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The Secret Of The Andes- PART 5

Posted by lahar9jhadav on July 15, 2007


The Ancient Amethystine Order

The earth now is entering into the vibrations of the Seventh Great Ray. This is the violet or amethyst (purple) Ray, whence the name, Amethystine Order.

As our world is bathed in the violet frequency, only Truth will be able to exist; all falsity will fade away of its own accord. That which has blinded man’s eyes to reality will pass away before the Pure Violet Fire, like fog passes away before the dawn.

The word amethyst comes from amethystos, the Greek word meaning a cure or remedy for drunkenness, and indeed, is this not true? The violet or amethyst Ray will prove in its purifying aspects to be a cure for the Earth’s drunkenness, a remedy for her ills. This does not mean that the Amethystine Order is going to save the world from itself, but it does mean that the Order, working in the Seventh Ray Vibration will be of great importance in the days ahead to all students of truth everywhere.

In all the Retreats throughout the world are to be found various ancient Orders. Among the oldest on Earth are the Order of Melchizedek the Order of Essenes, the Order of the Emerald Cross, the Amethystine Order, and the Fraternitas Rosae Crucis or Order (Fraternity) of the Rosy Cross, and the Order of the Red Hand. More recent are the Order of Mount Carmel and the Order of the Holy Grail.

All the members of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays belong to the Amethystine Order, which is very ancient, but which assumes great importance now because its vibration is emerging on the world scene as the Seventh Ray of Life. Archangel Michael of the Sun, the Transcendent Being who is the Archangel of Protection, is the Guardian of the members of this Order, and also of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays and all of its Outer Retreats and Sanctuaries.

Man’s individuality comes under the rulership of the great Seven Rays of Life, and he is always guided by the powerful forces at work within these Rays. All of us flow into conscious Life upon one of these Rays, and our entire Life experience is influenced by the Ray through which we descended. In Holy Scripture, the Seven Rays are called the “seven spirits before the Throne.”

The First Ray is the way of Leadership; the Second Ray is the way of Education; the Third Ray is the way of Philosophy; the Fourth Ray is the way of the Arts; the Fifth Ray is the way of Science; the Sixth Ray is the way of Devotion; and the Seventh Ray is the way of Ceremony. The Esoteric Colours of the Rays are: Red; Light Blue; (3) Green; (4) Yellow; (5) Indigo; (6) Rose; (7) Violet.

It is important to note that the Brotherhood is not called: Brotherhood of the Seventh Ray. The designation is plural: Brotherhood of the Seven Rays. We might ask: If the Brotherhood is working with the Amethystine Order, which is the Seventh Ray, why is it given a name which includes all the Rays of Life? This is a good question, but you will remember that we have already said that each Student of Life at the Monastery must weave a tapestry which symbolizes the Spiritual Life of the Brotherhood. And each Student must accomplish this by weaving his own Ray as if it were a single thread into the whole cloth of the tapestry. The result is that the finished product combines all the Rays of all the Students; the spiritual tapestry of Brotherhood Life is warm, harmonious and vibrant, because each of the Seven Great Rays of Life finds its place in correct correspondence with every other Ray.

This tapestry is more than just symbolical expression or representation, for during the Ceremonies in the Temple of Illumination and the Golden Sun Disc at the Brotherhood, there is literal tapestry on the wall above the Altar of the Pure Maxin Light, the Flame of Illumination. The scenes upon it change according to the thoughts, actions and deeds of the members of the Brotherhood. If all is not in physical, mental and spiritual harmony at the Monastery, it will appear instantly on the tapestry, and some scene will portray the condition symbolically. It is the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays because the essence of all Seven is utilized together to bring about the Illumination of Mankind through the Illumination Flame. Of course, all the other Inner Retreats are also working under the Seven Rays, but rather than blending all of them into one force, they each operate under a specific Ray. In this way, the Brotherhood or Focus of Wisdom at Lake Titicaca is unique. We have mentioned before that the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays is also known as the Brotherhood of Illumination. This is for several reasons, the main one being that Lake Titicaca, is the Focus of the Illumination Flame. Lord Muru spoke of this on July 1957, when he said:

“For many, many ages now have We guarded and sustained that Focus of the Illumination Flame which both We and you honor tonight. It is encouraging to see that some few of the more advanced among the race have found their way into the heart of the Andes Mountains wherein that Flame abides. In the future, when the spiritual pioneers have opened the emotional, mental and etheric pathways towards our Mystic Retreat, more and more of mankind will become physically aware of the spiritual radiation that is held within the great Andes Mountains, and you will see that those who have clung for many ages to the desire to enter into the great Himalayan Range will begin to turn their spiritual pilgrimages to the West.”

The Amethystine Order is an Illuminist Order of Essenes, in that all members follow the Essene way of life.

The Ascended Master Saint Germain (Ragoczy), as Chohan of the Seventh Ray, is the Master Teacher or Spiritual Head of the Amethystine Order.
George Hunt Williamson’s SECRET OF THE ANDES

George Hunt Williamson bio


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