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The Secret Of The Andes- PART 6

Posted by lahar9jhadav on July 15, 2007


The Abbey:
Lord Muru’s Primary Outer Retreat

ON NOVEMBER 13, 1955, Maha Chohan spoke of Lake Titicaca along with Shamballa, Luxor, Darjeeling, and the Cities of Saint John as Retreats and Sanctuaries of the Great White Brotherhood. Of course, there are many more throughout the world.

On April 1957, Sanat Kumara reported that all the Retreats and Sanctuaries of the Great White Brotherhood had been lifted into a higher spiritual vibration in association with the Celestial Host of the Hierarchy. This concerned the Monastery of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays at Lake Titicaca. After many centuries of service devoted to the uplifting of mankind, this Inner Retreat of Aramu-Muru had reached a Spiritual Graduation Day. Koot Hoomi Lal Singh (Master Kuthumi) was appointed to act as spokesman for all the Retreats. The action of lifting the Sanctuaries through the authority of the Twenty-Four Elders of our Solar System now permits a greater expansion of work between the Hierarchy and the Retreats that act as intermediate spiritual agencies between man of the Outer world and the higher Mentors. This is the final step in preparation for He who comes.

In 1956, during a Conclave of the Great White Brotherhood, where the banners of all the Inner Retreats were unfurled, it was decided that these Retreats would immediately set up Outer Retreats as a new expression of their service to mankind. Dedicated individuals who would journey as pilgrims to these Outer Retreats were not to be `called out from among them’ to save their physical forms. They were to be gathered together for a divine mission, but not to a place of safety alone, for the power of the Holy Spirit will sustain His servants in time of catastrophe. Formerly, the Outer Retreats had been various groups in the Outer world who were giving forth the words of the Masters of the Hierarchy through meetings, lectures, publications and so on. But now it was desired that there be Retreats that were not as secretive as the Inner Retreats, and yet not associated so much with the world of materialism as the then existing Outer Retreats. The solution to this problem was to have Outer Retreats authorized by each Inner Retreat of the Great White Brotherhood, that would be located near their respective governing body (Retreat.) In such Outer Sanctuaries, Students of Life would follow a monastic way of life similar to that of the Inner Sanctuaries. They would be removed from the world to live in places of peace and solitude, yet they would not be completely removed because they would be sending out reports and making periodic journeys to other lands. They would be closer to the Inner Retreats and the Mentors than ever before. This decision was necessary in order to prepare for impending catastrophe and the eventual landing of the Masters from space. Years ago, man had made the world at large aware of the Masters and the Mystery Schools by the establishment of certain metaphysical societies and groups. Gradually, a closer association was necessary as the Truths began to penetrate deeper into the national consciousness of every country on Earth. The Students of Truth were closely approaching the various Inner Retreats to which they were connected by a Ray, a Teacher. Now that Outer Retreats were to be established in close proximity to the Inner Retreats, another step in this development took place. The next step will be for those qualified in matters of Spirit from such Outer Retreats to make the final journey to the Inner Sanctuary. This is an indication that events on the Earth are culminating rapidly. When the brothers from interstellar space land, they will be confronted by the Remnant that remains, and this be gathered together in the various locations where the Inner Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood are to be found on the planet’s surface.

1956 was an important Spiritual year because of three decisions made by the Spiritual Hierarchy:

1. Age-old secrets and Truths would be revealed for the to the outer world of the profane.
2. Outer Retreats located near Inner Sanctuaries were authorized, and the call sent out to “come out from among them.”
3. It was decided that in 1957, all the Inner Retreats would be lifted into a new vibration in closer association with the Hierarchy.

Aramu-Muru (God Meru) announced in 1956 to those Students of the Outer World who were members of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays that he was authorizing an Outer Retreat to be set up in a hidden valley in Peru, and that this Sanctuary was to be north of the Monastery, its governing body, at Lake Titicaca. The Brotherhood was to have, henceforward, three outlets for its service:

1. The Monastery, Lake Titicaca. (Inner Retreat.)

2. The Abbey, the Hidden Valley, Peru. (Primary Outer Retreat known as an Intermediate Sanctuary.)

3. Priories. (Various groups not “brought out from among them” because of their being needed in the world of materialism as agents of distribution for the words of the Great White Brotherhood. They would serve as Secondary Outer Retreats.)

As we mentioned before, a few members of the Cyclopean Race did not leave the Earth when the rest of their fellow beings achieved the Theta Universe, but remained behind on our planet because of certain karmic conditions they had to overcome; they were to act as Mentors for hu-man who would come.

As of April 1957, when Sanat Kumara reported that all of the Inner Retreats and Sanctuaries of the Great White Brotherhood had been raised to a higher level of spiritual vibration, the Cyclops who had stayed behind on Earth were at last free to join their Race, the Elder Race or Els. Therefore, Aramu-Muru was released from his position as Spiritual Head (Abbot) of the Monastery. He would continue as Master Teacher of the Brotherhood from a new more ascended position. A certain Brother John (Master John) was appointed to fill the created vacancy as Abbot of the Monastery. Thus, there were no more Cyclops on the Earth in physical form. All of them had, at last, earned and learned the great secret of the Ninety Degree Phase Shift and passed into the Universe of Timelessness.

After Lord Muru returned from the conclave of 1956, he immediately put into action those plans which would bring about the organization of the Primary Outer (Intermediate) Retreat as soon as possible. Those members of the Brotherhood in the outer world sold their material possessions, left their places of work and friends, and on December 1956, they began the journey to Lima. From there, most of the cities of Peru were visited and many little-known mountainous areas were searched with the hope that the hidden valley, the future home of Lord Muru’s Primary Outer Retreat, would be found. The Mentors guided well, but some of those who had come found themselves incompatible with the Call and Mission, and returned to the United States. Others went on to discover the hidden valley and began the work that had been decreed by the Great White Brotherhood in 1956.

The pilgrims had been given several signs so that they might recognize their Retreat. Briefly, these were:

An area of magnificent natural beauty; a place of peace and tranquility where blood has never been shed; a location with abundant, clean, pure water; a near-by rushing stream or river; a place where vegetables and fruits could be grown in soil uncontaminated by chemical fertilizers and sprays; a land of happy, contented people who are apart from the Outer world, yet in it.

In February 1957 two Brothers of the Abbey who had come from the United States were in a town of the High Andes where they had been directed by Lord Muru. They were told by their Mentors that they would be contacted by a man who would lead them to their hidden valley. A few days later, the man appeared and they journeyed with him many miles to the east over great Andean passes filled with snow, where howling, bitter winds sweep the barren land.

The way to the valley was over narrow mountain roads where landslides are common. Is this not like the individual’s Spiritual Path which is like a razor’s edge, full of hazards as one travels through Life?

There is only one way to reach this valley and that is over the single narrow trail. After long hours of travel, the Brothers arrived at a small village perched high on a fantastic precipice. Above them towered the majestic snow-capped Andes. At the cold village there was a long delay while mules were prepared for the descent into the hidden valley which lay thousands of feet directly below the tiny sky village. All were wrapped in native Quechua woolen ponchos and caps, and finally began the descent in a cold, steady rain. Gradually the climate and the scenery changed. It was as though one were watching winter fade into summer. The rain stopped… it became warmer, the woolen clothing was soon discarded and shirt sleeves were in order. The snow and ice that had been so evident just a short time before completely disappeared, and the Brothers felt they were actually living the story of the Lost Horizon.

This was, indeed, a Shan-Gri-La, a hidden valley away from the cares of our chaotic planet. Yet, it was a place where a great work could be accomplished in its peaceful atmosphere, where blood has never been shed, and where Quechua-speaking Indians, descendants of the great Inca Sun Empire, live quietly in a semi-tropical paradise.

On all sides of the valley, hundreds of beautiful waterfalls dash down great rock walls to bring clear, pure water from the Andean glaciers into the valley. And there was a great and rushing river, a beautiful thing to behold as it wound its way through the entire length of the valley like a shining silver thread.

The Brothers soon learned that practically anything could be grown in the valley. A place where temperate zone products grow side by side with those of the tropical zone! Corn, beans, squash, yucca, peas, beets, carrots, lettuce, cabbage, papayas, mangos, cherimoya-a fabulous fruit nearly 100 per cent protein-potatoes, avocados, tomatoes, bananas, lemons, oranges, etc., grow in abundance, and these are only a few of the fruits and vegetables available. The planting season is throughout the year and no chemical fertilizers or sprays are used; everything is grown organically and naturally.

The two Brothers of the Abbey instantly recognized this valley as the future home of Lord Muru’s Primary Outer Retreat.

The Brothers left the hidden valley reluctantly, for the atmosphere of peace that hangs over the place is powerful and unforgettable. Picture, if you can, the narrow, winding foot and mule paths that have never known the brutal wheels of modern vehicles, the llama trains, always picturesque with the bright colored yarn “owner’s markers” in the animal ears, the silent, friendly Quechua Indian who awaits the appearance of his reincarnated Inca ancestors, when they will again be led in a new Inca Sun Empire of a Golden Dawn on Earth. These people, although isolated in this hidden valley, know what is going on in the world today, and patiently await the return of Viracocha, the Great White Brother.

Students of Life have now entered the valley and there is a fine building housing the Abbey along with the Scriptorium (Library) and the Temple of Life. All Students follow a Monastic Way of Life as directed by the Great White Brotherhood. The Abbey operates under the direct authority and guidance of the Monastery. All members belong to the Amethystine Order, an Illuminist Order of Essenes. They serve under the Seventh or Violet (Purple) Ray. The name of the Abbey in the ancient Quechua language of the Incas is Intihuaci, House of the Sun.

So-called rules and regulations are followed at the Abbey so that all Students of Life may partake of a great Spiritual unfoldment and experience. The Brotherhood does not believe that the following way of life is necessary for salvation, or even that such a routine would be right for all people. The routine at the Abbey has been developed to bring about certain Spiritual Illumination for advanced Students on the Path of Cosmic Understanding. The following requirements are for Novices ready to enter Lord Muru’s Primary Outer Retreat, the Abbey of the Brotherhood:

The Student of Life applying for entry into the Abbey must, first of all, be seeking and serving Truth, and living a clean and upright life. He must have a theoretical understanding of the Great Path. There are absolutely no restrictions as to age, sex, marital status, race, religious affiliation, nor is the Brotherhood interested in anyone’s past record. The important thing is that the individual Student, at the time of application, is desiring Truth above all else. There is no religion higher than Truth!

The Student must be aware of and accept the Cosmic Christ and believe that this Christ as God came in the flesh to mentor the Earth and that this same Christ will return again soon in the flesh.

“Simplify simply.” The way of life at the Abbey is well defined by David Thoreau’s famous words. This is of utmost importance in the daily life.

While, in reality, there are no degrees to put one Student above another, there is a classification at the Abbey which is for work designation: Applicant; Novice; Friar; Monk; Prior (Prioress); Abbot (Abbess.)

The Essene way of life is followed by all Students. There are regular periods of fasting, meditation and contemplation at the Abbey. Students are mendicants (monks with vows of poverty.) The Sacred Communal Meal or Supper of the Essenes is taken daily, and the Novice undergoes Water Baptism by complete immersion before he becomes a Friar, and the Friar undergoes Sacred Anointing with Oil before he becomes a Monk of the Order.

Students rise at dawn and return to their own quarters at sunset after meditation in the Temple of Life.

No narcotics (tobacco, medicines, etc.) or stimulants, such as coffee, tea or chocolate are used at the Abbey. Certain beneficial herb teas are used, however. No intoxicants, either in medicines or foods or beverages are used. No animal products are eaten. All Students adhere to strict vegetarianism and food is mostly raw, and taken from individual wooden bowls. Pure honey is used. No processed foods, canned foods, chemicalized or bleached foods are eaten. Only organically grown, natural foods are consumed and which are free from poisons. Most Students prefer a diet of raw, natural fruits and nuts. Our body is the Temple of God. “Thou shalt not kill” and “Live and let live” are principles to live by at the Abbey.

Monastic garments, while worn at the Abbey, are not compulsory. White or unbleached simple clothing is used by the Students. Slacks, shorts, jeans, etc., are not worn. However, this does not apply to Students on missions where such clothing is necessary.

No jewelry or cosmetics are permitted. This includes wedding and engagement rings, but does not include wrist watches, buckles, glasses, etc.

Hair is worn long by Students of both sexes. Men may wear beards if they wish, but it is not required.

Pets are not recommended.

Children of all ages are welcomed at the Abbey. There is a fine programme for them of study, recreation and meditation.

All Students are expected to take care of themselves financially. Living in Peru is very reasonable, and in the hidden valley even more so.

Those with serious physical and mental disorders are not encouraged to come to the Abbey. In the journey to the valley, high altitudes are encountered, and there are rigors in the trip that would make it impossible for some individuals. Such can serve the Christ Light where they are and guide the Master’s sheep in the dawn of a New Age.

The family unit is retained at the Abbey since families live away from the main building in private locations. Therefore, family life is preserved, while, at the same time, all Students become a part of the Brotherhood Community. Single men and women may share their quarters with members of their own sex if they so desire.

The entire experience of a Student of Life at the Abbey, the Primary Outer Retreat of Lord Muru, is one of initiation into physical, mental, and spiritual illumination. This initiation consists of : dedication; purification; discipline; instruction; service. No one will be saved because they join the Abbey or because they follow the monastic way of life of the Brotherhood. However, the rewards to the individual student in the form of universal lessons learned, are great.

The Symbol or Seal of the Monastery is the Pink Rose whose color is representative of the Illumination Flame. Pink Roses are always symbolic of the Messengers of Aramu-Muru. This beautiful Rose is superimposed on a Disc of Gold, for gold represents the other color of the Illumination Flame and, also, the Golden Sun Disc of Mu.

The Symbol or Seal of the Abbey is the Golden Sun Disc of Mu, with Twelve projecting Rays which stand for the Twelve Inner and the Twelve Outer Planets of our Solar System. The Rays also symbolize the Twelve Lords. Six of these Rays are shorter than the others, because six is the number representative of world service. Superimposed on the Sun Disc is the ancient ankhor crux ansata. This was the Cross of Life in Ancient Egypt and stands for Life Eternal. This symbol is used because the Primary Outer Retreat is actively engaged in demonstrating to man that nothing ever really dies. Above the ankh is the All-Seeing Eye of the Infinite One who is the Divine Guiding light of all Retreats.

The Banner or Standard of the Abbey contains a purple field which represents the Amethystine Order. Upon it is placed a Golden Sun Disc out of which project Seven Rays, each Ray ending in a Flame. The Disc, of course, stands for the original Sun Disc of Mu that is now in the subterranean Temple of the Inner Retreat, and also because the Quechua name for the Abbey is Intihuaci, House of the Sun. The Seven Rays stand for the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays and for the Seven Root Races (and Seven Sub-Races of each Root Race,) belonging to the Earth’s evolution. The Flames stand for the Illumination Flame in the Temple of Illumination. This Temple, also houses the Golden Sun Disc of Mu, and is located in a cave-like chamber or subterranean hall near the Monastery. Every Hierarch, every Ascended Being and every Inner or Outer Retreat or Sanctuary has its own symbol and banner.

As we have said before, individual Students of all races and creeds are going to be gathered together at the Outer Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, where they will form a great spiritual and philosophical Congress. Research work has begun at the Abbey in radionics, including a new method that exactly dates the past and objects from the past-a true Time Scanner; nutrition and organic gardening; metaphysics; linguistics; anthropology and archaeology; historical research; investigation into the UFO field and contact with visitors from space who belong to the Confederation which is actively assisting the Great White Brotherhood at the present time; Sun and Light Energy; work with children of all ages; better methods of Meditation and Contemplation; botanical research to discover new miracle plants and herbs. Prominent New Age leaders and organizations the world over have been invited to co-operate and share in the Abbey’s intensive program.

If you feel the Call, if you would give up all and come to a hidden valley, indeed, an enchanted valley known to the ancient dwellers in the land as Place of the Flowers where dwell the Little People of legend, then come, bringing only your souls!

George Hunt Williamson’s SECRET OF THE ANDES

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