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Posted by patchouli on October 10, 2007

Prime Minister Howard psychoUpon the death of a soldier in Afghanistan Prime Minister John Howard declared in a statement that he takes responsibility for the death.

Just how this ‘responsibility’ manifests itself apart from hollow empty words is a mystery. Will he somehow substitute his own life for the fallen soldier and resurrect him? Will he take himself off to a court somehow and plead his total justification for the death and the so called ‘war’ it was in? Will he personally out of his own pocket pay for the upkeep and expenses of the fallen soldiers family?

Or is he just talking about either winning or losing his parliamentary seat? How this becomes ‘responsibility’ is beyond me.

The truth is that Prime Minister John Howard is free from all responsibility and he knows it- just remember there are many many many more deaths on the other side of the equation- the Afghanie’s and the Iraqi’s…where is the responsibility for any of that?

Crime Minister Howard is just another in the endless parade of hypocrtical murderers that democracy has had to put up with for so long.

The answer for all this is this: If you advocate war then you go to the frontline, first.

It’s true, the scum rises to the top.

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