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Jack Sarfatti- ‘asset’ of the future or the present

Posted by lahar9jhadav on December 11, 2007

Jack Sarfatti (left) and fiends

“In 1952, Jack Sarfatti, now a physicist and designer of a quantum signalling device or God phone that will receive messages from the future, received a phone call when he was thirteen years old that changed his life.”

I was reading a book on computer switching circuits at home when the phone rang. I answered it and heard a strange sequence of clunking mechanical sounds. Then a metallic sounding voice comes on the line. A cold mechanical voice is the only way I can describe it. It gives a long series of numbers that I did not understand and then calls me ‘Jack’ and says it’s a ‘conscious computer on board a spacecraft.’. It may have said it was from the future, but I am not sure. However, that was the implication of what it said. Anyway, it says I’ve been selected to be one of ‘400 young receptive minds’ to be part of a special project but that I must make the choice myself. The voice on the phone told me that I would begin to meet the others I was to work with in twenty years. I was scared and everything in me screamed to say NO! and hang up. I felt a strong jolt of electricity go up my spine to the base of my skull and I heard myself say YES. I was terrified and fascinated. The voice said ‘Good, go out on your fire-escape and we will send a ship to pick you up in ten minutes’. When I hung up I ran like a bat out of hell and found my friend Winky, who is now a homicide detective in Brooklyn. We, and a few other kids, went back to my apartment to wait for the flying saucer but it never came.

Years later, while Jack’s mother, Millie was reading Andrija Puharich’s book URI, she came across the account of Uri Geller’s alleged contact by a conscious computer aboard a spacecraft which mirrored Sarfatti’s experience even to the details.

Millie, said to Jack, “This sounds just like all those phone calls you got when you were a kid.” Sarfatti said, “I was stunned. I only remembered one phone call. I still only remember one call. Millie told me that there were many calls over a three week period. She said I was walking around glassy-eyed. Finally she picked up the phone and listened out of concern for me. She heard the cold mechanical voice. She told it to quit bothering me and stop calling. The calls stopped.”

I don’t know Jack Sarfatti, and don’t know anything about esoteric physics, but I wonder what might have happened in the parallel universe where he wasn’t contacted by the ‘conscious robot’ ?

For the moment let me just assume that sarfatti wasn’t contacted by a genuine ‘conscious-robot’ from the future, but rather some other agency. Now who could that be? Sarfatti could have been ‘tagged’ by his achievements at school, by the books he borrowed from the local library or through his family background. He could easily have been another ‘experiment’ enacted by ‘Them’, you know, those nutters who worked in the secret secret parts of the CIA etc…Puharich was around in those days, for example. There is some evidence for this because Sarfatti’s own recollection seems to be ‘damaged’–he remembers only one phone call whereas his mother remembers a three week period where many phone calls were taken. She said he was walking around in a daze.

Twenty years or so after the phone calls Sarfatti, who by then was on his way to a promising career in Academic-research-based physics, found himself surrounded by a whole quagmire of ‘secret- secret- CIA-backed-assets’- SRI being just one hub, so to speak. Not long after, I believe, he left the world of ‘mainstream’ physics with access to research funds and technological experimentation and existed on the fringes. He was finished, in terms of being able to advance his own theories through his own research work. He was like a composer who couldn’t afford, or get access to, an orchestra.

If there was a ‘conscious-robot’ it’s effect was to fuck up Sarfatti’s career- keep him away from the centres of power of modern physics. What might of happened, in the parallel universe, if Sarfatti had continued his trajectory into the centre of the Physics world and been able to further his own theoretical work in a pragmatic way?

If the whole thing was a ‘mindfuck’ created by the CIA- an attempt to harness another ‘assett’, well they wouldn’t give a f***k about his career -in fact they seem to like keeping their assets on the fringes so they can

1. More easily use Money (and associated accoutrements) as a tool of manipulation and

2. easily dissasociate, or smear, them whenever the need may arise.

On the other hand if the ‘conscious robot from the future’ was genuine- maybe it’s agenda was to fuck up the career of Sarfatti -maybe in another universe (the original timeline) Sarfatti went on to develop something that the owners of the conscious robot wanted to stop or change.

If one looks at the bunch of ‘crazies’ that somehow Sarfatti became embroiled in, who later Sarfatti tends to view as the ‘others’ that the messages of the conscious-robot said he would meet in twenty years time, how they can be viewed in any sort of positive light as workers of the Great Future is hard to contemplate. And why were all of them connected with the CIA etc etc?

There is another way to look at all of this.

The original contact with Higher Intelligence through the phone calls were real and potitive…unfortunately the secret-secret-etc-CIA etc became aware of this, either early on or in Sarfatti’s later life, and manipulated him in an attempt to fuck his career and credibility up, ie. sabotage. The ‘others’ were not who Sarfatti thought they were- he was sidetracked and monitored- through ESALEN, EST, SRI etc etc etc.


“With regard to Geller and me in the 70’s reported in the PSI COPPER press as “Magic and Paraphysics” in Martin Gardner’s, Science Good Bad and Bogus. I was then simply a young inexperienced naive “useful idiot” in a very very sophisticated and successful covert psychological warfare operation run by the late Brendan O Regan of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the late Harold Chipman who was the CIA station chief responsible for all mind-control research in the Bay Area in the 70’s. Chipman (aka “Orwell”) funded me openly for awhile in 1985 when he was allegedly no longer in the CIA, and covertly before that, and told me much of the story. In fact, he even introduced me to a beautiful woman adventurer-agent who was one of his RV subjects who later became my live-in “significant other”.

CIA-sponsored psychic research projects were a significant factor in “turning” Gorbachev, Yeltsin and their policy planners led by Gyorgi Arbatov, thus ending the Cold War as I have written about elsewhere. For example, Yeltsin’s epiphany that Communism was a fraud which, accoridng to Michael Murphy, caused him to sit down and cry in a Texas supermarket in his trip to the US before he was President of Russia. Yeltsin’s trip, which was paid for by Esalen, was orchestrated by Esalen exec, James Garrison, who now runs the Gorbachev Foundation at the San Francisco Presidio near my office. Garrison also ran the Christic Institute with Danny Sheehan. If the Soviets get back into power again this coming June, 1996, we are in serious trouble. It is no coincidence that Fritjof Capra has, to this day, a warm personal relationship with the Gorbachevs. It is also no coincidence that top advisors of Gorbachev from the Moscow Institute of US and Canada spent significant time at Esalen in Big Sur with US Intelligence agents, and that the Gorbachev Foundation still has important links to Esalen owner, Michael Murphy who co-founded the Physics/Consciousness Research Group. Murphy’s book, The End To Ordinary History describes all this as thinly disguised “fiction”. I actually lived in the Telegraph Hill apartment (2 Whiting Place) that Michael describes in his book as the home of “Jacob Atabet”. The recent CIA revelations confirm the role of psychic research in the Cold War. Other “useful idiots” in this “Looking Glass” PSI WAR, besides me, included Arthur Koestler, Arthur C. Clarke, David Bohm, John Taylor, Brian Josephson, John Hasted and others. That does not prove that ESP is not real. It is ironic that it was Scientific American editor Martin Gardner himself who propelled me to prominence in the 1970s with his “Magic and Paraphysics” article which describes my Geller press release from Birkbeck College as a kind of shot heard round the world. Remember I did graduate from an Ivy League school (Cornell, Class of 60) where CIA finds many of its “academics” especially back in the 1950s. Couple that with the fact that my former professors at Cornell are the guys who built the bomb in the Manhattan project and that I was a National Defense Fellow. Just put two and two together and read between the lines and the remark of British agent, Dennis Bardens, to me in 1974 at the Blue Boar Inn in Cambridge, England (before the Geller tests in London) “Doctor Sarfatti, it is my duty to inform you of a psychic war raging across the continents between the Soviet Union and your country — and you are to be in the thick of it.” in hindsight makes perfect sense!


OH yeah- maybe the whole story about being contacted on the phone by the robot was just a fabrication- created in the seventies as a cover.

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