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The FOX SISTERS- kate and Maggie- pioneer pythonesses

Posted by lahar9jhadav on July 31, 2007


Maggie Fox, 1838-92

kate fox

Kate Fox, 1836-93

The Aquarian Age began in 1848 with the playful efforts of Margaretta and Kate Fox to communicate with the spirits of the dead. Much to their astonishment, they succeeded in establishing a ghostly dialogue with the spirit of Charles Haynes. Using rapping noises as its means of communication, Hayne’s spirit conveyed the message that he had been killed and buried in the basement of their home.

When bones were found in their basement, what had begun as innocent fun became a sensation. From these humble beginnings, what came to be known as the Spiritualism movement took root and grew to international proportions.

As a result of their spiritualistic activities, the Fox sisters were condemned and lived in constant danger. They were attacked by religious fanatics in their community, and besieged by angry mobs several times. They were also exploited, and eventually betrayed by their own sister, Leah.

By 1854, spirit-directed paranormal phenomenon had reached the level of an intradimensional invasion.

download a 35 page report on the FOX SISTERS

see also, IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE FOXES By Robert Egby – this webpage has many photos of FOX SISTER interest and also the park created in their memory.


What is a “Pythoness”?

“There are two kinds of seership — that of the soul and that of the spirit. The seership of the ancient Pythoness, or of the modern mesmerized subject, vary but in the artificial modes adopted to induce the state of clairvoyance. But, as the visions of both depend upon the greater or less acuteness of the senses of the astral body, they differ very widely from the perfect, omniscient spiritual state; for, at best, the subject can get but glimpses of truth, through the veil which physical nature interposes.” ISIS UNVEILED – Blavatsky

What is an “Astral Body”?

“You know what the expression ‘astral body’ means. But the systems with which you are acquainted and which use this expression state that all men have an ‘astral body.’ This is quite wrong. What may be called the ‘astral body’ is obtained by means of fusion, that is, by means of terribly hard inner work and struggle. Man is not born with it. And only very few men acquire an ‘astral body.’ If it is formed it may continue to live after the death of the physical body, and it may be born again in another physical body. This is ‘reincarnation.’ If it is not re-born, then, in the course of time, it also dies; it is not immortal but it can live long after the death of the physical body. ” Gurdjieff, quoted by Ouspensky in “Search“.


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