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Secret Library 3 : The Story of Astroeth

Posted by lahar9jhadav on February 22, 2007

astroeth perth glen forrest

The Story of Astroeth

(Sleeping City of the Ranges)

By a foundation member of the 1930’s
(B. Perkins-Nagel)

On the table before me is one of the “keys” of Astroeth. It has been in my possession for some time since I received it some years ago. I was a foundation member and knew most of the people there.


Dr. E.S. and his wife M. (who was an excellent clairvoyant) held meetings at their home in Subiaco. This was the foundation group.

In the 1930’s in the Darling Ranges, a portion of the range was opened for free-hold possession to people, thus we, as well as Dr.S. and several others took up blocks as holiday homes. The township was changed from Smith’s Mill to Glen Forrest. It was serviced by a train.

On the Smith’s block was a two roomed and verandahed cottage high on the hill-side above a deep valley and an abandoned ‘Quarry site’. While standing viewing this quarry May Smith found herself engulfed and surrounded by a strange ancient city! With her gift of E.S.P. she was able to trace the outline and buildings.

Where the quarry had been abandoned were administrative buildings and then was traced a great Temple-School. May took her pen and paper and with her penmanship traced many buildings, forming a large city.


In her mapping, may Smith discovered the large “Sun Temple Healing School”.

This ‘Temple’ is located part way down the valley where there is a sheer wall of granite rock. This is where the quarry workers had to give up as their instruments went ‘hay-wire’ and it was here that May Smith found it was part of the huge granite wall of the ancient school and Initiate Temple.

This building had a huge central hall, around it was an “eight sided” wall. In each side was a large window space in order to have the changing sunshine stream in as the eight hours of full day moved around the heavens. They knew about human history on earth.

When the little temple* was built in the mid 40′ s the order was to use the natural mountain stones, thus the stones were gathered and cut, but the builders did not make the 8 sided building , instead it was a square building . The “CIRCLE AND CROSS” on the East side of the temple, on the flat granite rock was put there at a later date when Mr.Gordon Deller came from the Eastern States to form the W.A. U.F.O. club in the late 1950’s. (In the year 1961 we held our last big public meeting, an “Interstate U. F. O. Convention”. After that year we were told that there would be a 10 year break of silence. Many changes followed in that 10 years. That will be a later story) .

(The story has been written in an early edition of THE SEEKERS CENTRE MAGAZINE”). For the remarkable work of May Smith, at a later date in the 1940’s the present little ‘TEMPLE’ was built as a memento to Mrs. Smith’s work and dedication.* (That is a later story, in the 1940′ s time)
We held week-end meetings at the house. Some stayed over-night using the long verandah with its ‘bunk beds’ for accommodation.


“The house was set on a high hill-side above a very deep valley. It comprised two rooms with a full length verandah. At one end of the wide verandah, a portion was walled off as a small kitchen fitted with an old style wood stove, safe and cupboards and Coolgardie canvas cooler. The opposite end of the verandah was divided into spaces containing double deck-beds for over night guests.

At this house we held our meetings as the Temple was not yet built until the mid 1940’s.

In front of the house stretching towards the entrance road gate was a large orchard on the south side of the gravel drive-in roadway.

This orchard was remarkable for the number and variety of every kind of fruit tree, vine, nut and melon and seasonable vegetables.

In the centre of the orchard was a bubbling spring, from this the orchard was irrigated. About this was an unusually white fine clay soak. This clay was found useful to heal insect bites or bush scratches. (Later in the 1970’s this orchard was destroyed because of fruit fly pest getting into it).

The house garden also was well set out with every bulb plant and unusual flowers that filled the air with the collective scent of exotic flowers of many colours.

In summer we set up trestle tables and dined out in the house garden among the trees, in winter we made use of the room with the ‘open fire-place’ where we talked of the ancient peoples and their apparent way of life.


These people were part of the 3rd RootRace, Lemurian folk. They were very highly developed in spiritual powers, close to non-physical Astral beings and workers and could ‘leave their bodies at will’ to transfer by teleportation. They used levitation and sound wave methods of life and beam ray. The 3rd Root Race used their ‘Temples’ as schools of training up to the standard of “INITIATE”.

They were highly advanced in the skills of healing, telepathy, thought control and natural Psychology, etc., also in the material realm they studied science as well as being very conversant with the solar system and the Universe. They knew also the value of our planet “Octave” of “7″ as the rainbow. 7th rhythm of our human cycles of life. They understood plant life and made beautiful gardens and orchards. They were conversant with knowledge of “Garden of Eden” Teaching.

The dress worn was similar to the Sari style of India and the male Greek style of early Greece.

Initiate students wore a ‘head band’ to indicate their grade of advanced knowledge.


Full spiritual knowledge included the leaving of the physical body at will as desired. (This will be done in the Aquarian age ahead) .

A shallow sea lapped the foot-hills (Perth-water and Meville-water are the remainder of this sea). Across this expanse of water the little white ships sailed on days of leisure.

One day, there came strange boats from the neighbouring land mass of Atlantis. These people were less spiritual than the peaceful Lemurians and they craved the spiritual secrets. They became dictators, penetrated the ruling bodies and finally schemed to take over.

A young women of a leading family discovered this and warned her father, a government official. Steps were taken to seal all secret knowledge and a plan was formed to destroy Astroeth city to foil the invaders. The young girl became one of the decoys and gave her life later in the great explosion.

Thus the beautiful city fell and was covered beneath tons of rock and impenetrable earth gone beyond recall. So Astroeth sleeps.


Directions were given of how to build the Temple. It was to be done of the mountain stones which were gathered from the ranges.

Everyone felt it should be as a memento to May Smith in honour of the wonderful work in mapping of the city and her excellent E.S.P.

Those present at this time with the work were a Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Jones. (later he became the 1st President of the W.A.U.F.O. Club). There was a Miss Ruby McDonald of Maylands with Dr. Eric and May Smith and Mr. Dellar later on.

The Temple is a miniature 8×8 foot square and held about twelve people at a time. It was used for meetings of Theosophy, Spiritualism, and Rosecrucian services. The artifacts were floor rugs, seating, pulpit and books.

In the north wall was a wall-nitch in which a flame was kept burning.

At the close of the 1940’s came to Perth from America, Dr. Serge Raynaud de la Ferriere of the GREAT UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD. He came up to Astroeth and a ‘new grouping of people’ came there with him.

Dr. Eric granted Dr. Ferriere a portion of land there and a group of followers built a school-house where we learnt of “Twentieth Century Mysticism”. I well remember the trestle-table decked out with fresh fruit gathered from the orchard.

Time moves on. Now came the 1960’s. Dr. Ferriere had moved on. His group disbanded. The W.A.U.F.O. group was now holding an interstate convention and it was at Astroeth they gathered. Many, many new people came there. May had passed on and Dr. Eric was married again to his 3rd wife (she is still alive in a nursing home as far as I know). The year was 1961. That was the last time the Temple at Astroeth was used by many people; after that we were told it would be closed down for ten years. During that ten years, Dr. Eric himself passed away.

Astroeth slept for ten long years. The day I left with the key in my hand, a cold wind sighed in the gum trees and silence enfolded the hill-side. Little did I know then that ten years later I would be the one to turn a new key in the gate lock to walk through the laden orchard to the little Temple again. However, that was so, in the year 1972. During the silent ten years the Midland Brick Co. leased the land and mined the white clay for their use.

In 1971 and 1972 Mrs. Lander printed an article in a magazine telling of the temple in the hills above the lost city. The STAR OF DAVID in the centre of the floor seemed to attract everyone’s interest. Also the U. F. O. circle and cross on the flat rock by the east wall of the temple. That rock symbol was put there during the time that Mr. Gordon Dellar (of the interstate UFO clubs) was there in 1957. He and others felt that they were reincarnated from those times: however that is a matter of opinion of those folk who found their way there.

Many people came, WRITERS, RESEARCHERS, UFOLOGISTS AND PHILOSOPHERS. Among them came the author of “CHARIOTS OF THE GODS”-Erich von Daniken.


Ten years had gone on from the 60’s and once again a ‘new’ group of people came to seek the ancient City of Light.

Many changes had taken place in that ten years. Dr. Eric had passed on (the old centre was deserted and slept) .

This was the group now, who put the paintings on the wall. They were done by Miss. Tricia Adams and the poem was done (in trance) by Mr. Cyril Richardson and I found that it was a replica of that in the 1944 SEEKERS CENTRE booklet (printed in those days by Mr. Cyril Jones).

During this new term we held meetings in the little Temple in the week-ends and were told many strange things of interest. Some as follows… .There would be a discovery, more strongly, a spaceship presence is there waiting; that there would be a land slide after and earth tremour and many people would come and seek for Astroeth and a revival would come in the early 1980’s; and that a young man, with a knowledge of astronomy, would help to start it all off again once more.

In mid 1970’s, the property was sold for (approx.) $60,000 to a Dr. and his wife. Then the place would be closed for a time but there was a purpose for it, as a group of people wanted to get possession and this was not meant, as a very important event is nearing W.A.

(Strange that a Doctor and his wife started the discovery and a Doctor and his wife are chosen to care for it!)

In 1978 we asked permission to go there and we planted a Sundial setting some 4 inches underground, before the Temple door at the foot of a large Blackboy tree in a chosen spot, around a circular granite stone.*

We are now awaiting the development of this years, particularly February, early in the month.


Erected 1945 by Dr. Eric Smith as memento to his wife, May, whose E.S.P. Clairvoyant gift,
sighted here an ancient temple of the city of “ASTROTH” – (or “ASTROETH”) (“Oasis-of Light”) or (“City-of-Light”)-

Here also is a sacred Aboriginal ground and power point of the Darling Ranges fault-line.

(this electronic version copyright to https://digitalseance.wordpress.com)


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