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The Secret Of The Andes- PART 4

Posted by lahar9jhadav on April 21, 2007

secret of the andes


The New World Focus of Illumination

In July 1957, Beloved Master El Morya said:

“Those pilgrims who seek spiritual illumination and guidance from now on will be drawn to South America as they have been previously drawn into the Orient. To this end, the Directors of the Forces of Nature and the Elemental Kingdom are making preparation toward providing a natural means of access to this hitherto untapped spiritual Focus of Illumination in the Andes Mountains.”

Information about Aramu-Muru’s Retreat at Lake Titicaca, Peru, was given long ago to those ready for such knowledge. The Permanent Ray enters the planet Earth in two places. The Masculine Aspect enters in the Himalayas of the Orient and the Feminine Aspect enters at Lake Titicaca. The Masculine Aspect has been prominent throughout all the ages of Earth’s history, but now the Feminine Aspect is coming into prominence as the Earth enters deeper into the vibrations of the Seventh Ray. This Feminine Aspect entering the area of the Monastery of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays will become evident in the future. It is interesting to note that culturally and otherwise Tibet and Peru resemble each other so much, that photographs taken of one can easily be mistaken for the other. But when we understand that these are the two areas on the surface of the Earth where the Permanent Ray enters, the explanation is simple.

In further confirmation of the New World Focus of Illumination Phra Sumangalo, a monk at the Monastery of the Guardian Angel (Wat Doi Suthep, Xieng Mai, Thailand), recently wrote to the Abbey, saying:

“Asia is spiritually bankrupt. But you are in a region that has had its period or spell of dormancy-and is now re-awakening to the things of the Spirit. South America is, more than any other land, the country of the future in every way, a land of spiritual promise.”

In March 1957 the Fellowship of Golden Illumination in Los Angeles, California, said:

“The call is going out continually to all on the Path of Light to come out from them… the dark forces… and unite for the establishment of the Kingdom of Love and Peace.”

In June 1952 the Bridge to Freedom activity said:

“Signs of the New Dawn! New channels are being opened, not to substitute the old ones, but to assist them; workers are coming to the front everywhere; Friends of the Great White Brotherhood are rising up from every direction. And no man can stop the onrush of this Cosmic Christ Power releasing the Spiritual Currents of the Hour. They could not succeed, if they should be unfortunate enough to try to breast the currents of the New Dawn. Moreover, such individuals would perish under the very Law which causes the return of the generated Love they bestow, or the opposition to progress they foster. Never before as today, can it be more truly said of the Spiritual Leaders of the World, and of all the new channels, ‘BY THEIR FRUIT, YE SHALL KNOW THEM.’”

Everywhere now, even more so than in 1952, channels of the Infinite Father’s Divine Love and Wisdom are being opened and are bringing to His people words of comfort and instruction for the days of catastrophe ahead. But we are assured by the Hierarchy and visitors from space that the world is not going to end. Far from it! There will be many terrain changes upon the Earth, yes, but recognize these great events as the prophesied “salvation that draweth nigh.”

For many years the Masters of other planets in our Solar System and in other Solar Systems and even other Galaxies have been in communion with the Master Adepts or Teachers resident on the planet Earth. It was finally decided in 1956 that the Mystery Schools of the Earth, operating in one spiritual body as the Great White Brotherhood, would begin immediately to disclose some of their age-old secrets and truths to the outer world!

Commenting on this decision in 1956, Aramu-Muru said at Lake Titicaca :

“…we shall not remain silent henceforward. Yet we are not opening our pathway nor our entrance to the profane, nor will the ‘pearls’ of great wisdom be thrown before ‘swine,’ for there are ‘swine’ upon the Earth and in the Earth. But the planet shall be cleansed of these shortly. They are not yet worthy to receive the Divine Wisdom. We are concerned with the hungry hearts and souls of thousands, and we hear their hunger and we know within our beings that they can only be satisfied with the true manna which alone comes from our Infinite Father. Do not be surprised if you now hear coming out into the open, words from the Great White Brotherhood which is the Hierarchy for all the Earth’s Brotherhoods. Now is the time for action! It is time for us to speak, and speak we shall, for we are now diligently preparing the way for His footsteps to be heard throughout the world. The Kingdom is no longer at hand, the Kingdom is here and He is shortly to manifest to all men. We have awaited this time with eagerness through the long centuries. Is it not then a time for great rejoicing even though some catastrophe shall come to the world? But through this catastrophic purification man shall inherit his godhood. Look unto the “hills” for your salvation that draweth nigh. Do not despair because of catastrophe, but welcome it as the agent of Illumination and beauty. ‘All shall be made new’ as it is written. Only the Truth shall remain!

Henceforward, all Retreats and Sanctuaries, the Mystery Schools, the Shan-Gri-Las of the Great White Brotherhood shall work more closely together and open their doors to those ready on the Pathway of Light. Their secret hiding places will be revealed, but only to the Student of Life who stands in His Light. The Inner Retreats have been, indeed, a mystery to the outer world; they have operated in secret so that superstitious and ignorant mankind would not turn and tear them asunder. They have preserved the ancient and arcane knowledge so that the Remnant would inherit the Spiritual legacy in the time of the New Dawn. Now the trumpet has sounded; we hear in the distance the faint sounds of the Seventh Trumpet. The call has gone forth from the angelic hosts and we are now to make ourselves known!”

The Masters and Brothers from space will assist man on Earth after catastrophe, but they will not prevent disaster. In the post-catastrophe period they will land in great numbers, and the plan is that they will contact the Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood where the Remnant will be gathered together. Because of great upheavals that will take place in the Orient, Students of Life are being drawn to South America, where in the Andes Mountains the New World Focus of Illumination will be located. Therefore, the call continues to go out to `come out from among them My people.’ The Inner Retreats must now speak out through their many channels so that there is a for the Sheep of the Flock to hear.

The Brotherhood of the Seven Rays is working closely at the present time with the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta in California, the Brotherhood of the Royal Teton, in Western U.S.A., the Brotherhood of the Golden Robe in India, and many other Brotherhoods and Orders. Of course, there is complete cooperation with all the members of the Hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood.

Knowledge that was formerly reserved for initiates only, now is to be given directly to individuals outside of the Inner Retreats, and men, women and children of all races will come together at these Retreats and will form a great Spiritual and Philosophical Congress. The prophesied new land will, indeed, come out of its pralaya and join with the Hierarchy of the Earth and the Stars to mentor the Remnant that will remain upon the Earth in the days ahead.

George Hunt Williamson’s SECRET OF THE ANDES

George Hunt Williamson bio

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