to read news of ” flying saucers.”

From 1947, when they first appeared, to the summer of 1952, reports on flying saucers were carried openly by the news services; newspapers front-paged many of the sightings.

But the lid of censorship came down with a sudden and dramatic bang in August, 1952. That was the month sixtyeight of these strange glowing objects were over Washington, D.C., all at one time — on the night of August 13. Although this event occurred less than a month after the discs had visited the nation’s capital in smaller numbers, the August 13 incident was so well suppressed it was not even mentioned by the news services. However, the full story was carefully compiled in a document, published by the Civil Aeronautics Administration entitled: “A Preliminary Study of Unidentified Targets Observed on Air Traffic Control Radar.” It shows the patterns of objects used in flight, specifies which commercial airliners they followed, and it describes them for the guidance of the government personnel who might be confronted with similar experiences.

The lid of censorship is still on. Since then, we have spent a fantastic amount of money trying to get out into space ourselves. And we still are pouring money into the project, in many directions, at a rate which threatens bankruptcy. But we no longer are told we must do this to beat the Russians. Now it is being done in the name of Science which is to the space program what religion was to the Crusades.

The first project to follow the appearance of the Unidentified Flying Objects was the many-nation rush to the Antarctic. Perhaps it was mere coincidence that Russia, Sweden, Norway, Canada, and the United States poured men, money, and materials into many projects which still are largely functioning in the Antarctic; that Argentina, Chile, Australia, France, Great Britain, and the United States all sent expeditions into the Antarctic in 1948. Russia and Sweden joined the rush a year later. This means that within a twenty-four-month period following the appearance of UFO’s at the South Polar regions, more nations sent more men and ships and gear into that area than in all the preceding two hundred years!

At any rate, expeditions to the South Pole produced two very tangible developments: First, the motion-and-still-pictures of the disc-shaped objects which circled the ships under Chilean Commander Orrego; second, the realization that these objects presumably were entering our atmosphere at the polar regions for a good reason.

Did it mean there was some invisible obstacle out in space above our equator, as a few scientists had cautiously theorized early in this century?

At the time we had no way of knowing but, as soon as we were able to contrive rockets capable of reaching extreme altitudes with the necessary instruments, we directed our attention to answering the question.

On March 2, 1958, it was announced that two of our Explorer satellites had confirmed the existence of a belt of intense radiation circling the earth about six hundred miles out from the equator. This zone we now call the Van Allen Belt. There is no such belt above either of our polar regions and the confirmation of its existence evidently came as a surprise to our scientists, for the NEW YORK Times quotes them as saying that the radiation was a thousand times more powerful than they had estimated.

When it appeared that the UFO’s preferred to enter our atmosphere only at the poles, science began to examine space over our equator and found the radiation belt.


After the skies of the earth were invaded by innumerable disc-shaped devices which seemed to defy gravity, Canada, the scene of so many UFO appearances, set up a project under Dr. Wilbur B. Smith. Canadian equipment was adequate, rather than elaborate. Dr. Smith was a distinguished electronics engineer and an authority on geomagnetics. He and his staff soon noted that whenever one of these UFO’s came within range of their gear, there was a sharp disturbance of the earth’s magnetic field in that area. In other words, there was gravitational distortion induced by some phase of the disc’s operations.

Two years after the Canadian investigation began, Dr. Smith was in Washington to attend an international conference on broadcast wave-length problems. In an interview he said:

“From the weight of evidence, I believe that the ‘flying saucers’ come from outer space. And I think their appearance is what suddenly increased your government’s interest in space travel and an artifcial satellite. Judging from your own operations I would say that your government is also vitally concerned with the secret of propulsion.”

West Germany, which had been the scene of so many visits by the UFO’s, including some reported landings, named the world-famous rocket and space-travel scientist, professor Hermann Oberth, to head their probe. After three years of studying the information supplied by his own and other governments, the outspoken Oberth said at a news conference in 1954:

“There is no doubt in my mind that these objects (UFO’s) are interplanetary craft of some sort. I am confident they do not originate in our solar system, but they may use Mars or some other body for a way station. . . It is also our conclusion that they are propelled by distorting or converting the gravitational field.”

Shortly after he made this remarkable statement to newsmen at Frankfurt, Professor Oberth was flown to this country and placed under “security regulations” as a consultant to his former student, Dr. Wernher Von Braun, at the Redstone Rocket Arsenal. These regulations prevented Oberth from making any more public statements until 1959, when he returned to Europe. As soon as he landed in Frankfurt he told newsmen there was a world-wide effort to learn how gravity could be put to use as a form of energy. And he added that he expected men would be traveling to the moon in electrically driven devices within five to ten years. The United States, said Professor Oberth, had made great progress in this field of research.

Dr. George Gamow, the eminent geophysicist of George Washington University, says:

“There exists a profound similarity between Newton’s law of universal gravity and Sir Humphrey Filbert’s law for the interaction of magnetic poles. And if one can shield electrical and magnetic forces, why can it not also be done with gravitational forces?”

It has been obvious from the outset of our space program that the chemical-reaction rocket is not the answer to space travel. Too much fuel is required to produce too little usable energy. But if, as many scientists believe, gravity can be converted into electrical energy it will be possible to travel anywhere in space at fantastic speeds. This seems to be precisely what UFO’s are doing.

Can we duplicate their performance, as Canada’s Dr. Wilbur Smith and Professor Hermann Oberth indicated we are trying to do?

Just what has been accomplished I do not know. I do know we have spent — are spending — vast sums of money and great amounts of time in gravity research.

At Dayton, Ohio, the Air Force has a multi-million dollar institution, built and operated especially for this purpose. Government contracts for additional millions have been let to various steel companies and other industrial research groups since as far back as 1955, and renewed year after year. By understanding the force that holds man to this earth we hope to project man into space.

This is still another branch of scientific research that has followed closely on the idea that the “flying saucers” already are utilizing gravity.

Our space effort can be described correctly as a “crash” program — one that is driving ahead at full speed regardless of cost. This ordinarily would indicate an emergency, that it may be — but not necessarily the type of emergency that is being sold to the public.

The appearance of the UFO’s in all parts of our earth in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s apparently jolted our top level authorities into believing the earth was under well-planned and systematic scrutiny — by someone from somewhere.

Obviously we have no control over these craft and thus far we have been unable to match their performance.

One phase of this crash program was the construction of giant radio telescopes — long-range listening devices designed to eavesdrop on the universe in the hope of intercepting transmissions from sentient beings on distant worlds. Or in not-so-distant space craft?

Tesla and Marconi both reported strange, unintelligible signals in the early part of this century. Ohio State University reported to the American Astronomical Society in August, 1956, that it had recorded interesting radio signals from Venus.

Our first space probe, the Mariner, was directed to Venus.


The moon has been the scene of some strange lights and sights in the past half-century, according to astronomers. It is spoken of as a logical space base for men venturing out from the earth to other planets, and so must be considered a logical base for incoming traffic as well. Extra-terrestrial beings conceivably would use the averted side of the moon, which is always hidden from us. Perhaps this explains why the Soviet’s picture-taking Lunik, sent to the moon, devoted all its facilities to the far side of the moon and took not a single picture of the side where they expect to land their own first space travelers!

We have by no means dealt with all the scientific activities which have followed our observations of the ubiquitous Unidentified Flying Objects. But I think we have mentioned enough to show that there exists a most interesting relationship between them.

It is difficult to believe that our “crash” program is motivated by nothing more urgent than “scientific research.” It hardly seems likely that after thousands of years we suddenly find ourselves desperately in need of knowing, for merely scientific reasons, the temperature of Venus and the depth of the dust, if any, on the moon.

It does seem that the entire space program, intentionally or otherwise, is a process of trying to duplicate the performance of the Unidentified Flying Objects and of trying to trace their presumed path across space.

Isn’t there some other motivation well hidden behind the screen of official deception to which the American public has been subjected in recent years, behind our “scientific” exploration of space?

Major Patrick Powers, one of the Army’s top missile experts, said,

“There may be life on other cosmic bodies that would resent our intrusion on the moon and move to force us off. To be prepared for this our space ships will have to be armed.”

Does he speak only from the military man’s natural bent, or does he have some information which leads him to worry in this direction?

General Douglas MacArthur, asked about the possibility of a third World War, is quoted in the NEW YORK TIMES on October 9, 1955, as saying,

“The nations of the world will have to unite, for the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the earth must some day make a common front against attack by people from other planets.”

Seven years later, addressing the 1962 graduating class at West Point, General MacArthur retured to this grim theme. NICAP Bulletin for October-November quotes him as saying,

“We deal now, not with things of this world alone but with the illimitable distances and as yet unfathomed mysteries of the universe. We are reaching out for a new and boundless frontier. We speak in terms of harnessing the cosmic energy . . . of ultimate conflict between a united human race and the sinister forces of some other planetary galaxy; of such dreams and fantasies asto make life the most exciting of all times.”

Is this the real motivation behind our space program? Do those in charge of it know something we don’t know? Something they are not telling us?

Or is it just one more coincidence in the series of strange coincidences so evident in our space program-in our frenzied effort to follow the flying saucers to the stars-and perhaps to disaster.

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