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George Hunt Williamson- a ‘biography’

Posted by lahar9jhadav on March 16, 2007

george hunt williamsonGeorge Hunt Williamson was, above all, a Seeker. From an early age he came under influences which, whether by chance or fate or design, propelled his life into a search for answers to the events of his inner and outer life.

In his late teens when Williamson followed the inner urge to discover the answers to his many questions he did what many do- sought the nearest so called ‘experts’ he could find. Unfortunately this lead him into the confused and murky world of Pelley and his associates and their theories and dogma coloured his thinking and ongoing research for many years. However, even in SoulCraft’s distorted mythology were Pearls of wisdom and guidance taken from older sources and these were digested by Williamson and worked their magic in his inner world and subconscious. Williamson was honest in his Search- he was not going to settle for the half hearted and the spurious and he moved on from these early influences, – he carried on his search into the future with even more energy.

The dramatic increase in UFO awareness in the late forties and early fifties resonated very deeply with Williamson, because in his childhood he had had personal experiences through dreams and physical reality with the UFO archetype and phenomenon. Of course at that time UFO’s were unknown and so Williamson had to place his experiences in the more ‘conventional’ mythologies available to him. But when the UFO’s began to increase their presence in the skies above, Williamson immediately realised that somehow he was a part of it- that he was personally connected with the UFO phenomenon.

This lead him to a deep study of the mythology from the indigenous peoples of his American homeland and then South America. Along the way he, of course, dabbled in ‘mainstream’ ufology, he saw the UFO’s as physical spaceships from elsewhere and attempted contact with them- he wrote books about his early experiments with ham radio and so on. But all the while Williamson’s own Search- to discover answers to his own inner questions, to understand himself – continued, deepened, became more sincere. He knew that his experiments, writings, and his connections with people such as Adamski were not the answer- Williamson was aways left, finally alone with himself and his own Question unanswered.

Suddenly, in the early sixties, George Hunt Williamson disappeared from public view.

Willamson had left to discover his destiny in South America, and for him and his own personal quest this lead to the answers and understandings he had searched for, his entire life. Outwardly he authored his most famous, and for many, inspired books- filled with wonderful mythologies weaving together all the threads he had discovered along the way- but these were not his truth, his personal truth- they were written for the world in allegorical form, he wrote from inspiration and his books were designed to carry certain information in a coded pattern into the future. That is why the author of these books is given as Brother Philip rather than George Hunt Williamson.

In South America Williamson finally “met” with the consciousness behind the UFO’s and phenomenon which had been such a part of his entire lifes story and the truth he discovered led to the ending of his UFO research, rather than a new beginning. He had found himself.

Upon returning to the U.S., Williamson lead a much ‘quieter’ and private life, though he still researched into earth mysteries and so on his main inclination was to follow the path of a type of, for him, true Christian way in the Gnostic tradition

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