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Malcolm Turnbull- The Little Prince

Posted by lahar9jhadav on February 12, 2007

malcolm turnbull

What is all the fuss with Malcolm Turnbull about?

I have been, ever since his ‘meteroic rise’ (ie. given an easy ride) into the Government front bench, watching and waiting for whatever it is that has set this guy apart.  All i see and hear though, is a Wooden, Pompous and Boring uncreative non-entity.  I see no signs of higher intelligence, or for that matter energy, anywhere.

Someone said that he reminded them of Bronwyn Bishop- that’s an insult to Bronwyn rather than Turnbull.

When you see him on TV or in Parliament, you can see his sense of self importance and self love oozing out of every pore and in all his gestures-he really does have tickets on himself, but at the same time he is such a poor performer!

Apparently he was in ‘biznezz’ once and is very rich- in Liberal Land this of course means he is a “someone” worthy of our attention.

But Malcolm, as Paul Simon said, “What are you gonna do when your looks are gone.”


It’s now July 28th 2011 and here’s a wiki brief about Malcolm in the intervening years…’what he did when his looks were gone’…

In September 2008, Turnbull was chosen Liberal Party leader and Leader of the Opposition. He served for a little over a year. In November 2009, he ordered the Liberal Party to support the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme proposed by the Labor government. This prompted substantial opposition in the party, and Turnbull was voted out of his leadership post on 1 December.

In April 2010 Turnbull announced his retirement, but changed his mind a month later. (end wiki snippet)

So…the rise and fall of Malcolm occured in the blink of an eye…BUT it was over possibly the single most important ENVIRONMENTAL/TECHNOLOGICAL challenge Australia and the world faces.  Malcolm has continued to advocate the science of Global Warming in the face of his skeptical and vociferous colleagues and the need for facing the challenge.

He seems more humble these days too – that’s what a good ‘kick in the teeth’ can do for you.

Good on ya Malcolm – but remember, every day you toe the line of/back up Abbot is a day of lies, stupidity and Politique.  The way to really change the system is just to get up there and SAY WHAT YOU REALLY THINK and take the consequences and then do it all over again.

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