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Posted by lahar9jhadav on March 10, 2008

darth and emperor3

The day and time of birth of George Bush Jr., coincided with an astrological event of much  import- the triple conclusion and alignment of Chiron with Ceres, Mars and Niburu. This extremely rare event provided for a very serious negative interpretation, and as we have seen this has indeed come to pass especially when you factor in 911TRUTH concerns over an ‘inside job’.

The negative influences and direction portended by George Bush’s astro-chart and in particular the Chiron-Niburu alignment would indicate the birth of one with Great power- however fundamentally a usurper, or pretender who ‘makes way for the real power’ of the negative force predicted. So, George Bush is a ‘gateway’, he is the one on whom the task of ‘preparation’ falls, though he is probably ignorant of this: thinking of himself as the One, so to speak.

The ‘negative force’ of which GB’s birth alludes to is of an occult technological nature- meaning it is hidden from public view and in context we might understand that as secret Military Industrial black projects of some kind. And the fundamental note is of distortion of spirit and deception which alludes to the idea that this ‘technological threat’ comes from the distortion of some originally more positive spiritually oriented technology. And because of the involvement of Ceres and Niburu in the birth alignment one might assume we are talking of some form of extraterrestrial technology- re-engineered and distorted for the purpose of evil and war.

Interestingly enough, the week of George Bush’s birth saw the arrival in the vicinity of earth of several satellites of unknown origin which arrived and then set up in geosynchronous orbit over the United States of America. Like a distorted version of the star of Bethlehem. These satellites were the subject of a meeting between the Leader of the Free World and extraterrestrial visitors who warned of the impending consequences of the satellites arrival and of the nature of the force behind them. The extraterrestrials offered aid but were denied- the Government no doubt fearing it was all a trap. However this was not so and later the United States was pressured into a ‘treaty’ with the forces behind the satellites. The “Good Aliens” so to speak, have remained but have not any alliance with any official state of earth, whereas they work only with individuals on a personal basis- and one must say that they do this in contravention of the treaty mentioned, which the Good Aliens regard as illegal and immoral.

There is one complicating factor in all of this and it is TIME. The force behind the satellites come from what we might term “our future” and thus the Good Aliens must take this into account in all of their dealings with Earth and it’s peoples- in terms of the higher science they are constrained in many ways and must make enormous calculations and act as precisely as any scientific protocol in their interaction with humans. When one is in the ‘higher realms’ with them, the intent, seriousness and complication of what they do is awe inspiring- it is no place for fun and games of that I can assure you. When interacting with humans they must interface in the past present and future.



  1. I have lost the attribution and details of this ‘article’- if anyone knows of it’s origins please let me know.

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