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Crop Formation- 07/07/07 East Field, Alton Priors.

Posted by lahar9jhadav on July 22, 2007

July 7th, 2007-East Field, Alton Priors, Wiltshire, U. K.


East Field, Alton Priors, Wiltshire, U. K.



On the morning in question, dedicated UFO hunter Winston Keech had a battery of cameras, from CCTV to state-of-the-art digicams, trained on the field on the off chance that something might happen.

He was joined by Gary King and his partner Paul Presdee-Jones, who had also decided to climb to the top of Knap Hill, near Alton Barnes, on a spur-of-the-moment whim.

They had already met the previous evening at the “croppies” cafe at Cherhill, near Calne, when Mr Keech had become rather excited about a DVD that was being shown about lights that sometimes accompany the appearance of crop circles.

He had explained that something similar had happened to him in 1990 when he all but witnessed the creation of a simple circle in crops in East Field.

Little did he know he would witness the creation of something a lot more complex.

At around 1.35am on July 7 Mr Keech, helped by Mr King, completed the last sweep of the area using a camera equipped with night vision. No formation was visible in the field.

Then it became intensely dark and nothing was seen. But at 3.13am there was a flash of what Mr Keech described as sheet lightning.

It appeared on the video footage and lasted four microseconds. Twenty minutes later, at 3.20am, there was enough light to make out the formation in the field below.

It was one of the largest ever seen. It measured 1,033 feet long and consisted of 150 circles, the largest of which was 164ft across.

Ms Presdee-Jones said: “We all went mad. Gary was dancing a jig.”

Mr King told the gathering: “I had to be the first one in the circle. As soon as it was light enough to see where we were going, we went down.

“The corn had a glass-like quality to it and it snapped like glass when we stepped on it. My dog, Blue, went berserk.

“He is a dedicated meat eater, but he started eating the crop as though he was ravenous. Then he was violently sick.”

Veteran crop circle investigator Lucy Pringle said the circumstances surrounding the formation made it very dramatic.

She said: “Because of the undulations in the field, it is impossible for someone standing at one side of the formation to see anyone standing at the other end.

“When I was standing in the centre of the formation, I couldn’t see people in the lower part of formation.”

Mr Toftenes pointed out another extraordinary element in the situation. He said: “Although from the air the circles look perfectly round, they are, in fact, ovals.

“Allowance has been made for the undulations in the ground and the only place you can see that the circles are perfect is from the air.”

Mr King said: “The floodgates need to open now and allow all the research carried out by some very clever people to be made public.

“It is time to listen to all the people who have been looking at this phenomenon for so many years.”

Ms Pringle said that samples of the crop have been sent for analysis to laboratories in Yorkshire.




download a report on this amazing crop formation stroy from Linda Moulton-Howe

5mb, 30min.


Andrew J. Buckley, Graphic Designer, Winsford, Cheshire, England: “I had arrived at the East Field, having walked from Woodborough Hill. When I arrived at what is known as the silage pit, which is just off the East Field, I was on foot walking down the road, I noticed there were some vehicles parked on the side. They were what I would describe as vans, white vans. They were unmarked. There were three of them and there was a person standing by one of the vans.

But I did see somebody in the formation and I assumed they were from the white vans. I walked past the van and was about to walk into the field and the person standing by one of the vans came up to me and said to the effect, ‘Excuse me, where do you think you are going?’

I said, ‘Well, I’m just going to go have a look at the formation.’

He said, ‘You do realize this is private property?’ And something else to the effect that, ‘I’m acting on behalf of the farmer.’ There was some kind of project going on at the moment and would I stay out of the field.

I said, ‘All right, but can you tell me what’s going on?’

He said, ‘No.’

He looked formally dressed, not in military fatigues, but he looked rather official. I mentioned the farmer, that I knew Tim Carson, the farm owner. He didn’t really respond. He said he had not heard of anybody called Tim Carson! [ The Carsons have owned the East Field and huge farm for decades.] At that point, I was getting a bit fed up with this, so I decided to go into the field and see what kind of reaction I would get. I walked toward the East Field and he walked towards me and kind of blocked my way. He said, ‘You would be ill advised to go in there at the moment. All I have to do is ring the farmer.’

I said, ‘Well, I know the farmer. And you just kind of denied you know him. But I actually know the guy.’ Then I tried to draw him into a conversation about it. I’ve written some notes shortly after they had gone. (Reading from his notebook.) ‘He said there were personnel – he used the word personnel – in the East Field.’

And they actually returned while I was standing there. These guys came out of the formation and I saw them walking down the tramlines. It was rather strange. There were about four or five of them and they seemed to be wearing the same gear, which looked rather odd. They were wearing what I’d describe as white coveralls and when they got out of the field, they were carrying samples. They had obviously taken plant samples of wheat and stuff, had put into bags and were carrying these things. They went to one of the vans, opened up the back and put the samples in the back.

One of the guys was carrying a lot of equipment that looked to me like bags containing either photographic equipment or possibly some other equipment. They didn’t speak to me. The chap I spoke to earlier seemed to be the commander-in-chief. He was telling them what to do and they quickly got into the vans.

Before they went, he asked me if I knew anyone else who was coming to the formation that morning. I asked him why he was asking me that question. He said, ‘You’d be advised to stay out of it because there is going to be some kind of military exercise there and you would be advised to stay out.’

I asked, ‘What kind of military activity?’ He just ignored me and got in the van and all drove off. They went in the direction of Pewsey and on down the road.

At that point, I went back into the formation. I have a device with me that measures radiation levels. It’s a dosimeter, which I always use to test for residual radiation. So when I got in the East Field formation, I was sweeping it around and didn’t really notice anything significant.

I hung around for while and I’d say around 9:30 AM, is when the military activity began, which he predicted. There were a lot of helicopters. There were Apache helicopters, Lynx, Gazelle, and they were all circling continually the East Field and this area more than normal activity. That went on for about an hour. By this time (10:30 AM), there were quite a few people in the formation who had come to look at it.

By the way, I recorded all this on video, and about 11:30 AM, one helicopter appeared. It was a Gazelle and came down the valley very low. It took up a hovering position above the formation. It stayed there for awhile. Then it dropped down and started making very, very low level passes over the East Field formation and over the people who were in the formation, including me. And it was very intimidating. And at one point, it almost landed in the formation. It was extremely low.

Now, this went on from – I’ve got it on the clock – from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM (hour). Going towards 12:30 PM, it was still there and moved over towards Knap Hill and dropped down and came very, very slowly across the field at ground level. As it got to the crop formation, it rose slightly in the air and hovered. It hovered for about a couple of minutes, and then almost immediately, I and a few other people began to feel very unwell. It came on very suddenly and coincidentally with when that helicopter appeared. I started to get a very strong headache, felt quite nauseous. My mouth was very dry and my ears were popping. I immediately noticed there were two other people – we were standing in the same circle (one of about 100 circles in the extraordinary East Field July 7, 2007, wheat formation) – and I noticed they were behaving rather strangely. So, I went to them and asked, ‘Do you feel very unwell?’ And they said, ‘Yeah, that’s strange, isn’t it?’ The helicopter by that point had gone. It flew off and I never saw it again. But we felt noticeably unwell.

That was the Monday, which was a prelude to what happened on Wednesday, July 18, 2007, which was even worse! (laughs)

I had the dosimeter on and noticed the read out had gone up significantly from zero to between 60 and 80. It was fluctuating.

The only thing I can think of is to go back to Freddy Silva (investigator and author). In his book, Secrets of the Fields © 2002, he noticed similar phenomenon when he was in another East Field formation – might have been 2000 – and a black helicopter came over and he had again the same symptoms: headache, nausea. Freddy Silva put it down as infrasound.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007, East Field
More Aggressive Unmarked Military Helicopters

I’ve been going in the East Field formation every morning (since July 7, 2007) with my video camera, really just to monitor it. And at precisely 12:47 PM (time code on videotape), I looked down the valley towards Martinsell Hill, which is not that far away, and I saw three bright lights in the sky, sort of in alignment. They appeared to be hovering fairly low down, just below the height of Martinsell Hill. Then I suddenly became aware that they were coming towards me and they were coming down the valley very low heading straight for the East Field formation. There were three helicopters and I’ve never seen these before. I’m used to most of the helicopters here, but these were very, very large and all black, unmarked helicopters. They were flying side-by-side.

As they got half way down the valley, they broke formation and the helicopter on the left moved toward the side of the hills (Knap Hill et al). They were very low down. The helicopter on the right moved to the right. And the helicopter in the center carried on until they arrived at the East Field formation.

Then for the next – I’ve got it starting at 12:47 PM – for the next ten to fifteen minutes, all three helicopters circled the formation at very, very low levels. They would occasionally fly down the valley and come back again. The helicopter in the middle came down extremely low. They were very intimidating. They were very big helicopters. The only comparison I can make is that a friend of mine who knows Gordon Stuart, who you know. He’s an aircraft expert. One afternoon we went to Middle Wallop, the Air Corp base, and we saw helicopters very similar to one of these East Field helicopters and Dave said instantly, ‘That’s an SAS Special Forces helicopter.’

I got a very good view of the central helicopter over the East Field in my video and I cannot see any markings on it whatsoever. It seems to be completely unmarked, black and big.

What was significant, though – I think they made a series of three passes – there were quite a few people in the formation and they were very, very scared by this. I mean, some people ran out of the formation as these helicopters were obviously very intimidating.

But on the final approach, the center helicopter came back down again and on that third pass, we got the same effect we had on Monday, except it was far more pronounced. It was very, very powerful what appeared to be coming from this helicopter. And this time, it was a lot worse. This time, there was quite severe vomiting. (laughs) And I was throwing up quite badly, actually.

There was a terrible smell from the helicopter. I can describe it as being a sulfurous smell – very powerful! It made my eyes burn. I noticed half a dozen other people as well – they were quite severely affected. I saw one man throwing up into the crop. I was actually shouting to these people to get out of the formation, which we did.

The other thing was that I got my dosimeter and it had shot up very, very high, between 300 and 500. It says on the alarm threshold that if it goes higher than 275, that signifies a radiation risk. This dosimeter I have is used in nuclear power stations to measure radiation levels. If it goes above 275, it gives off a signal, which it was giving off on Wednesday in the East Field, which means get out of the place. It’s dangerous!

This meter was picking up very high levels of radiation, which dropped off quite suddenly when the helicopters disappeared. So, that gave me an indication that the radiation was tied in with the three helicopters.


I could smell this and I got the impression that something was being emitted from the helicopter, but it was very difficult to determine. It seemed to be colorless.

But what happened later, the same afternoon, Foeke Kootje was videotaping near Woodborough Hill and an Apache helicopter started circling quite low. I and others were in the silage pit at the East Field nearby. That helicopter moved between us and Woodborough Hill and something was dropped out of the helicopter and it left what looked like a pink trail in the sky that came right down to the ground. That stayed in the air for awhile and there was a funny smell – it was an unusual smell, not like normal smoke or anything like that.”


Linda Moulton Howe: I talked with Foeke Kootje by phone about the Woodborough Hill helicopter. Foeke said he and his wife, Connie, both saw two “projectiles” emitted from the helicopter right before the pink trail appeared.

The Kootjes, Andy Buckley and others looked in the fields between Woodborough Hill and the East Field for any objects that might have been dropped, but so far have not been able to find anything. Andy got sick again during the pink “smoke” episode, but the Kootjes said they did not feel nauseous.

Andy also went to the Tim Carson home and asked Tim Carson if he knew about what the helicopters were doing and if Tim Carson had hired a South African man driving a large silver Hummer vehicle to patrol the East Field and warn people away. Andy had encountered the Hummer driver who seemed hostile, but would not talk to Andy.

Andy Buckley has known Tim Carson for several years and discussed crop formations on the Carson farm with him. But for whatever reasons, Tim Carson did not want to talk to Andy in the week of July 16 to 18, while white vans collected plant samples from the East Field, while large, unidentified military helicopters continually flew low over the field scaring and making visitors sick, and while a South African in a large hummer tried to bully people away from the East Field.



It is likely that these geometric designs are due to the firing of an aerial military microwave cannon, piloted by computer. The arguments supporting this view are as follows:

download PDF report:

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