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Lo Polidoro

Posted by lahar9jhadav on March 6, 2007

lo polidoro

“Lo Polidoro is a French singer-songwriter living in London, whose extraordinary songs evoke the character and atmosphere of half remembered European movies.

With a voice at turns charming, haunting and comic, an engaging guitar style, and a band that blends strands of folk, musette, tango, rumba and classic French pop, the music of Lo Polidoro is not quite like anything you have ever heard…”

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lo polidoro circulus

“Born in Burgundy in 1975 of French and Italian parents, Lo grew up in rural central France, in a house full of the singing of her mother and sisters.

In her teens she fell in love with the music of the 1960’s folk movement – French, British and American – and began performing some of this material with her sister Aurelie around the cafés and bars. This culminated in the formation of the six-piece folk-rock band Legendaïeur – becoming a minor legend in the region.

In 1998 she made a sudden decision to move to London and, within a few months, met a network of mucicians who inspired her to learn fingerstyle guitar and to begin writing songs. She also discovered the octave mandola.

Numerous folk club and pub gigs later, often appearing with many of South London’s roots music luminaries, Lo has established a small band, a debut CD of original songs, and has a French tour and an appearance at the Glastonbury Festival already under her belt. Work on her second album is scheduled to begin in early 2007.

Lo also appears regularly with the prog-medieval rock band Circulus and the chanson / musette band Fleur de Paris.”

Also check out Cathedral’s, Garden Of Unearthly Delights: on the track, The Garden – Lo Polidoro is guest vocalist.

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