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Posted by lahar9jhadav on July 4, 2007

trust1.gifLook: don’t worry, it’s ok- they won’t brainwash you into believing their founder is a Messiah or that you are an Alien God in disguise- they’ll just try and keep you pumping money into their bank account.

Face it-

1. life is getting more and more meaningless:- the void, the hole at the core of our being, our existential-crisis deepens with every reality check we take

2. everyone is looking for the ‘secret’, the ‘magick bullet’, the simple technique which will provide for a safe, happy and above all ‘abundant’ future.

3. any reasonable person who takes a look at themselves will find a whole lot of junk and could easily become the pray of guilt merchants.

4. humans are inherently Suggestable.

rep_jesus.gifThus LandMark and their many, many– seemingly ‘endless’ ‘courses’–take advantage of the above so as to make good “dollar business” like any American profit seeking concern with any credibility should–they could be making burgers, or selling oil, this is about the profit stupid!

So, don’t be spooked by them, or by the person who is trying to steer you into their waiting arms –just go with the flow, join in. You will probably ‘enjoy’ it, after all it is easy to provide certain “experiences” in a controlled environment in which the human guinea pig feels ‘energised’ or in a state of ‘presence’ etc etc and so on and so forth. It won’t last of course, but that is taken care of by the ‘next’ course and the next and the next…..eventually you will either talk yourself into believing that ‘it’ worked and you have entered a new phase of your existence (just like everyone else) or you will move on.

Here’s an intelligent appraisal of LMF


4 Responses to “LANDMARK FORUM: Adelaide”

  1. lgattruth said

    Thanks for the informative and well thought out post, I love the way you get your points across. Here are some links to more info, let us know what you think :

    Landmark Education is conducted in a Large Group Awareness Training setting, information about it and its “The Forum” course, previously known as “The Forum” under Werner Erhard and Associates, the “technology” of which was developed by Werner Erhard and utilized in his prior “EST Training” or “Erhard Seminars Training” – is available through the links below:

    A documentary came out in France, Voyage to the Land of the New Gurus, which details some of the for-profit company’s interesting practices. The film aired to 1.5 million people in France. One month after it aired, the company shut down in France. The company attempted to use the Digital Millenium Copyright Act in order to get this video off the internet. More about this at Landmark Education stumbles stupidly to hollow settlement, Landmark Education wants to make French news report a “forbidden video” on the Net and at Why did Landmark Education leave France? as well as at the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s legal page, Landmark and the Internet Archive and in an article from Reuters which went into The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times, among many other papers, at Google faces legal challenges over video service.

    Landmark Education has been labeled “sect” by the government of France, a “sect” by the government of Austria. They were investigated multiple times by the United States Federal Department of Labor – and an investigation in 2004 by the Federal Department of Labor in France led to Landmark Education shutting down their operations in all of France due to unpaid labor practices.

    Landmark Education is currently a defendant in a wrongful death case in Oklahoma, and also a young man named James Brian Rowe went missing in Colorado directly after attending a Landmark Forum in 2004. His family has not heard from him since.

    More information about the company’s history itself, at The Rick Ross Institute, the Skepdic site, Cult News, Introduction to the Landmark Education litigation archive, Landmark Education litigation archive, Apologetics Index, and Cult Awareness and Information Centre. The book OUTRAGEOUS BETRAYAL by Steven Pressman is also a great resource. Chapter 4, A Door to Door Mind Salesman, and Chapter 7, Enlightenment in Two Weekends – The est Training are available online.

    For more information about other Large Group Awareness Training organizations and their methodologies, visit:

    The Truth about Human Potential Seminars

  2. Simon said

    Re: money-making scam

    Landmark is an employee-owned company, and the employee/shareholders voted to reinvest all profits in order to provide their training programs on a larger scale. You can see the following quote from Wikipedia:

    In 1997, Landmark had 451 employees, 7,500 volunteers in the United States alone, spent $13 million on employee salaries and bonuses, spent $4 million on travel, and made a profit of $2.5 million (which it re-invested in the expansion of the company’s operations[4] .)

    The reference listed in Wikipedia is the following article:


    If you take the 451 employees and divide up $13 million on salaries and bonuses, the average salary is just under $30,000 per year. The employees themselves are the ones who voted to reinvest the profits. This hardly seems like a money-grab, given the level of enthusiasm and commitment you see on the Landmark Education website.

    For those new to professional-development courses, please be aware that skills training courses are typically as expensive or more than Landmark’s fees. It is common to pay $500 or $1000 per day for training on software project management, time management, and personal-development methodologies. The Landmark Forum is three days of instruction, followed by 8 evening seminars, for $550.

  3. What a load of tripe, you ingenuous spin-merchant.

    7,500 ‘volunteers’ sure sounds like a ‘money-grab’ to me; not to mention sheer exploitation of a bunch of ‘day dreamers’ who don’t know any better. Didn’t landmark get kicked out of some countries in Europe due to this particular practice of not paying those who worked for the organisation?

    And the ‘courses’ don’t stop with the ‘landmark forum’- and the others are way more expensive. So dear “simon’, in conclusion, I think you could do with a course in ‘sincerity’.

  4. Jamealtemia said

    How are you?


    gee wizz
    “i” am ok…how are you?

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