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The Secret Library

Posted by lahar9jhadav on February 19, 2007

astroethIt is time it is considered, to bring forth an untold story which lay behind certain ‘teachings’ and ‘myths’ which have been seeded unto the world of wo-man over many, many decades.

Those who have been given the task to know and remember this story’s history and details, to be it’s archivists, have held the keys to the ‘Secret Library’ for many years and through that time have been separated and scattered across the surface of this planet each with their own Question and Search. For some, these years have been difficult and lonely– the keeping of this knowledge has not been easy and for those who were first, the struggle to hold and pass on the light in the face of the forces of disolution which create chaos in the world, has been a lifelong personal sacrifice.

But it is coming to the time when all the threads can be re-united– when all those who hold the keys shall be called to gather, once again, around the fire of this shared history.

As this story unfolds it will surprise many for the truth concerning the point of emanation will not be what has customarily been understood as the origin of this knowledge– and that has been part of the process from the beginning.

The Keys are not near the doors, and the keepers of the keys have never revealed themselves, and yet the seeding of the ‘teaching’ was accomplished throughout the world whilst keeping the source a mystery,

The Plan and Process has been guided and protected over many years in a certain location which only a few have come to know through their own struggle to Understand. Many others have been guided to this location where they have received certain knowledge surreptitiously and then through their work have seeded it unto the wider world. The names of these Ones will come as a surprise and even a shock to some for they are well known and have had great and abiding influence for many over the entire world.

It is now time to release the first Key, which is– ‘Astroeth’.
Brother Jon

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Serge Reynaud de la Ferriere

3 Responses to “The Secret Library”

  1. Anthony Pelle said

    Thank you for your website as I do believe that I have been led to it through internal/external forces that I cannot explain at the moment. I am searching for a guide, guru, teacher, aide, book, pamphlet or other that can point me in the direction of awakening, illumination, and enlightenment. My external circumstances are not equal to my inner longing of union and communication with the source and need to help my fellow man. Though this site is a pointer, I was wondering if there was ANYTHING/anyone in the NYC area that can move me along the path of rightousness.
    If for some reason this cannot be done, thanks again for your website and information.

    Yours truly,

    Anthony Pelle

  2. No worries….er…why are you thanking me though?

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