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Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out – Timothy Leary

Posted by patchouli on February 18, 2008

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out — Timothy Leary
interesting album- Timothy Leary does spoken word in the style of a guided meditation, Ralph M. plays the tripper…the musics good too…
01- Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out (2:25)
02- The Trip: The Turn On (2:20)
03- The Trip: The Tune In (3:37)
04- The Trip: The Beginning of the Voyage (Heart Chakra) (3:50)
05- The Trip: Root Chakra (2:13)
06- The Trip: All Girls Are Yours (4:28)
07- The Trip: Freak-Out (0:32)
08- The Trip: Freak-Out (Continued) /Genetic Memory (10:42)
09- The Trip: Re-Entry (Nirvana) (3:11)
10- The Trip: Epilogue (Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out) (2:54)
timothy leary

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