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Posted by lahar9jhadav on April 3, 2007


Frank Edwards



Hundreds of persons near a huge frozen reservoir watched a glowing egg-shaped object darling about from place to place, intermittently shooting downward beams of light. Reservoir guards who later ventured out on the frozen surface reportedly found unexpected thawed places in the area where the object had hovered.

In happened on the night of January 12, 1966, within thirty miles of Times Square– but most Americans never heard of it.

Why not?

A glowing red object crossed the United States from New York to Utah, tracked by radar every foot of the way. It landed beside a power station and put the station out of operation. Forty-eight minutes later it exploded in mid-air while punned by armed jet interceptors.

It happened on April 18, 1962 – but most people never heard of it.

Thousands of people stood in the streets of Duluth, Minnesota, and watched jet interceptors vainly chasing seven Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s). The presence of both the jets and the UFO’s was confirmed by the Radar Base on the Keweenaw Peninsula.

It happened in August of 1965 – but most Americans never heard of it.

Sixty-eight Unidentified Flying Objects roamed the skies over Washington, D.C., in one night. They were tracked on radar. They were reported by the airline pilots whose planes they approached. A government agency published a special booklet dealing with the events of this one remarkable night … August 13,1952.

But most Americans are still unaware that it ever happened.

Even some of the persons who deal with this phenomenon have difficulty gathering information.

For instance:

One night early in October of 1965, I addressed an audience of radar experts who had hired me, at their own expense, to come and tell them all that I could about the ubiquitous Unidentified Flying Objects. These were the men (Air Traffic Controllers) who see these things on their radar screens. These are the same men who are required by regulation to give out prefabricated answers or “explanations” to all who make inquiry about such things.

Why were they paying me, a civilian newsman, to tell them about things they see more frequently than anyone else in the nation?

The reason was simple: Although they were under the Federal Aviation Agency, that agency refused to answer their queries for information on the UFO’s.

From the Air Force they received only a suggestion to contact the FAA.

From the FAA they got nothing.

To those radar men I showed enlargements of government documents of which they had no knowledge. I showed them photographs of the types of things which caused blips on their radar screens. But in one hour I could not telescope an adequate briefing of the events of these past nineteen years, even though I tried hard.

This book will give me the time to do a more extensive job, and a more thorough one as well.

That I am prejudiced in this upcoming discussion with you I freely admit. That I disagree with the published viewpoints of the United States Air Force on the same subject, I also freely admit.

But I wish it understood here and now that I have no dislike for the Air Force, and for very good reason. The Air Force is as helpless in its way as you and I are in ours. It is doing a job that was forced upon it ? a job that has meant deceiving the majority of the American people ? for almost twenty years. Notice that I say the majority of the people for there have always been some who were not deceived and today the number of those who are still deceived, or at least confused, as to the real nature of the Unidentified Flying Objects, hereafter called UFO’s, must be very small and they are certainly in the minority…[end excerpt]
from Frank Edwards: Flying Saucers, Serious Business








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