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75867 Lars Norrigan

Posted by irisheaven on January 15, 2008

lars norrigan
Q (‘L’): You said that we cannot work towards ascension*, pass through the way, without help- that we cannot work alone, but surely there are those who, for one reason or another, cannot be a part of a group such as this?
LN:For each individual who is a part of ‘this’ (he emphasized this word)- who has traveled along this way there is a history. To be on this way one must have worked for it in ‘another life’- to be here on this way means that you have had a certain preparation prior to being ‘born’ into this earth. For us this means that we have had two consecutive lives- we have ‘reincarnated’ a ‘something’ into these physical bodies. It also means that in between our last ‘death’ and this ‘birth’, this life, what was ‘reincarnated’ was ‘somewhere’ in some particular location. In this ‘somewhere’ ‘we’ (the ‘we’ that reincarnates) also worked towards the goal…and we worked with others, were helped by others who have gone before and would remain in this ‘someplace’ to continue their help and support- until they were no longer needed. None of you here have gotten to where you are solely by your own efforts…your ‘openings’ have all been achieved with much help and guidance. Reflection upon this debt-owed is advised.
This is one aspect. But before you were ‘opened’, let us say, to the ‘call of the heart’ where were you? You had been searching, yes? This Search, the inner pressure to ‘see’ is yours- but what did you find? You read many books, perhaps found music, poetry, myths and legends, fairy tales which made an impression upon you- which in some way answered the Search within you? Not in an explicit way perhaps, but there was shall we say an organic ‘intuition’, a ‘sense’ of something beneath the surface which fed your Search. You know, each of you, that upon your ‘opening’ you were flooded with many insights and great wisdom- seemingly from out of thin-air. But within you, all the truth, in whatever form, that you have found on your life journey had lodged in a ‘special’ place inside you…and this is what you perceived upon your ‘openings’. The collective mass of these truths lodged within you, can be taken in terms of a ‘substance’ which crystalized something within you- something different from, and greater than, the words and so on which originally were ‘ingested’ so to say. So you see, your way has been studded with diamonds from many many sources- people- who either consciously or not, have provided you with the means to achieve your ‘openings’.
And where did the writers or artists or poets etc., receive their inspiration? Some like you were working along the way, but the majority of others were inspired by sources of much higher being…not consciously it is true, but nevertheless a certain energy was maintained in their stepping down of the inspiration received.
“The master appears when the student is ready”…not only the master, which is you(!), but also whatever else is needed. Sometimes, though vital, all that is called for at a particular time are a certain string of words, an idea…a pointer. This could be provided by a stranger who comes into your life suddenly and then leaves just as suddenly- they themselves may be unconscious concerning how they are helping you…but because they are open to certain ‘oscillations’, can be guided by the higher to aid you. There is a type of exercise where one looks back on their ‘journey’ and records all the moments of ‘consciousness’…these are memories where you touched upon, or were touched by, the way directly.
So you see no one on this way is ever ‘alone’-isolated from help either from below or above- and remember…that those who live in parts of the planet and in societies which you may perceive as primitive and so on are in fact in a much better position- because their traditions are more ancient and more intact in many ways…I’m sure you can easily understand this. And also this- what we are a part of is not for everyone at this time. Who knows how many are on this way? Your question can perhaps help others for another time- but for you it is really irrelevant, is it not? For you are here, already…you have been ‘opened’, you have heard the ‘voice of the heart’ and been touched by the higher.
And yet there is another facet to all this. What is our ‘duty’ to those who may follow? As we have been helped, thus we too must be of help to those who will climb the ladder behind us. We are ‘measured’ also by what we give…. and you have all given and will continue.
*  выше космоса
partial transcript of q&a session with Lars Norrigan circa 2006.

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