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Comet Holmes-The Blue Kachina…

Posted by irisheaven on December 1, 2007

smoking space man

Yet another flash across the collective consciousness has come and reinvigorated, even if only for a day or two, the subconscious ‘knowing’ that we, life on earth, live at the gravity centre of merging cycles – and that though we are still in Kansas things are getting trippier.

Comet Homes has flashed across the skies of earth and done something rather rash- it increased it’s magnitude from 17 to 2.8 and then became for a while bigger than the sun- why, you could see it in daylight, for goodness sakes. A certainty that the ‘we are going to die now” and “prophecy” machines would get cranked up some. And they did.

I, personally, don’t get worked up by any of this for I know a “secret”- we are all dead already and so is the planet- but just like those stories and fillums where the dearly departed hang around in a confused mess until they realize that they are “a dead parrot” so it is with “us”. Collectively we march on in mass delusion with ‘hope for tomorrow’ blaring on the wireless.

Death is never instantaneous- there is a before, during and after…it’s a process. So knowing this I simply acknowledge the message of the skies which is, “Wake up you morons”.

It flickers across the synapses but then gets reintegrated and the search for the technological solution is back on the agenda- put crudely but honestly in a fame-ous song, “We wanna live forever…”

Ask “why” and then of course the whole box and dice begins to mutate right in front of your eyes into a writhing melting serpent like creature called, well… it has many names…let’s just call it “no-self-knowledge”.

Mmm…Timothy Leary got all fired up about the dream of a technological fix which would bestow immortality on the beast- he thought it was the way of evolution and that it was bound to happen because we needed long lives to be able to space travel. What worried me was the clinging to the ‘human’ artefact- the Body. Anyways Tim’s dead now- i have no idea whether he realize the TRUTH before he flung off the mortal coil, i sincerely hope so of course- for otherwise a) he’s gone forever and b)what good was LSD if it didn’t even give insight into that basic one?

The ego- or whatever the fuck you call it- is a real menace- it goes all the way from the cingle cell to people to societies to nations to humanity as a whole. Look at Am.eric.a for instant recognition of what i mean- ultimately they would eat the rest of the planet if it meant that they would survive, and they must survive because? Is.ra.el must survive? Eng.land, I.ran me you.etcetc

But what a mess they have made hey? Created Hell out of Paradise. Thank Dogness it is an impossibility for these bodies to escape Earth. There IS a plan you see, with doors and locks. Dog does not play dice- though he may play catch and growl and bite.

Whatever you ‘think’ in your dazed and senseless auto-erotic fashion, it IS all going to end- with tears and the gnashing of teeth…waste fluids pouring out and all– it is not going to be pretty believe me, i’ve been here before…sat on the rim watching the skies ignite in a blaze of light and rather intense understanding- the sort of ‘understanding’ that will burn you to a crisp in mid sentence…but don’t worry, some of you will ‘enjoy’ it- sure it will be confusing for a while….it will take some time to figure out that that pile of ash with the strange but familiar look on it’s ‘face’ is/was you and that ‘you’ are now floating in the middle of the air quite unattached to anything, as the Buddhists might say. That’s if you are lucky of course, otherwise the pile of ash WILL be you.

It’s a ‘hard’ universe i know…but also sweet and tender, and Loving like you wouldn’t believe…which means that now, yes even now, even for such a sorry arsed mega-moron as you, there is objective Love wishing you well and prepared to ‘come down to your level’.
Look up.
Follow the Cloud.


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  1. run out of sugar for your morning coffee eh?

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