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Posted by lahar9jhadav on July 31, 2007

finding gurdjieffCHAPTER 20
The True Quest

So the true quest became for me and continues to be, how to find the “real I”. The “real I” that knows where it wants to go, the goal, and how to get there. Let the Ego-driven partial “me”s do their thing, but make way by “active being mentation” for the “real I” to appear and take control and make the small “me”s obedient to it.

When I meditate, I find it useful to preselect a time or a place in which to “wake up”. Also, meditating with others on a cushion is helpful.

I draw my attention inward, either in movement or sitting still and sense my body as if from the inside out. I move my attention around my body from limb to limb including the head and from front to back. I try at the same time to be aware of my breathing, and further, if possible, the heartbeat, circulation of the blood and nervous system around the body. If I don’t allow my attention to be distracted, either by thoughts, negative emotions or pains, then I can and usually do go into an altered state where the “real I” seems to be in control; where I’m moving to my own “inner tune”. And the sense inwardly is of letting go, releasing the tensions in my body.

Gurdjieff talks of the three centers of activity in each of us. And I can see these three centers at work in me, especially in this altered state. My mind contains images and these images and thoughts can move my attention away quickly from myself. Now I’m here and the next moment in my mind’s eye I’m sitting on the Great Wall of China. The emotions have an energy of their own. A negative thought about someone, a past hurt that someone did to me can evaporate the attention and tie up the stomach in tensions. The third center of the three is the body itself-mainly its actions and reactions. If I touch a hot stove unawares the body reacts with a speed faster than either negative emotions or images in the mind. The three centers of activity can each in turn take dominant control when we manifest, but almost all the time interact with each other. “Active being mentation” has to do with the mind moving our attention inside our bodies by sensing each part and even the whole of the body at the same time.

So how to be aware of ourselves as we really are, not as we imagine ourselves to be, is what we are really after. Repeatedly during each and every day by doing “active being mentation” can we move toward what our deepest wish is. Being aware of our manifestations from the inside out can help us in the kaleidoscope of our daily sleepwalking lives.

Gurdjieff also talks about the “intermediate body” that we can create in ourselves. That is where my interest in Christianity leads me to think of my goal as “Eternal life”. If this intermediate body or “astral Body” becomes formed in me by the process of active being mentation, then it does not die as does the physical body, at least not at the same time. Jesus proved this at the “resurrection”.

Can I see or sense my “intermediate body”? Only indirectly. By becoming aware of the energies in my body and how they can of their own volition extend outside the body as in telekinesis, or by clear sight “clairvoyance” into a future event. Or any event where I know the “real I” is in control by inwardly sensing and seeing this, am I aware of this intermediate or astral body.

Awakening to Higher Consciousness

Will this intermediate or astral body float up to Heaven when the physical body dies?

Who knows? Certainly not I. I have made a life-long study of what I can actually know, in the sense of being conscious. And for me there are boundaries. Birth is one boundary and death another. My consciousness exists only between these boundaries. But by faith in the existence of a level of higher being or consciousness, my hope is that eternal life as Jesus promised can be attained. It may be that Jesus and other great Masters have been conscious of the moments of our earthly time both here and now and also in another dimension. As if the moment elongated vertically into this other or eternal dimension. This is to say that time for us is an illusion-that the apparent procession of moments of time is illusory. If we had the power to see through this illusion, we would see everything that has and will exist as existing right here and now in this eternal moment. But we humans, as we are, cannot “process” this on our level of time and space.

From this viewpoint there is no time and space “in reality” then Jesus and other masters can be both dead and alive in any and every moment of time and space. But this gets too attenuated for me. It is like trying to understand quantum mechanics and “schrodinger’s cat”. I prefer to think of Jesus as the risen Lord who can touch me here and now, although he’s been dead almost 2,000 years.

I asked Mrs. Welch once if I would ever attain a deep wish I had, and she replied, “It may take many lifetimes, but it is possible.” She wasn’t talking about lifetimes as out of body experiences, either as past lifetimes before birth or future lifetimes after death, but rather she was referring to this one lifetime here and now that I am conscious of. So if eternal recurrence has validity, I must live this same lifetime over and over: make the same mistakes, have the same awesome joys over and over again. The experience of déjà vu shows me that these moments are also moments in another dimension of time and that at such moments I can awake to higher consciousness.

But I believe that it takes a movement of faith and hope in the transcendental, to awake out of my worldly existence into another level of consciousness. And yet this awakening must be tied to this moment of my consciousness here and now while I’m conscious of the passing of my life.

The best metaphor I’ve heard for this awakening into and maintenance in this higher level of consciousness is the last stanza of the hymn “Amazing Grace”:

“When we’ve been dead 10,000 years bright shining as the sun, we’ve no less days to sing God’s praise, than when we first begun” When my physical body is dead, nevertheless in that region of earthly time between my birth and my death, this astral body lives eternally. And depending on my conscious efforts to wake up to a higher level of being, will this astral body, seen as a “mustard seed” in the Scriptures, change and grow into the tree where the birds of Heaven nest in its branches. It may take 10,000 years of earthly time to become “bright, shining as the sun”, that is to become a true “higher being body”. And the key to all this, I believe, is our gratitude to a higher being that both created us and sustains us during this, our one and only conscious life in this world.

excerpts from FINDING GURDJIEFF THROUGH THE PARANORMAL, By J. Robert Bromley, Esq. download the complete book here

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