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Rudd wants national child protection system

Posted by lahar9jhadav on June 29, 2008


You can bet your bottom dollar that increased public housing and welfare payments will not be on Rudd’s agenda. (see article below) No Way. After plenty of sanctimonious talk, what will come of all this will be an increase in:

  1. punitive actions, and
  2. crazed government social-workers taking children away from their families and subjected to worse abuse.

And a further decrease in welfare spending and people’s rights.

The new Labor government has quickly shown itself to be a right wing neo-con farce: even more fascist in orientation than the previous Liberal government. So far, if the truth be known, they have increased the poverty of families in the lowest socio economic groups by massive cuts to family oriented welfare. As usual the ‘news media’ missed it all and got sucked in by the Rudd ‘spin’ , ie that the cuts were only about removing welfare from the rich. There will be a whole lot of family breakups, homelessness and tragedy and sadness due to these cuts- which, by the way, were the first thing they did when they got into power.

Things are only going to get worse and worse…



Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has described several recent cases of alleged child neglect as revolting.

Police in Queensland, South Australia and the ACT are investigating separate cases that have emerged over the past week.

Health Minister Nicola Roxon hinted at adopting a national approach earlier in the week, and Mr Rudd says he will advocate that sort of approach to the problem.

“A national framework for child protection is necessary, we can do better and must do better for the protection of our little children,” he said.

“What is happening is absolutely revolting.”

The New South Wales Government says a national child protection framework is a good idea, if it can work alongside state government agencies.

Minister for Community Services Kevin Greene says he is generally supportive of the move.

He says each state would still have responsibility for child protection within their own state boundaries, so it would be important to avoid duplication of services.

“The only concerns that we would have is that we wouldn’t want a weakening of our current system,” he said.

“We’d be looking to work with the Federal Government to produce a stronger system, particularly a system that allows for a sharing of knowledge between the states.”

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