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A Young Person’s Guide To The best Of Ancient Music

Posted by lahar9jhadav on December 26, 2007

ROY HARPER- Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith

Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith

Released in 1968.

  1. Freak Street (3:06)
  2. You Don’t Need Money (2:27)
  3. Ageing Raver (4:11)
  4. In A Beautiful Rambling Mess (2:51)
  5. All You Need Is (5:49)
  6. What You Have (5:16)
  7. Circle (10:40)
  8. Highgate Cemetary (2:22)
  9. Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith (8:58)

I think this album is perfect.

by Roy Harper

(with apologies to you for any mistakes in my transcribing)

———(movement one)———
I had to pass all of my exams
the old man said i had to be the best one
I had to do this and I had to do that
they really kept me under constant pressure

“Why aren’t you the captain of the cricket team”
“Why aren’t you the genious of the class?”
“It’s about time you pulled your socks up me lad otherwise you’ll get a rude awakening”

I had to be this and i had to doooo that
I really had to try and be a Someone
and they all tried to make a Someone out of me
and never saw that i could only be me

the worse thing about the system is the system
and if i was to be successful now
they’d all turn round and say…….

———(movement two)———

FATHER: “Eh, Mother that’s our lad there, look.  He’s a good lad. Aye, he’s a good lad. He’s got 48,000,000 in the bank now aye, aye  a good lad.  But I always knew he had it in him you know. Always new he had it in him- I said so. Aye I was right, Aye I was right.”

SON: “But dad, I came away from you. I came away from everything…the whole of what that scene stood for. I mean, you remember all of those heroes you wanted me to be…all those engine drivers I had to be…I tell you there was only one thing I could have been and that was me.”

FATHER: ” Aye lad, but I knew you had it in you”.

SON: “So you knew I had it in me.  So what’s the new word, Success?  Yeah, allright, so…well if that’s what succes means you can stuff it. I don’t wanna know. And the money and the trappings you can throw in the sea cause. Cause I don’t want them.”

FATHER: “Hey lad, come on now lad, heh it’d take me a long time to throw all the money you got in the sea…ha ha heh heh”

SON: “Oh..I don’t know…should never have picked the guitar up in the first place…I knew that I was doing wrong….i was just trying to turn people on, that’s all… hey, yeah but it’s just as bad as them though that, isn’t it?  Everybody’s gotta be converted, everybody must be converted, you gotta belong somewhere. Yeah…well…alright …just get on with it all i suppose, just get on with it…tsk”

FATHER: “Eh lad I don’t know you’r talking a lot of rubbish tonight, what do you mean?”

———(movement three)———

There once was a tiny very naughty little boy with a dirty face
his mummy taught hime to be clean and tidy and kept him in his place
Father was a man of culture, God was in the sky ready to give chase

There once was a tiny very naughty little boy who grew into a youth
The mum and daddy read the ‘Daily Horror’,
The bible was the only truth
They groomed him for the battlefield of living in a world of abuse

Once upon a time there was a little being kicked out into a seething world
The lies that dear old mum and dad so innocently fed him with were all unfurled
In ignorance he grew to hate the lot he had inherited at birth.

Look at the literature under his arm,  he is doing his best to impress you
man of the world and his own daydream heroe he desperately tries to convert you
but his thoughts,
they are changing
and as he looks at himself,
he Looks at Himself.

Oh where am i going and what am i doing my head is so big and so weary
it’s no good me trying to be all the things that I’m not, I’m me and I’m me only
And I’ve been so greedy,
I’ve always wanted to be
And never just be

Not much room for  a selfish thought and yet knowing just that it becomes one
Not much room for conceit yet knowing that knowing that, is conceited
What I am saying now exists not as words but only as feelings
I’m feeling so la la na na na na na ah dad de da da

———(movement four)——-

There once was a time
When I thought that you needed me
There once was a time
When I thought I needed you
And I was right

You needed me for the continuance of the race
And all that I was needing was your loving

Why did you deceive me, telling me that you had the answers?
Why did you not tell me that there wasn’t even a question?

Have you ever been absolutely liberated just opening your eyes?
Has it ever occurred to your searching senses that nothing is disguised?
Have you ever had the feeling that the only thing your living is your life?
Have you ever had the feeling that the only thing your made of is your life?
Have you ever had the feeling that the only thing your made by is your life?
FATHER: “Aye lad but I knew you had it in you.”

All You Need Is

I gave my love, a daisy
A third eye in my mind
We turned the crazy day around
To see what we could find
And ran on to a journey
Reflecting us so deep and wide
That we could see the other side
Of knowing nothing matters
In the everything surrounding us
Surrounding everything itself

I saw my love gaze into
A swelling sea of life
She turned onto my shoulder
And terribly she cried
Until her eyes were closing
And asked me if she really was
A woman like the rest because
The rest she saw as empty vessels
Looking ripe and dressed to kill
But really very far away from

She sobbed and put her head down
And walked into the night
Saying that she was wrong within
And that the rest were right
But they were proper women
Existing in a stupid mess of
Vegetable thoughtlessness
Made up as if to please the men
But making life a drag for them
Rejecting all communication

I put my arm around her
And told her from my heart
That she was of a new world
Of which they weren’t a part
And told her not to bother
For she was free, as free as me to
Do the things she wanted to
With more respectability
Than all the shallow painted faces
Twittering into emptiness

Pretty woman walking down the street how can you
Expect to be loved with so much selfish arrogance

Pretty woman your nose in the air, how can you
Expect me to love you knowing so much about you

Why do you always have to receive love first?
Why are you unable to give some without being asked?

All you need is
All you need
Is all
Need is all
You need




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