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The Secret Of The Andes- PART 7

Posted by lahar9jhadav on July 16, 2007



The Order of the Red Hand

The scriptorium of the Monastery is under the direction of its Prior, Brother Philip. This chamber houses documents and records, codices and parchments of the world’s greatest and most ancient civilizations. Rome, Greece, Egypt and Babylonia, Crete and China, Tibet and Troy, Atlantis, Mu and Adoma, and even earlier. From such hidden libraries as this will come forth from all the Inner Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, the old and true history of our planet and its great revelation for modern man. Man will be greatly surprised when he discovers history as it really happened! Previously, the dark forces have written history as they wished it to be interpreted.

The ancient Order of the Red Hand has worked throughout Earth’s history in the preservation of the Secret Wisdom, the Arcane Knowledge. Members of this Order are guardians of Earth’s vast storehouse of treasure more precious than gold or gems. It is they who hold the secrets that are man’s heritage in South America.

This continent was not merely a vast area colonized on its west coast by Lemurians, and on its east by Atlanteans. While it is true that those two great civilizations of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans did colonize parts of South America, this was only a few thousand years ago just before the final destruction of the Motherlands. What, then, existed before Atlantean and Lemurian cultural influence on the great South American Continent?

On May 27, 1957, an ancient secret, heretofore known only to the highest teachers, was revealed to the Outer world through the Abbey. It was appropriate that this information be first given from South America where the events related took place in the dim past.

The Great White Brotherhood decided that it was time for such secrets to be given out in conformity with its three decisions of 1956. The startling secret was that South America existed side by side with Atlantis and Mu as a third great world civilization. Not just a colony but a civilization in its own right, an Amazonian Empire which was culturally ahead of its more famous and well-known neighbors in the nearby oceans. Its architecture was more magnificent, its science outshadowed all others while its people were physically the most beautiful upon the Earth. In many ways it acted as Mentor to the kings, priests and teachers of the two better known Lost Continents of Earth.

It differs from them in yet another respect. While they both sank under the ocean waves, it remained always above the water, shrouded in dense jungle, waiting for re-discovery in an age when man would lose his hunger for gold alone and would not seek this Empire’s material wealth but would search out its greater, treasures, the keys to a more abundant and longer life, knowledge that would eventually present the Universe itself at man’s feet.

Yet, is it not a Lost Continent also? It may just as well have been under water, for few men have sought its truths, and those that did have either disappeared in the Green Hell of the jungle or the forgetfulness of Time itself. Now, in the fullness of that time, the Hierarchy has decreed that the “Secret Places of the Most High” shall give up their Knowledge to that will remain upon the Earth in the days immediately following world-wide catastrophe. That same Remnant will use this ancient wisdom in a New World that will once again be brought into the Interplanetary Brotherhood of our Solar System. Mankind will, indeed, begin its eternal march across Time and the Stars.

Records of Mu’s history and downfall, of the fate of Atlantis, and of the secrets of the enlightened Amazonian Empire known in legends as Paititi and of the Cyclops who came to Earth a billion years ago, and of the inhabitants of interstellar space, exist in special hidden chambers in the great Lost Cities of the unexplored interior of South America.

While it is true that our brothers from space will teach us much in our New Age, they also tell us that it is far better if we regain once more the so-called lost knowledge of the Earth’s Golden or Saturnian Age when men spoke with the gods and with the angels. They tell us that such knowledge is our true heritage, and belongs to all Truth-seeking men of Earth. It is a Divine Gift from the Eternal Father, and the Son is now ready for his inheritance. Therefore, we need not rely only on great intelligence that is extra-terrestrial, for we have our own knowledge that will lead us forward to where we can stand side by side with our planetary brothers and sisters. Man can look to the skies of Earth for guidance at this time, but for scientific knowledge he can look to her secret places, where Mother Earth will bring forth from her womb a Knowledge that has been protected and cared for within her for thousands of years, and which will shortly be born unto the Outer world of men. Verily, even now the pains of labor begin.

The Order of the Red Hand is as old as man upon the face of the Earth. Everywhere, archaeologists find representations of a human hand painted red. It exists in abundance on cave walls throughout Europe, in cave dwellings in North America, and is found on many of the walls of the Mayan Temples in Yucatan, Mexico. The hand itself is a mystical symbol of great antiquity, and the mysteries it represents are still incorporated in the secret lodge ceremonies of today. Scientists have wondered why the Red Hand is so much in evidence among world peoples. And simply because they do not know nor have a better explanation, they say that it is only proof that the ancients were good doodlers and dabblers.

But, to you who are Students of Light, the Red Hand was and is much more than that. It stands for the preservation of all that and is good and true, while its opposite, the Black Hand, stands for the destruction of the Arcane Knowledge that has been accumulated over many centuries. For example, it was the force of the Black Hand that destroyed the Alexandrian Library, but it was the efforts of the Red Hand that prevented total destruction and secured the most important documents in hidden chambers so that only copies or unimportant manuscripts went up in the flames started by Caesar.

The members of the Order of the Red Hand are found in many of the Inner Retreats and Mystery Schools throughout the Earth, and they are the appointed guardians over the Secret Places of the Most High. This ancient Order is now in charge of the expeditionary group of the Abbey. Many projects are under way, including research with the rediscovered Lost Writing of the Pre-Incas and of the Empire of Paititi, complete exploration and mapping of the Great Wall of Peru which is similar to the Great Wall of China and was absolutely unknown until 1931 when it was viewed from the air. This Wall is far older than the Incas or the Chimus before them. Why it was built and the story behind it is fabulous. Another project deals with the re-discovery of the Solar Light Energy used by the Pre-Incas and later by the Incas, who copied them. Yet another project deals with the re-discovery of the Lost Capital of ancient Paititi itself. Already much has been done to bring this about. There are also other projects dealing with the underground tunnel system of the ancient Pre-Incas. The Abbey has received the assistance of several South American universities and museums and co-operative scientists. This is invaluable when dealing with the Outer world so that the most benefit can be derived from the discoveries made.

This then, is really a quest for the Red Hand, a quest for the Truth about man and why he finds himself upon the Red Planet Earth, what he must learn while he is here, and where he is going in the New Age now dawning. Although, at first, it seems strange, Lost Cities of South America and the UFOs belonging to arriving space visitors, are connected, and both play a vital role in the present work of the ancient Order of the Red Hand!

George Hunt Williamson’s SECRET OF THE ANDES

George Hunt Williamson bio


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