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Steiner Waldorf Schools- Mt. Barker.

Posted by patchouli on February 23, 2008

For goodness sake don’t send your children to a Steiner School unless you are a committed believer of Rudolph Steiner- don’t simply accept uncritically the hype, that these schools pedal deceptively through non-disclosure, at face value. They ‘cripple‘ freedom and creativity, artistic or otherwise by creating barriers to self-knowledge through indoctrinating the child with Steiner’s beliefs- this is a sin which cannot be easily waved off or forgiven. At least the local Catholic Church school is reasonably open about its agenda.

Educate YOURSELF- download Faculty Meetings with Rudolf Steiner: 1919-1924



“Anthroposophy will be in the school…”
–Rudolf Steiner
taken from here (please visit this website)

Here are some startling, preposterous, and even hateful statements made by Rudolf Steiner.
Ask yourself whether you want your children to be “educated” by the followers of a man who said such things.

◊ [Racism] “On one side we find the black race, which is earthly at most. If it moves to the West, it becomes extinct. We also have the yellow race, which is in the middle between earth and the cosmos. If it moves to the East, it becomes brown, attaches itself too much to the cosmos, and becomes extinct. The white race is the future, the race that is creating spirit.” [Rudolf Steiner, VOM LEBEN DES MENSCHEN UND DER ERDE {On the Life of Human Beings and of the Earth} (Dornach: Verlag Der Rudolf Steiner-Nachlassverwaltung, 1961), p. 62, translated by Roger Rawlings, 2005.]

◊ [Humans on the Moon & Saturn] “[T]he moon today is like a fortress in the universe, in which there lives a population that fulfilled its human destiny over 15,000 years ago, after which it withdrew to the moon together with the spiritual guides of humanity…This is only one of the ‘cities’ in the universe, one colony, one settlement among many…As far as what concerns ourselves, as humanity on earth, the other pole, the opposite extreme to the moon is the population of Saturn.” [Rudolf Steiner, RUDOLF STEINER SPEAKS TO THE BRITISH (Rudolf Steiner Press, 1998), p. 93.]

◊ [Punishment] “We may never place ourselves in a situation where we may have to relent in a disciplinary decision…With punishment, we cannot relent.” [Rudolf Steiner, FACULTY MEETINGS WITH RUDOLF STEINER (Anthroposophic Press, 1998), p. 109.]

◊ [Waldorf’s Religious Agenda] “Among the faculty, we must certainly carry within us the knowledge that we are not here for our own sakes, but to carry out the divine cosmic plan. We should always remember that when we do something, we are actually carrying out the intentions of the gods, that we are, in a certain sense, the means by which that streaming down from above will go out into the world.” [FACULTY MEETINGS WITH RUDOLF STEINER, p. 55.]

◊ [Racism] “The use of the French language quite certainly corrupts the soul. The soul acquires nothing more than the possibility of clichés. Those who enthusiastically speak French transfer that to other languages. The French are also ruining what maintains their dead language, namely, their blood. The French are committing the terrible brutality of moving black people to Europe, but it works, in an even worse way, back on France. It has an enormous effect on the blood and the race and contributes considerably toward French decadence. The French as a race are reverting.” [FACULTY MEETINGS WITH RUDOLF STEINER, pp. 558-559.]

◊ [Clairvoyance: Goblins] “There are beings that can be seen with clairvoyant vision at many spots in the depths of the earth especially places little touched by living growths, places, for instance, in a mine which have always been of a mineral nature. If you dig into the metallic or stony ground you find beings which manifest at first in remarkable fashion-it is as if something were to scatter us. They seem able to crouch close together in vast numbers, and when the earth is laid open they appear to burst asunder…The enlightened man knows nothing of them. People, however, who have preserved a certain nature-sense, i.e. the old clairvoyant forces which everyone once possessed…could tell you all sorts of things about such beings. Many names have been given to them, such as goblins, gnomes and so forth…Their nature prompts them to play all sorts of tricks on man….” [Rudolf Steiner, NATURE SPIRITS, Lectures from 1908-1924 (Rudolf Steiner Press, 1995), pp. 62-3.]

◊ [Antiscientific Teachings] “With the students, we should at least try to…make it clear that, for instance, an island like Great Britain swims in the sea and is held fast by the forces of the stars. In actuality, such islands do not sit directly upon a foundation; they swim and are held fast from outside.” [FACULTY MEETINGS WITH RUDOLF STEINER , p. 607.]

◊ [Punishment] “If you give them [i.e., students] a slap, you should do it the way Dr. Schubert [one of the Waldorf teachers] does…There are physical slaps and astral slaps. It doesn’t matter which one you give, but you cannot slap a child sentimentally.” [FACULTY MEETINGS WITH RUDOLF STEINER, pp. 323.]

◊ [The Heart] “The heart is not a pump…Basically the heart is a sense organ within the circulatory system, yet exactly the opposite is taught nowadays.” [Rudolf Steiner, POLARITIES IN THE EVOLUTION OF MANKIND (Steiner Books, 1987), p.56.]

◊ [Antiscientific Teachings] “[I]t is not that the planets move around the Sun, but these three, Mercury, Venus, and the Earth, follow the Sun, and these three, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, precede it.” [FACULTY MEETINGS WITH RUDOLF STEINER., pp. 30-31.]

◊ [Reincarnation] “[R]ealize that looking at the human head you are looking at the transformed body of your previous earth life, and that the head you had then was the transformed body of your preceding life-you must imagine it without the head, of course. The head you see now is the transformed organism of the last life lived on earth. The rest of the organism as you see it now will be the head in the next life. Then the arms will have metamorphosed and become ears, and the legs will have become eyes.” [POLARITIES IN THE EVOLUTION OF MANKIND, p. 59.]

◊ [Punishment] “The whole point of punishment is to awaken forces in the soul that will enable consciousness to extend to the kind of situations that previously produced an elimination of consciousness…punishment is given for the sake of exerting soul forces so that consciousness will extend into spheres it did not previously reach. This is also the task of repentance.” [Rudolf Steiner, NECESSITY AND FREEDOM, (SteinerBooks, 1988), p. 77.]

◊ [Out-of-Body Experiences, Astrology] “It is above all the moon forces that connect man’s astral and ego organization with his physical and etheric organisms [i.e., physical and nonphysical ‘bodies’].

“Every night, when out of the spiritual world the soul desires to re-enter its physical and etheric bodies, it must place itself within the stream of the moon forces. It is of no concern here-that will be obvious to you-whether it be a new or full moon. For even when, as new moon, the moon is not visible to the senses, those forces are nevertheless active throughout the cosmos that bring the soul back into the etheric and physical bodies from the spiritual worlds.” [Rudolf Steiner, PHILOSOPHY, COSMOLOGY, AND RELIGION (Anthroposophic Press, 1984), p. 83.]

◊ [Fair Whites] “If the blonds and blue-eyed people die out, the human race will become increasingly dense…Blond hair actually bestows intelligence. In the case of fair people, less nourishment is driven into the eyes and hair; it remains instead in the brain and endows it with intelligence. Brown- and dark-haired people drive the substances into their eyes and hair that the fair people retain in their brains.” [Rudolf Steiner, HEALTH AND ILLNESS, Vol. 1, Lectures from 1922 (Anthroposophic Press, 1981), pp. 85-86.]

◊ [Waldorf’s Religious Agenda] “We can accomplish our work only if we do not see it as simply a matter of intellect or feeling, but, in the highest sense, as a moral spiritual task. Therefore, you will understand why, as we begin this work today, we first reflect on the connection we wish to create from the very beginning between our activity and the spiritual worlds…Thus, we wish to begin our preparation by first reflecting upon how we connect with the spiritual powers in whose service and in whose name each one of us must work.” [Rudolf Steiner, THE FOUNDATIONS OF HUMAN EXPERIENCE (Foundations of Waldorf Education, 1) (Anthroposophic Press, 1996), pp. 33-34.]

◊ [Lunacy & Sunstroke] “If, as he had developed on the Sun, man was called plant man, the man of the Moon can be called animal man…[T]he Sun man could only elevate himself into a plant by thrusting a portion of his companions down into a coarser mineral realm…The animal man of the Moon does not yet have firm bones. His skeleton is still cartilaginous. His whole nature is soft, compared to that of today…His locomotion is not a walking, but rather a leaping, even a floating…[T]he Moon of that time did not have a thin, airy atmosphere like that of present-day earth, but its envelope was considerably thicker, even denser than the water of today.” [Rudolf Steiner, COSMIC MEMORY: Prehistory of Earth and Man, from the chapter “Life on the Moon” (SteinerBooks, 1987), pp. 193-194.]

◊ [Clairvoyance] “[J]ust as natural forces build out of living matter the eyes and ears of the physical body, so will organs of clairvoyance build themselves….” [Rudolf Steiner, KNOWLEDGE OF THE HIGHER WORLDS AND ITS ATTAINMENT (Anthroposophic Press, 1944), p. 28.]

◊ [Jupiter Humans] “Just as the leaders of the Sun’s evolution became the higher I that worked in the life body of the descendants of human beings who had remained on Earth, this Jupiter leader became the higher I that spread like a common consciousness through the human beings who had their origins in the interbreeding of Earth offspring with humans who first appeared on Earth during the period of the air element and then moved to Jupiter. In the sense of spiritual science [i.e., Anthroposophy: Steiner’s new religion], we can call these the ‘Jupiter humans.'” [Rudolf Steiner, AN OUTLINE OF ESOTERIC SCIENCE (Anthroposophic Press, 1997), p. 238.]

◊ [Anti-Semitism] “Judaism as such has long outlived itself and no longer has a legitimate place in the modern life of peoples; the fact that it has nevertheless succeeded in maintaining itself is an aberration in world history the consequences of which had to follow.” [Rudolf Steiner, “Vom Wesen des Judentums” {On the Nature of the Jews}, DIE GESCHICHTE DER MENSCHHEIT UND DIE WELTANSCHAUUNGEN DER KULTURVOLKER, Dornach, 1968; English translation from “Anthroposophy and the Question of Race” (English summary for the media). Council of the Anthroposophical Society in The Netherlands, Zeist/Driebergen, April 1, 2000.]

◊ [Reincarnation] “For the seventh, eighth, and ninth grade independent religious instruction we could move into a freer form and give a theoretical explanation about such things as life before birth and after death. We could give them examples. We could show them how to look at the major cultural connections and about the mission of the human being on Earth. You need only look at Goethe and Jean Paul [i.e., Johann Paul Friedrich Richter, a German author] to see it. You can show everywhere that their capacities come from a life before birth.” [FACULTY MEETINGS WITH RUDOLF STEINER, p. 184.]

◊ [Mars Humans & Lower Humans] “There were also [spiritual] beings who had detached Mars from the common cosmic substance and made it their dwelling place…A third type of human beings fell under their influence. These were ‘Mars humans,’ who also came into existence through interbreeding…We can also distinguish ‘Saturn humans’…In human beings of this type, both the life body and the physical body had portions that remained untouched by the Luciferic influence. [But] in the case of the lower types of human beings, the life body was too unprotected to be able to withstand the Luciferic influence.” [AN OUTLINE OF ESOTERIC SCIENCE, pp. 238-239.]

◊ [Clairvoyance] “If the person devoting himself to the color which covers these physically dense walls were one who had made certain occult progress…the walls would disappear from his clairvoyant vision…the walls become like glass, but in the sphere which opens up there is a world of purely spiritual phenomena; spiritual facts and spiritual figures become visible….many different kinds of elementary beings are around us…But they cannot all be seen in the same way; according to the capacity of clairvoyant vision, there may be visible and invisible beings in the same space. What spiritual beings become visible in any particular instance depends on the colour to which we devote ourselves. In a red room, other beings become visible than in a blue room….” [Rudolf Steiner quoted by John Fletcher, ART INSPIRED BY RUDOLF STEINER (Mercury Arts Publications, 1987), p. 95.]

◊ [Strange Physiology] “We may ask, ignoring the chest for now, why do we have this polarity between the head and the limbs-abdomen? We have it because at a particular point in time the head was ‘exhaled’ by the cosmos. The human head was formed by cosmic antipathy. When the cosmos is so ‘repulsed’ by what human beings have in them that the cosmos expels it, then this form is created.” [THE FOUNDATIONS OF HUMAN EXPERIENCE, p. 61.]

◊ [Clairvoyance & Occult “Knowledge”] “When the ancient Indians received the teaching of the holy Rishis [i.e., Hindu saints], there was a different way of thinking, a different kind of feeling and willing…[H]umankind is constantly evolving. People today have an entirely different, finer brain structure, even an entirely different blood formation…For this reason, today all truths must be formulated differently, and methods of initiation must be designed so that they are appropriate for today’s [white] European. These are the reasons why there has to be [true] Rosicrucianism, why we need a different form of initiation.” [Rudolf Steiner, THE CHRISTIAN MYSTERY: Early Lectures (Anthroposophic Press, 1998), p. 146.]

◊ [Jesus & the Sun] “It is…important that the deeds of Christ Jesus are always seen in relation to the physical sun, which is the external expression of the spiritual world that is received at the point where Christ’s physical body is walking around. When Christ Jesus heals, for instance, it is the sun force that heals. However, the sun must be in the right place in the heavens: ‘That evening, at sundown, they brought to him all who were sick or possessed with demons.’ It is important to indicate that this healing power can flow down only when the external sun has set but still works spiritually.” [Rudolf Steiner, THE UNIVERSAL HUMAN: The Evolution of Individuality, Lectures from 1909-1916 (Anthroposophic Press, 1990), pp. 65-6.]

◊ [The Heart] “[T]he heart is indeed a sense organ for perceiving the blood’s movement, not a pump as physicists claim; the coursing of our blood is brought about by our spirituality and vitality.” [Rudolf Steiner, AT HOME IN THE UNIVERSE: Exploring Our Suprasensory Nature (Steiner Books, 2000), p. 84.]

◊ [Mysteries & Initiation] “If we translate what a person had to do when first admitted to the mysteries, we arrive at the term ‘Raven.’ The first stage thus were Ravens. Admitted to the mysteries you became a Raven. What did the Ravens have to do? Well they primarily had to maintain communications between the outside world and the mysteries. They did not have newspapers then.” [Rudolf Steiner, FROM BEETROOT TO BUDDHISM (London: Rudolf Steiner Press, 1999), p. 40.]

◊ [Astrological Forces & Strange Physiology] “Women discharge…human eggs every four weeks. At first they are given up to the moon’s influence for a short time and are protected. But when the female organism dispatches the human egg during the course of the monthly period, it comes under the influence of the earth and is destroyed. The human organization is so marvelously arranged that it represents the opposite to the bacilli. Cholera bacilli, for example, remain in the intestines and are careful not to venture too far out.” [HEALTH AND ILLNESS, Vol. 1, p. 127]

◊ [Anti-Semitism] “The Jews have a great gift for materialism, but little for recognition of the spiritual world.” [FROM BEETROOT TO BUDDHISM, p. 59.]

◊ [Demons, Evolution, Racism] “Lucifer and Ahriman…fought against [the] harmonious tendency of development in the evolution of humanity, and they managed to change the whole process so that various developments were shifted and displaced. While there should have been basically only one form of human being…Lucifer and Ahriman preserved [earlier human types]…even into the time after the Atlantean flood. Thus, forms that should have disappeared remained. Instead of racial diversities developing consecutively, older racial forms remained unchanged and newer ones began to evolve at the same time. Instead of the intended consecutive development of races, there was a coexistence of races. That is how it came about that physically different races inhabited the earth and are still there in our time although evolution should really have proceeded [unimpeded].” [THE UNIVERSAL HUMAN, p. 75.]

◊ [Jelly Humans, Dragons, Lemuria] “Dr. Steiner: ‘You can create a parallel between the Quaternary Period and [the lost continent] Atlantis, and easily bring the Tertiary period into parallel…as the Lemurian Period [Lemuria was an earlier lost continent]…The human being was at that time only jelly-like in external form. Humans had an amphibian-like form.’

“A teacher: ‘But there were still the fire breathers.’

“Dr. Steiner: ‘Yes, those beasts, they did breathe fire…'” [FACULTY MEETINGS WITH RUDOLF STEINER, p.26]

◊ [Lucifer, Luciferic Beings, Lemuria] “[W]hen man first began to inhabit the earth as man (that is to say, in the ancient Lemurian epoch), he was already then destined by high-spiritual beings to acquire occult knowledge…[But} through the encroachment of Luciferic beings, man diverted his power of thought and other soul-powers…to those things that belong to the physical world.” [Rudolf Steiner, OCCULT SCIENCE AND OCCULT DEVELOPMENT (Kessinger Publishing, 2003), p. 8.]

◊ [Lucifer & Freedom] “Freedom is the result of the Luciferian influence, and fear and similar feelings….” [Rudolf Steiner, AN OUTLINE OF OCCULT SCIENCE (Kessinger Publishing, 1998: 1922 edition), pp. 229-230.]

◊ [Mercury Initiates & Vulcan Initiates] “[T]he Mercury initiates laid the basis for knowledge of more supersensible things, and the Vulcan initiates did this to an even greater extent…[This] distinguished them from the Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars initiates.” [Rudolf Steiner, AN OUTLINE OF ESOTERIC SCIENCE (Anthroposophic Press, 1997), pp. 244-245.]

◊ [Out-of-Body Experiences] “During sleep our astral bodies [nonphysical “bodies”: each real human manifests three of them] return to the harmony of the universe again. When we awaken, we bring enough strength with us out of the cosmic harmony into our [physical] bodies so that we can go without being in that state for a while. The astral body returns home during sleep and brings renewed forces back into our life when we awaken…[O]ur astral bodies are part of a world that embraces additional heavenly bodies. During sleep, therefore, we enter a world that encompasses other worlds in addition to our Earth.” [AN OUTLINE OF ESOTERIC SCIENCE (Anthroposophic Press, 1997), p. 68.]

◊ [The Spiritual World] “When we climb out of the physical world into the spiritual world…we shall gain the impression of powers in the spiritual world that take pity, as it were, on our weakness and say, ‘Well! so you were weak in the physical sense world! If only you climb into the spiritual world through the prime [window] I must dissolve you, suck you up and break you to pieces. But if you enter through the second [window] I will offer you something from the spiritual world and remind you of something that is there as well.'” [Rudolf Steiner, ART AS SEEN IN THE LIGHT OF MYSTERY WISDOM (Rudolf Steiner Press, second revised edition 1996), p.105.]

◊ [Antiscientific Evolution] “[T]he scientist would, in principle, always say that minerals, plants and animals would develop without the existence of people.

“This is incorrect. If the evolution of the Earth did not include human beings, then most animals would not exist. A major portion of the animals, particularly the higher animals, rose within earthly evolution only because human beings needed to use their elbows (of course, I speak here only pictorially). At a particular stage in their earthly development, human beings, to develop further, needed to rid their nature, which then was much different than it is now, of the higher animals….Let us now go on to the mineral and plant world. We must be quite clear that not only the lower animal forms, but also the plant and mineral world would have petrified long ago and ceased development were there no human beings on earth…[E]arthly development would have long ago reached its final stage were the Earth not continuously fed with the forces of human corpses, the forces released by the human spirit-soul at death.” [THE FOUNDATIONS OF HUMAN EXPERIENCE, pp. 69-71.]

◊ [Antiscience] “It would be wonderful if you could stop speaking about gravity. You can certainly achieve speaking of it only as a phenomenon. The best would be if you considered gravity only as a word.” [FACULTY MEETINGS WITH RUDOLF STEINER, p. 29.]

◊ [Lemuria, Atlantis, Civilized Humans] “The ancestors of the Atlanteans lived in a region [i.e., Lemuria] which has disappeared…After they had passed through various stages of development the greatest part of them declined. These became stunted men, whose descendants still inhabit certain parts of the earth today as so-called savage tribes. Only a small part of Lemurian humanity was capable of further development. From this part the Atlanteans were formed. Later, something similar took place. The greatest part of the Atlantean population declined, and from a small portion are descended the so-called Aryans who comprise present-day civilized humanity…[T]he Lemurians, Atlanteans, and Aryans are root races of mankind.” [COSMIC MEMORY, pp. 45-46.]

◊ [“Temperaments” of Students] “The choleric temperament becomes immediately annoyed by and angry about anything that interrupts its activity. When it is in a rhythmic experience, it becomes vexed and angry, but it will also become angry if it is involved in another experience and is interrupted…In cholerics, you will generally find an abnormally developed sense of balance (Libra)…In sanguines (Virgo), in connection with the sense of balance and sense of movement, the sense of movement predominates. In the same way, in melancholics (Leo) the sense of life predominates and in phlegmatics (Cancer) the sense of touch predominates physiologically because the touch bodies are embedded in small fat pads.” [FACULTY MEETINGS WITH RUDOLF STEINER, pp. 90-91.]

◊ [Strange Physiology] “Your head is not just a lazybones sitting on your shoulders. It is actually the thing that would like to keep you an animal. It gives you the forms of the whole animal kingdom and continually wants to create the animal kingdom. However, due to your torso and limbs, you do not allow yourself to become the whole animal kingdom while you are alive….” [HEALTH AND ILLNESS, Vol. 1, p. 185.]

◊ [Our Senses] “First, we have the four senses of touch, life, movement and balance…The next group of senses, namely smell, taste, sight and temperature are primarily senses of feeling…I need to add that the sense of I and the senses of thought, hearing and speech are more cognitive senses….” [THE FOUNDATIONS OF HUMAN EXPERIENCE, pp. 142-145.]

◊ [Racism] “White mankind is still on the path of absorbing spirit more deeply into its essence. Yellow mankind is on the path of preserving the period when the spirit is kept away from the body, when the spirit can only be sought outside of the human-physical organization. But the result will have to be that the transition from the fifth cultural epoch to the sixth cultural epoch [i.e., enormously long historical periods] cannot happen differently than as a violent fight between white mankind and colored mankind in the most varied areas.” [Rudolf Steiner, DIE GEISTIGEN HINTERGRÜNDE DES ERSTEN WELTKRIEGES {The Spiritual Background of the First World War} (Dornach: Rudolf Steiner Verlag, 1974), p. 38, translated by Roger Rawlings, 2005.]

◊ [Waldorf’s Religious Agenda & Automata] “The task of Anthroposophy is not simply to replace a false view of the world with a correct one…The task is to raise the spirit-soul into the realm of the spiritual, so that the human being is no longer a thinking and feeling automaton…The human being…is in danger of drifting into the Ahrimanic world [i.e., a realm ruled by a demonic enemy of human evolution], in which case the spirit-soul will evaporate into the cosmos. We live in a time when people face the danger of losing their souls to materialistic impulses. This is a very serious matter…Such things as the pedagogy of the Waldorf School can arise from a recognition that humanity must turn toward spiritual activity, and not simply from a change in theory. We should work out of that spirit.” [FACULTY MEETINGS WITH RUDOLF STEINER, p. 115.]

◊ [Punishment] “Under certain circumstances it may be necessary [for a teacher] to spank a child…I have to admit that there are rowdies….” [FACULTY MEETINGS WITH RUDOLF STEINER, p. 22.]

◊ [Karma, Evolution, Astrology] “Souls whose development has been delayed will have accumulated so much error, ugliness, and evil in their karma that they temporarily form a distinct union of evil and aberrant human beings who vehemently oppose the community of good human beings.

“In the course of its development, the good portion of humankind will learn to use the Moon forces to transform the evil part [of mankind] so that it can participate in further evolution as a distinct earthly kingdom.” [AN OUTLINE OF ESOTERIC SCIENCE (Anthroposophic Press, 1997), p. 393.]

◊ [Racism] “Negroes” are “decadent” and “completely cut themselves off from the spiritual world” [Rudolf Steiner, quoted by an investigative commission of the Anthroposophical Society in the Netherlands, which labeled the quote “unobjectionable.”]

◊ [Subhumans] “[C]ases are increasing in which children are born with a human form, but are not really human beings…[they] are not reincarnated, but are human forms filled with a sort of natural demon….” [FACULTY MEETINGS WITH RUDOLF STEINER, pp. 649-650.]

◊ [Vulcan] “The last planet which can still be counted among the series of earthly transformations, and hence follows Venus, is called ‘Vulcan’…On this planet the provisional goal of the development of humanity is obtained.” [COSMIC MEMORY, p. 163.]

◊ [Jews & the Moon] “[T]he primeval Teachers [spiritual tutors] themselves had then to make their way to the Moon, where they are to this day, and to found a colony there…From the Moon, Jahveh [i.e., Jehovah] reigned over the heart and soul of the Jewish people, and those of the primeval Teachers who were still associated with the cult and the teaching of Jahveh united with him in the Moon, in order to look out into the cosmos through his eyes…[O]nly when man views the universe in this way can he have any true conception of the function of the Moon.” [Rudolf Steiner, KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS: Esoteric Studies, Vol. 2 (Rudolf Steiner Press, 1974), p. 203.]

◊ [Thinking] “[T]he brain and nerve system have nothing at all to do with actual cognition….” [THE FOUNDATIONS OF HUMAN EXPERIENCE, p. 60.]

◊ [Group Souls] “The group soul of a beehive is a very high level being, higher than that of ants. It is of such a high development that you might almost say it is cosmically precocious. It has attained a level of evolutionary development that human beings will later reach in the Venus cycle, which follows the completion of the present Earth cycle…The group soul of corals, however, is on a still higher plane…” [Rudolf Steiner, BEES (Anthroposophic Press, 1998), p. 176.]

◊ [Waldorf’s Spiritualistic Agenda] “Eurythmy [a form of “dance” initiated by Steiner] shapes and moves the human organism in a way that furnishes direct external proof of our participation in the supersensible world. In having people do eurythmy, we link them directly to the supersensible world.” [Rudolf Steiner, ART AS SPIRITUAL ACTIVITY (Anthroposophic Press, 1998), p. 247.]

◊ [Anthroposophy at Waldorf] “You need to make the children aware that they are receiving the objective truth, and if this occasionally appears anthroposophical, it is not anthroposophy that is at fault. Things are that way because anthroposophy has something to say about objective truth…Anthroposophy will be in the school when it is objectively justified, that is, when it is called for by the material itself.” [FACULTY MEETINGS WITH RUDOLF STEINER, p. 495.] Since Steiner promoted Anthroposophy as the great, objective truth that underlies all phenomena and knowledge, he is here effectively acknowledging that Anthroposophy will pervade virtually every subject in the Waldorf curriculum. When will Anthroposophy be “called for by the material”? Almost always.


The final quotation, above, invites a further response:

Steiner often claimed that Waldorf schools are not meant to teach Anthroposophy to the students. E.g., “We are not interested in imposing our ‘dogmas,’ our principles, or the content of our world-view on young people…We are striving to include in our instructional methods a way of dealing with individual souls that can originate in a living spiritual science.” [1] In one sense, this is true enough. The intellectual content or “dogmas” of Anthroposophy may not usually be taught, in explicit declarations, to students at Waldorf schools. But in another sense, Steiner’s claim hinges on a distinction without a difference. If Waldorf pedagogy arises from “a living spiritual science” (i.e., Anthroposophy actively employed), then the “individual souls” of the students are continually being worked upon by Anthroposophy. The students may not learn the terminology of Anthroposophy, but they will absorb Anthroposophy’s day-after-day, class-after-class effects. [2]

Steiner came close to saying as much when he explained “[W]e believe that spiritual science differs from any other science in filling the entire person….” [3] A little set of logical deductions: a) If children are to be worked upon by living spiritual science, and if spiritual science fills the whole person, then the children will be filled by spiritual science. b) If students will be filled with spiritual science (Anthroposophy), then a clear function of Waldorf education is to spread Anthroposophy. The spreading can occur by pouring spiritual science into the students (with or without divulging the dogmas), or by arousing parents’ interest in the schools (perhaps divulging a few dogmas, probably a little at a time), or both. As Steiner said: “One of the most important facts about the background of the Waldorf School is that we were in a position to make the anthroposophical movement a relatively large one [i.e., one of the most important functions of the school was to spread Anthroposophy]. The anthroposophical movement has become a large one.” [4]

Steiner was reasonably candid about the importance of Anthroposophy to Waldorf schools. “The anthroposophical movement is the basis of the Waldorf School movement.” [5] Still, he continued to maintain that Waldorfs don’t teach Anthroposophy. But: “[W]e had to create our curricula and educational goals on the basis of a true understanding of the human being, which can only grow out of the fertile ground of anthroposophy. Then we would have a universally human school, not a school based on a particular philosophy or denomination….” [6] It is impossible to know whether Steiner believed his own statements, but we can usually understand his meaning. In this case, his position was that Anthroposophy is not a philosophy or denomination. It is spiritual science. It is objective truth. It represents “true understanding.” Thus, Steiner could argue that a Waldorf is “not a school based on a particular philosophy or denomination,” because he simply, unilaterally defined Anthroposophy as being neither of these things.

Steiner himself sometimes undercut his claim that Anthroposophical dogma is not taught at Waldorf schools. For example, he said: “For the seventh, eighth, and ninth grade independent religious instruction we could move into a freer form and give a theoretical explanation about such things as life before birth and after death. We could give them examples. We could show them how to look at the major cultural connections and about the mission of the human being on Earth. You need only look at Goethe and Jean Paul [i.e., Johann Paul Friedrich Richter, a German author] to see it. You can show everywhere that their capacities come from a life before birth.”[7] Karma and reincarnation are major elements of Steiner’s mysticism. Other religions share these elements. But if students were to be taught about reincarnation within the context of a schooling that is saturated with Anthroposophy, it would be plain that the students were being taught Anthroposophical dogma.

To sum up, at a Waldorf school “Anthroposophy will be in the school….” [8]


What were Steiner’s last words? I don’t know. But I’d like to quote some words he spoke not long before his death, which befell him early in 1925. The last public lectures Steiner delivered in Germany-in April of 1924-have been compiled in ESSENTIALS OF EDUCATION [Kessinger Publishing, 2003-a reproduction of a text first published in 1926 and revised in 1948 by the Anthroposophical Publishing Company, London.] Here’s what Steiner had to say in remarks delivered at a conference organized by the General Anthroposophical Society and the College of the Free Waldorf School. Knowing that he was speaking to his friends and adherents, he said the following about the role religion-in particular Anthroposophy-plays in Waldorf education: “In the magic of the wholly unconscious processes up to the change of teeth [i.e., when a child loses his/her baby teeth and grows adult teeth, generally at about age 7], we allow the religious attitude to develop in the child in a natural way, in pure imitation; we thereby establish the religious element during the period of life where we cannot yet touch the force of the inner, free individuality. We educate through nature and do not tamper with the soul and spirit. And when we approach the element of soul between the change of teeth and puberty [i.e., around age 14-at the end of the second of the three seven-year periods that Steiner said define a child’s increasingly complete incarnation]…we do not force religious feeling into the child, but awaken it, already evoke the self in the human being [I’ll explain this in a moment]…If the teacher now learns to observe how the religious element, which was at first a natural one, strives toward metamorphosis in the soul, he embodies in his words something that becomes a pleasing picture of the good, the beautiful and the true. There is that in his words on which the child hangs…The teacher himself is still active in this…A religious atmosphere permeates the moral pleasure and displeasure [evoked by the teacher].” [pp. 24-25.]

This passage is, in essence, a roundabout way of confirming that Anthroposophy, as a religion, will be present in any real Waldorf school. Consider: “[W]e allow the religious attitude to develop in the child in a natural way.” The “we” Steiner is talking about are Waldorf teachers, and he says it is their business to “establish the religious element” for the students. He stresses that “we do not force religious feeling into the child, but awaken it, already evoke the self in the human being.” That last phrase is couched in Steiner’s characteristic tangled syntax, but his point is nonetheless clear: The teachers awaken the religious feeling that children naturally have within themselves, and in so doing the teachers lead the students toward genuine human selfhood. Remember that Steiner taught that some people are not really human beings. He said that many people are mere automatons, and some are demons in human form.

Now, what sorts of religious feelings do Anthroposophists believe come naturally to children? Anthroposophical ones, of course, for Anthroposophy is the truest creed. And how, according to Steiner, does one become a fully incarnated, real human being? By following Steiner’s directions (as I lay out in numerous places on this Web site), which ultimately means becoming an Anthroposophist. So, in sum, “A religious atmosphere permeates” the classrooms in which the Waldorf teachers are “active.” Contrary to the denials generally put forth by Waldorf schools, Steiner tells us that religion in general-and Anthroposophy in particular-will be in the school.


A final note. Steiner is hard to read. His statements are often stilted, rambling, and repetitious. But hacking our way through his statements is essential. My strategy is to let him impeach himself, by laying out his precise language-at least as we find it in Anthroposophically approved translations from the original German. I almost invariably add my own commentary to the quotations, but to the greatest extent possible I want Steiner’s word to stand (or fall) on their own.

The matter is somewhat more complex, however. Every passage I quote of Steiner’s is, in a sense, taken out of context. But this is always true for all quotations everywhere. The only way to put a sentence in its context is to quote the entire paragraph in which it appears. But even that would provide only a partial context: you would receive just one paragraph, without the context of the paragraphs surrounding it, which might alter the meaning. So perhaps I should always quote several paragraphs, or an entire lecture, or an entire series of lectures, or…. But that is clearly impossible, and it undercuts the purpose of offering quotations. The only relevant question is whether I have mangled Steiner’s meaning by “quoting out of context.” In fact, no, I haven’t. Please check up on me. I’ve documented each quotation. Read the book(s) in question and draw your own conclusions.

The matter is somewhat more complex than even that, however. Not only have I, in a sense, “quoted out of context,” but I have cut words out of many quotations. Surely this distorts Steiner’s meaning, no? No. It could, of course, if I were inattentive. But I haven’t been. I have taken care to remain faithful to the meaning of each quotation. Why shouldn’t I? Steiner’s words and the meaning of those words are my best weapons against him. So I have taken care, and I have marked all of my excisions with ellipses (…). So, again, please check up on me. Get the books, read the quotations I have trimmed, and see for yourself. You’ll see that, if anything, I’ve assisted Steiner by making his tortuous and sometimes contradictory statements clearer than he himself did. (If this is a disservice-if Steiner’s meaning must always be muddy and irrational-then there’s no hope for Steiner’s books. They are bunk. So let’s not follow that line of argument. Let’s assume that Steiner was sane, that he meant something by his words, and that attentive reading can discover his meaning.)

But this brings us to a final complexity: Did Steiner literally mean what he said and wrote, or should we take his statements to be parables or, in a sense, metaphors, not literally comprehensible statements? My response: It’s all the same to me. Take his words any way you want. Here’s what he said. Does it make sense? Does it correspond even vaguely to reality? If a passage is a parable, what is its parabolic meaning? If a metaphor, a metaphor for what? Steiner himself often tried to distance himself from the literal meaning of his words. He loved qualifiers like “in a sense.” He asserted that the “truths” he was revealing are virtually impossible for materialists, rationalists, or scientists to grasp. Of course, he was thereby distancing himself from rational discourse and all true knowledge. Indeed, he went further, arguing that only initiates can understand him. That’s an interesting and, at first blush, powerful defense. But what about at second blush? Let me try out the same sort of argument now. No one can understand the sentence I am now writing except for people who are committed Roger Rawlings devotees. What does this amount to? The only people who “get” me are the people who “get” me. Sort of circular, wouldn’t you say? In a sense?



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[2] In an account of my own experiences as a Waldorf student, I put it like this: “Imagine being educated by a group of dedicated Catholics or Communists or Mormons or Fascists-or members of any ideological group: For year after year, you are taught to think and speak and act in accordance with the group’s ideology, but you are never told precisely what that ideology is, and you are never shown any of its central texts. That’s what going to Waldorf was like.” I liken the process to brainwashing. (See my essay “Unenlightened,” available on this Web site.)


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for more information see Our Brush With Rudolf Steiner and the website, http://www.waldorfcritics.org

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