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Why Can’t We Know Anything

Posted by patchouli on December 27, 2007

Why Can’t We Know Anything

(by T.S.)


It is a myth that science or in fact any type of systemized knowledge is complete or that there is concensus in a majority of situations. The opposite is in fact closer to the reality. What has happened though is that Technology has been created using various theories and these technologies have worked- we have sent rockets to the moon so therefore our understanding of just this little area of cosmology and physics must be known absolutely. Right? Wrong.

Recently a minority US senate report exposed a large number of prominent scientists who refute, in various ways and for different reasons, the present scientific and political concensus in regards to aspects of Global Warming- including it’s causes.

At present recordings of temperature on various planets has indicated that they too are warming.- Many then have theorised that there must be extraneous causes of global warming other than human activity.

Nothing in life seems to be able to be completely, objectively nailed down. As time moves on every aspect of science has been challenged and continues to be. This means that though in our macro world technology seems to work, the reasons why are in reality unknown- are in theoretical flux. We can eat an apple without knowing everything about it- there is no possibility of creating an apple in a laboratory at this stage.

There are so many obvious absurdities that we should be asking why do we have such a problem with getting to the bottom of any question…we can’t see, vision, the big picture- the connected whole.

Take the Sphynx- we have been living with a developed and concesus theory about it’s origins, it’s age, it’s construction and yet recently these have been demonstrably shown to be ludicrous, that we in fact were completely wrong on almost all counts. We knew, objectively, nothing about this archaeolgical challenge. And yet even now there are those who stick to the old paradigm. The same with the Pyramids. The truth is that we as a people of the 21st century know very little about humans and the ancient world. There have been many ‘discoveries’ of artefacts which have shown the opposite of modern theory- technologies of the ancient world that we are unable to duplicate, or if we are then we must postulate that the ancients were as advanced as we are.

A simple example- we are taught at school that until some fellow discovered that the earth was round only a few centuries ago no-one else knew this. This is a myth- ancient Greeks, for example, also theorized this. Further there are ancient sea maps which show that those who compiled them understood that the earth was round. In fact every modern scientific idea has been postulated in ancient times. There is nothing new under the sun, the old addage goes.

The Great Pyramid at Gizeh is built with exact knowledge of the dimensions of the earth: thousands of years before the builders should have/could have known the earth’s dimensions- this is irrefutable and obviously not an accident. And yet we sleep on regardless. Worse, in the case of Egypt, there is a very powerful force which opposes revision of outmoded paradigms- this ‘force’ denies access to the monuments for research to those eroding the old paradigm. If they were Physicists they would be denied access to expensive technology that may help to prove their theories and so on.

We are daily indoctrinated that our wonderful minds and science have reached amazing pinnacles-always on the verge of great things. This is a lie- a complete misrepresentation of the reality of our situation. Look around…humanity is in dire straights on many fronts. Where are the ‘new’ scientific technological advances that will ‘help’ us? There aren’t any. Global warming for example- what are the solutions? Nuclear energy instead of coal-fire, wind turbines, solar power….these are not new. In fact if you were to do some research you would find that basically we have been stuck in a rut for many many decades. All techological progress has been in improving old designs based on old paradigms- engineering has improved but the underlying paradigm has not. Look at the cars- combustion or electric: ancient technology.

I believe that without immense development in our basic science, our theoretical understanding , humanity will not survive.[1] We have built our civilization around one idea- energy. If we can’t increase our energy output the civilization will self destruct, and there are no LONG TERM solutions. And if we continue the way we are going global climate change will increase and increase- if the world opts for nuclear power then there WILL be catastrophes- because the sheer number of nuclear reactors will create a statistical dimension. And of course uranium is finite- there’s about 100 years worth…engineering will increase this time but then what?

If we simply kept on going in this fashion what will we achieve? Imagine the world in a thousand years, but being exactly the same as it is now…imagine the shopping malls…the truth is that to keep on going in our present trajectory, our present paradigm, requires that the population of the earth must increase exponentially. And thus, again, we are faced with the same problem- the finite nature of our planetary home and it’s resources.

Now go back to the days before this ‘modern civilization’ attacked the world with it’s paradigm of greed and technology and progress…back to the indigineous peoples. The aboriginals or Australia, for example, have occupied their continent for at least 60,000 years. They had achieved an almost perfect balance with their envirnment and this could have gone on for many many more thousands of years even millenia. The idigenous peoples of North America- the same- living in balance with the environment.

Sure there were no malls, no TV’s, no cars, no fossil fuels, no ‘modern technology’ and yet their civilization could have kept on going for millenia.

So what is the point of ‘us’? What is the point of our existence? What is our duty to our species and our home world?

These questions must be asked and have been asked and answered by the present civilization- so this is nothing new…our present civilization says we must have civilization/species survival (ours)…and that seems to be the only answer to every question. God is there but really only to invoke the superiority of the species. It might have been different but what is, Is.

So, in reality the present civilzation is a total, objective failure- it has only decreased the chances of species survival- and for many thousands of other species, deleted the chance altogether.

Fifty years ago, people were happy with their lot–these days for ‘happiness’ one must have a much increased amount of things, ‘wealth’. We still live in houses, badly designed mostly, but now they cost so much much more of our basic inputs. Is this progress? There are more and more homeless in my little town. Is this progress? The water, a basic fundamental, has reduced in amount here until every year is a crisis and when we build the new desalination plant we will fuel it with coal-fire. It’s a Yezidi Circle.[2] The ‘devil’ has become our own civilization and our personal field of ‘will’ is fervently, strictly kept within the bounds of the devil’s circle.


The following is by John G. Bennet from his autobiography Witness-from his preface of 1971 editon.

This excerpt was written in 1971(new preface) for a book originally published in 1961. As can be seen from this excerpt Bennett saw with clarity what was going to happen, though he was out by a decade or two. Elsewhere he postulated that global climate change would be a factor, though the mechanism he foresaw was wrong [4] the basic premise and conclusions and ‘solutions’, as in this excerpt, I believe are worthwhile.

Notice also that Bennett writes about certain ‘spiritual’ forces- based on personal experience with these ‘spiritual forces’ ,[3] I agree with his ideas on this, though perhaps not in the form that Bennett publicly envisioned it. He had to write to for a public audience and perhaps had to use a form and presentation which may not have reflected exactly his thoughts or understanding.

“We witness the accelerated changes that are occurring in our science and technology. Knowledge doubles every ten years. New discoveries such as jet propulsion, atomic energy, satellite communication have changed our lives completely in the short space of one generation since the last war. We see the threat to our civilization from the population explosion and the failure of food supplies. We see governments and great corporations growing on the one hand more and more powerless to control the course of events and on the other more and more determined to concentrate power in the hands of small despotic groups.

“From year to year, the probability increases that the social structure of the world will break down, before the end of the present century I believe we must reckon with a period of panic during which it will become evident to all that existing institutions are helpless to prevent catastrophe. Only the immense inertia and built-in resistance to change will keep things going for another thirty or forty years. After that an entirely new social system will have to take over. It will be neither capitalist nor communist, neither national nor international but consist of largely self-supporting experimental settlements learning to help one another to survive. The big cities will slowly be depopulated and fall into decay. National governments will be replaced by agencies, whose main function will be to maintain the distribution of vital supplies. Life will simplify.

“For three thousand years and more, the world has lived by expansion and complexation. This trend has reached saturation. We must now turn again towards concentration and simplification. This does not mean throwing away the discoveries of science and technology that have real value, but it does mean abandoning all the results that threaten destruction. We shall have to give up the use of the automobile for private transport, the mass production of mechanical and electronic devices that are not necessary for life, the expenditure of vast resources on ‘education’ and ‘defence’. I have put these last words in quotation marks for they stand for two of the great frauds of our time. ‘Education’ does not educate and ‘defence’ does not defend. An enormous simplification of life and with it a great increase in human happiness and prospect of survival will come when mankind begins to base life upon the principle of satisfying needs rather than that of gratifying the lust for more and more and more.

“If these changes are to come without major disruption it will be necessary for the true situation of the world to be revealed. We are kept in ignorance of the reality, not so much by deliberate suppression as by the inability to see and think upon a large enough scale. We observe recurrent crises followed by encouraging signs of progress and prosperity. The overall trend towards disintegration which must be seen over a period of at least a century is disguised by the ebb and flow of political and economic activity.

“The need is for more people who can see how things are going and work for the future of the human race. The real situation is that man unaided is powerless to prevent catastrophe. The sole hope is in cooperation with the Higher Powers that are acting in their own way and their own time.

‘This is the Great Work in which all are called to take part who are able to do so. For this they must be trained to perceive, to understand and to withstand the strains of the world process. The training must be directed to man himself and all his powers bodily, mental and spiritual. We need people who can make the conscious, stable decision to dedicate themselves to serve the future.

‘All over the world people are aware of the need to prepare for the new age. Thousands of experimental communities, urban and rural, are searching for a new way of life. This search has in the 1970’s replaced the political activism of the 1960’s. Another feature of this decade is the proliferation of spiritual mass movements that offer some form of instant salvation. These trends sometimes combine in the form of spiritual communities that live with apocalyptic fervour awaiting the end of the world. There are also many realistic “this worldly” settlements that aim only at survival.

“These activities carry a significant foretaste of the new society, but they are not complete and most of them will fail before the end of the decade. By 1985 new factors will have entered the life of people throughout the world. Among these will be the actual taste of privation among those who have never been deprived and the hoarding of resources by those who control them. We can already see these attitudes forming and hardening, but they do not directly and obviously touch the lives of all the people of the world. When this happens a great change will come. People will look seriously for a different way of living and the new age will begin.

“But if it is to begin aright and if much suffering is to be avoided, the ‘different way of living’ must be there for all to see. That is why settlements or groups on the lines I have indicated must be created without delay. These cannot be done by human enterprise alone, nor can it come about by blind, unreasoning faith in Providence. It will require cooperation between man and the spiritual forces that are higher and more intelligent than himself. In a very real sense, these spiritual forces are the manifestation of Christ in the world. But it must be understood that spiritual forces are never coercive, overriding human will. Man will be saved in so far as he allows himself to be saved and cooperates in his salvation. This is why I have called the coming age, the Synergic Epoch. Arrogance must give place to humility, selfishness to service and belief in expansion for its own sake must be replaced by the acceptance of the quality that simplicity alone can give. It is ideas and attitudes that change the world. We need a completely new attitude towards our mother the earth and all that lives on her generous bosom. Today we use our powers to despoil and destroy; we must be shown how to use them to cherish and preserve. Our future depends upon those who see and can help others to see. The older generations, with few exceptions, are blind. Hope lies with the young; but they too must put short-term selfish aims aside and work for the future.”


[1] I’m refering to a science and understanding beyond this ages constricted view.

[2] “The Yezidis are a sect living in Transcaucasia, mainly in the regions near Mount Ararat. They are sometimes called devil-worshippers.”

“…year 1888. I was deep in my work when suddenly I heard a desperate shriek. I jumped up, certain that an accident had happened to one of the children during their play. I ran and saw the following picture:

In the middle of a circle drawn on the ground stood one of the little boys, sobbing and making strange movements, and the others were standing at a certain distance laughing at him. I was puzzled and asked what it was all about.I learned that the boy in the middle was a Yezidi, that the circle had been drawn round him and that he could not get out of it until it was rubbed away. The child was indeed trying with all his might to leave this magic circle, but he struggled in vain. I ran up to him and quickly rubbed out part of the circle, and immediately he dashed out and ran away as fast as he could.”

from G.I. Gurdjieff’s, Meetings With Remarkable Men

[3] This is not an advertisement for myself- it is simply a statement of personal fact.

[4] Bennett saw an ice age developing- whereas the general concensus at the present time is we are into a global warming event.  However, on the ‘fringes’ so to speak, there are a few mavericks who do  contend that we are indeed moving into an ice age. Bennett may be right yet!

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