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Ann Bressington- a walking talking accident…

Posted by lahar9jhadav on February 15, 2007

ann bressington
Ann Bressington, has been dubbed the ‘accidental politician’ because she slid into the state senate (the Legislative Council) under cover of invisibility through being on the ‘party’ ticket of Nick Xenophon’s “No Pokies” party –hardly anyone in ‘joe-public’ land had any idea that she was in the party let alone was on the ticket. The truth is that Nick Xenophon is who people voted for when they voted for his party in the Senate. Everyone (99.9999999%) was surprised when this woman popped her head up after the election and started sprouting her ridiculous proposals with such pomposity and egoism. This blog came to the conclusion quite quickly that she was some sort of ‘nutter’. We are still of that view.

Now Ann is in the local rag again, not to advertise yet another of her crazy (unoriginal and non-creative) ideas (tho’ don’t worry she’ll be at it again soon) but rather to MOAN about how difficult being a member of parliament  is…all of her proposals have been relegated to the wastebin of parliament and public opnion….

She even announced that she wouln’t run for another term when her time is up! As if she had a chance in hell of actually being elected, but of course she has only JUST started her loooong 8 year term so we are stuck with her for ages and ages- what a waste- to have someone in there who never wanted to be a politician in the first place and seems very surprised at her lack of success, and indeed the whole parliamentary democracy thing.

At around one hundred grand a year and perks, the poor public are going to end up donating over a MILLION DOLLARS to this whining fool…what a bloody waste of resources for such a waste of space. She’s the best advert ever for reducing the senate term to 2 years, if not getting rid of it all together.

On radio recently Ann Bressington, I believe, revealed her true motivations on being a politician…

“alot of people use this to set themselves up a ‘you beaut’ career after they finish politics.”

2 Responses to “Ann Bressington- a walking talking accident…”


    Can’t stand this bitch! She is absolutely loopy. To think she gets over $130,000 per year for 8 years.

    • this ‘comment’ emanated from Parliament House, South Australia (IP: , host34.parliament.sa.gov.au)….
      I wonder who the comment author really is?

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