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2008 – the fall of the US economy?

Posted by lahar9jhadav on December 23, 2007

gerald celenteGerald Celente, Editor and Publisher, The Trends Journal, Rhinebeck, New York: “Economic 9/11, we believe is going to hit the United States in 2008. And just as the World Trade Centers toppled from the top down, we’re going to see the crash happen from the top down as well. This talk about the sub-prime market. Yes, that’s a problem, but nothing compared to when the big firms start failing, when banks go bust, brokerages go out of business. In 2008, we’re going to see some major, giant firms fall and get hit by an economic 9/11. We don’t know what the fuse will look like, but we know that the bomb is set already. And when it’s lit, we believe it’s going to happen before June of 2008.”

“…And what do we have to save the Ship of State from sinking? Well, look ahead – that’s what we do as trend forecasters. We have a know-nothing President and a do-nothing Congress and want-to-be people in waiting that lack the intelligence, integrity, the competence, credentials, character and courage to do what a wise leader would do in times when the ship is sinking. So, we’re saying, it is going down! There is nothing to save it.”

“…Subprime is just the crack in the big thing that’s going to happen and the really dirty deals that have been done are on the top – all the leveraged buyouts: Chrysler Corp. being bought out by Cerberus Corp. Who ever heard of Cerberus? Look who is on the Board of Directors: Jack Snow, the former Treasury Secretary. And remember Dan Quayle? They found a job for him – he’s on the Board, too.”

“…So, the big guys are going to get out first. And you’re going to see them more and more try to prop up the dollar so there is an orderly retreat. We’re saying that by the time the dust settles and the smoke is cleared,  ‘the dollars is going to be worth the dime on the dollar’ will be the slogan of the future. The history books will remember 2008 as the ‘panic of 2008.”
Gerald Celente interview


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