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Secret Library 2: Astroeth The Sleeping City

Posted by lahar9jhadav on February 22, 2007

Astroeth The Sleeping City

perth atlantis pyramid

present day Perth

egypt spachip

by Colin Amery
(late 1970’s)

It is a sobering thought that a thousand feet below the surface of suburban Perth sleeps a city that one day may prove to be an archaeologist’s dream of an Atlantean Troy. The name of this city is Astroeth – which meant to the ancients “city of light” – and it is believed to have once been a distant outpost of the empire of Atlantis in its latter days before the final destruction came in about 9,100 BC.

In more modem times our astronauts. looking down from space upon the lights of the West Australian capital standing out against the surrounding desert, christened the area anew with the same name: “city of light”, Although the city fathers were glad of this unexpected piece of publicity for their over-ground city they were not to know, because of censorship back at the Houston relay station, that the astronauts also reported seeing green “unidentified flying objects” in the sky above the city.

I can confirm. after a field trip last summer to this site in the Darling ranges at a place called Glen Forrest. that there is a sleeping city there and that friendly eyes from space have been taking a more than passing interest in the entire region, with the help of observation craft like those spotted by the astronauts hovering over Perth.

To get to Perth you have to cross the Nullarbor – one of the most eerie places on the planet – where somewhere to the north of Cook, I am told, lies robot city, an antedeluvian memorial in black basalt to the passage of some earlier visitors from space who had left this calling card many aeons ago.

Whilst travelling across the desert in the train we sighted strange mirages from antedeluvian times of the lakes and inland seas that the eyes of those space visitors might once have gazed upon. At the end of the tracks stood Perth, a city of suburban sprawl, far removed in its monstrous reality from the Atlantean colony it might once have been. Materialism is its god, not “our lord the Sun” whom the ancients had so zealously worshipped.

I thought at first I must have come 10 the wrong place. For my way-out views on the existence of an antedeluvlan City I was slated by the media and accused of being a charlatan and a nut case. Then I talked to a gathering about Atlantis and got my first lead.

After the meeting a man who spoke English with a strong east European accent came forward and told me he t\ad in his possession a map of the city of Astroeth made in 1973 by a dowser who had used a pendulum to psychometrize its outlines. One day later a copy of that map was in my hands and I set out for the site with a group of New Zealand psychics.

It was while reading A Dweller on Two Planets by Phylos the Tibetan that I had been alerted to the possibility of there being Atlantean colonies in Australia. “Poseid came to found great colonies in Australia,” he says, “which was one third of the size of ·the original Lemuria. sunk by the same cataclysm that destroyed Atlantis.”

Further research revealed that in about 1940 a psychic group had formed, meeting each week on the site we were about to visit where a Doctor Smith and his wife had once lived. With Mary Smith acting as medium messages began to be received from the souls of those who had once inhabited the subterranean city of Astroeth. According to the psychometrist, W. Leschen, who had produced the map, the whole City had been moved two miles by the first earthquake in 11,500 BC and in the final destruction over two hundred years later the high land had folded over the sunken city, leaving it at its present depth of about a thousand feet.

The group led by the clairvoyant doctor’s wife had been joined by a scientist interested in anti-matter. He was able to project himself astrally into the city and there he came upon a group of men in blue robes who were gathered around a table looking at a map and appearing to be in suspended animation. He left the men in blue robes and went exploring the rest of the subterranean city. In a wide vaulted cave he came across cylindrical-shaped air boats of the type described as being in use in the latter days of Atlantis. It is a pity astral travellers cannot take photographs.

The little healing temple in which the group had met to meditate on time trips back to the distant past of Astroeth. still stands. Today another doctor is in residence at the house the Smiths once occupied; sadly, their healing temple serves as a garden shed to house his tools rather than as a time machine to recapture the glory that had once been Astroeth.

We had permission from the owner to come on to his land. Leaning against the fence that borders his block, where once a tower of sleeping Astroeth spiralled its way skywards I found a faded notice painted in white letters on a black background: Astroeth National Park. It was good to find some confirmation at ground level of what had once existed far below. If the map is accurate we were standing very close to the golden chamber housing the spacecraft that our scientist friend had chanced upon during his trip into the catacombs.

I had made a trip of my own into the past with a hypnotherapist friend back in Auckland just before my quest began. Whilst in regression he had asked me if I could give the locations of any Atlantean or Lemurian temple sites in Australia. I gave him the answer: Perth; my subconscious told him that there was a symbol there, carved on a rock,, in the form of an equidistant cross enclosed by a circle. When I came back to consciousness in his Howick lounge room I had no idea of the source of the information I had so freely volunteered.

Now I stood upon that rock several months later. The symbol had been carved by some Aboriginal sculptor to mark this place as one of their sacred sites, like the city in the Nullarbor that I had also spoken of under regression. It was also a common sight on the Atlantean temples sacred to “our lord the Sun”. Like the scientist before me I was able to form some impression of the sleeping city beheath: an Atlantean Troy, tinged with tragedy at the suddenness of its sad and final end.

To tune in more fully we were taken by our guide to the small healing temple now serving as a garden shed; we had to evacuate some of the implements and pot plants lining the walls before we could read the message left to posterity by the heirs of Astroeth. I felt my psychic antennae stiffen as we were slowly able to decode that message from a doomed civilization. The clairvoyant must have received it there whilst the group was in meditation..

I break the seal upon another scroll
That hides within this ancient vault
The story of these people fair
Interprets to my wondering eyes.
Fair Astroeth thou art truly great
Thy honour and thy greatness is at stake
With all thy beauty fair halls and treasures rare
The hand of Doom is knocking at thy gates.
As the picture speeds before my eyes
I view the scene with psychic gaze
Fair Astroeth I would know thy fate
And the people who dwell within thy gates.

The last two lines in this apocalyptic message from another age could not unfortunately be deciphered because of the carelessness of twentieth century man, but the last word at least was still there: 2012. What significance did this year contain for us? I knew that astrologically it marked the dawning of the golden age of Aquarius. The scribe of the poem had penned the year in which it was mused: 1936. At about the same time Paul Brunton author of In Search of Secret Egypt, paid an unexpected visit to Perth. Had he stumbled across the story of the sleeping Atlantean Troy whilst at the pyramids, where twelve other sleepers are rumoured to reside in suspended animation till the year 2012? Perhaps the missing two lines contained some reference to the men in suspended animation who have a site on the map and were “seen” – at least in the astral – by the scientist whose subterranean probe had brought back invaluable data. Could a similar prototype to the airboat he had glimpsed be housed in an underground chamber close to the great pyramid? On an earlier visit to the site at Egypt my on-the-spot calculations had revealed the likelihood of just such an artefact being located in a subterranean chamber about a mile south east from the paws of the Sphinx.

We emerged from that little lime machine of a meeting-hut back into the late twentieth century. Was time running out again for mankind as it had for the doomed inhabitants of Astroeth, I wondered. Was there some parallel course we were now following that could precipitate us into the same calamity?

The late afternoon sun was gilding the astral towers of Astroeth. I followed its outlines on the map down to what had once been the shoreline where a plaza had stood at the water’s edge. Further inland were the laboratories. It was a pity our own scientist hadn’t wandered into these. Perhaps the Atlanteans were working in them against time to try to save their civilization from destruction. Had the twin discoveries of uranium and plutonium – as in our own day – threatened to wipe out a whole civilization without a trace? In these very laboratories a last minute attempt might have been made to repair the shattered grid system – rediscovered by Bruce Cathie in our own technological age but it was already too late and the people of Astroeth felt doom knocking at their gates. We retraced our steps down the path,. walking a thousand feet above the site of the Royal Palace and its four great steel gates. They clanged shut behind us as we left the sleeping City and its ghosts far behind us.

Since that warm October afternoon many strange events have occurred in the skein of my personal destiny, but the sleeping contours of that city and the message it has bequeathed to mankind still haunt me. Will there yet be tlime to repair the grid system rapidly being put beyond repair by the machinations of our bomb happy scientists? What were those green UFOs doing hovering over Perth? Perhaps our space brothers are trying to help us to survive to 2012.

Then a golden age? It might be so . .

egypt spachip

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