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Circulus- new lineup….(gasp)

Posted by lahar9jhadav on February 14, 2008

Lo Polidoro, Sam Kelly, Ollie Parfitt, George Parfitt, Victor Hugo Llamas have left the band (circa. xmas 2007)….leaving only Micheal Tyack and Will Summers from the original lineup.

This is the new Circulus:

  • Michael Tyack – vocals, guitars, saz, cittern
  • Will Summers – flutes, recorders, crumhorns, shawm
  • Perceval – drums
  • Gauvain – bass
  • Kay – bongos, percussion

No sign of keyboards or synths, will make for a definite change of sound- at least from their last album, Clocks Are like People, which was pretty well saturated with said instruments….

All love and good wishes to Micheal, Will and the rest of Circulus….



lo polidoro

will release her new album, ‘Le Carrousel des jours’, in the near future and of course continues with her band “Fleur de Paris” which will be performing live at the Quecumbar, 42-44 Battersea High Street, London, on sunday night the 17th of february.

lo’s website 

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