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Planetary Ascension

Posted by patchouli on July 1, 2008

mirrorPlease check the original sources for what is covered in such a uninformed way below…

Gurdjieff talked about the Earth as an evolving being with consciousness in, at least, the early part of the nineteenth century. He is recorded by P.D. Ouspensky in the book, In Search Of The Miraculous, Fragments of an Unknown teaching, who studied directly with Gurdjieff for four years between 1915-1918.

Gurdjieff taught a cosmology where the Earth and Moon were evolving- the moon would one day become like the Earth and the Earth would one day become like the Sun. However the evolution of both was conditional, as Gurdjieff said:

“There is a definite period,” he (Gurdjieff) said, “for a certain thing to be done. If, by a certain time, what ought to be done has not been done, the Earth may perish without having attained what it could have attained.”

“Is this period known?” I asked.

“It is known,” said G., “But it would be of no advantage whatever for people to know it. It would even be worse. Some would believe it, some would not believe it, others would demand proofs. Afterwards they would begin to break one another’s heads. Everything ends this way.”

Part, at least, of what ‘needed to be done’ involved the evolution of individuals. Gurdjieff taught that a ‘cosmic’ evolution was an inherent possibility in ‘man’, but that this evolution would not occur ‘mechanically’ as the evolution we are usually accustomed to understanding. Gurdjieff taught that this individual evolution involved the ‘creation’ of bodies which though made of ‘matter’- material- were less ‘dense’ and vibrated much faster then the matter of the physical body. One of these bodies he called, Kesdjan the other he called highest being body. The higher ‘being body’, as these two bodies were known, was what we have intimations of with the concept or word, ‘soul’. For the definitive understanding of his teaching in Gurdjieff’s own words, read the chapter Purgatory in Beelzebub’s Tales To His Grandson.

“Gurdjieff indicated to J.G. Bennett, that according to certain ancient and secret wisdom schools, the present period of Solioonensius1 commenced as early as 1903, and will continue for some considerable time into the future, placing great demands on all forms of life, particularly human beings. This is a challenge for mankind. The nature of our world will change and humanity must adapt, evolve or be destroyed.”

To me, this all sounds like the prototype of the now widely disseminated concept of Planetary and Human Ascension. Gurdjieff was arguably the most influential ‘exoteric’ teacher of the last hundred years and his ‘yeast’ rises in all manner of places- not to say that distortion beyond belief may result. However, no matter where it rises and under what conditions I would say a strong essence remains- one which still calls to the developed magnetic centre of the ‘seeker’.

It is true that the ‘basic’ ideas have been polluted with all sorts of disgraceful nonsense, and that many have never even heard of Gurdjieff but rather sit at the feet of ‘idiots’ developing phantasies with themselves at the centre, but this is according to Law, so to speak. The deflection of pure influences into even their opposites is a part of Gurdjieff’s wisdom. If we take these modern phantasies as ‘fairy tales’ with embedded real influences and ignore the ‘authors’ protestations of understanding and knowledge, not to say their so called d-i-r-e-c-t communications with the Galactic Brotherhood or the Space Brothers and all the rest ad nauseum, we might be on a better footing.

But lest one become dogmatic- I cannot know what the Higher is up to, I cannot understand what I am at too low a level to even see, yet alone comprehend. If I accept the ideas brought by Gurdjieff- then the Higher cannot communicate directly with me- 1. I have not the requisite ‘being’ to understand and 2. I must understand, ‘know’, through my own personally experienced experiences. Nothing can be ‘given’ which interferes with my ability to understand for my self. Sort of like in Star Trek prime directive, but not.

I am sure that preparation occurs at all different levels- as in Jesus having one teaching for those near and dear and another for the ‘crowd’- both perfect for the different levels of being and hence understanding.

So those ‘seekers’ who do sit at the feet of ‘idiots’ preaching the new improved version of “ascension” etc etc, are still being given useful ideas- such as working with the non-expression of ‘negative emotions’, of developing a ‘love’ for others and the cosmos, and an understanding that the individual can help with the evolution of the ‘whole’. Even the idea that your ‘being’ attracts your ‘life’ is taught in these places.

The gold is spread very thin over a wide area- but I do not think it has lost all of it’s value, not in terms of the mass of humanity at any rate. As for the individual, that is another matter.

Gurdjieff, himself, commented once or twice about ‘so and so’ having an old soul- which implies that there are young souls also: and therefore the requirements for old and young surely is different. How much time is left for the ‘thing which needs to be done’ however adds the essential urgency to the Situation- perhaps what might have been once accomplished in three lives must now be done in two or one life time? Is there time to sit at the feet of idiots learning from fairy tales or would it be better to seek out something connected more with a direct source? Whatever, wherever, whoever that might be.


1.Solioonensius.The time of planetary tension which energizes the earth so people strive for freedom – then turn that striving for freedom into war or the equivalent of war, into destruction. It is, according to Gurdjieff’s own theory, a time when certain new directions can be implanted into general culture. This has been done before.


Here, as an example, is a part of one of the ‘fairy tales’ mentioned above. It contains references to spurious material such as George Adamski’s and Dino Craspedon’s books, hollow earth theory, bible stories and so on, all mixed together and then baked at low temperature. As those in the ‘know’ always say..”see what you resonate with”


Introduction to the Coming Changes

The time is coming for us on Earth to become aware of the existence of other inhabited worlds outside of our own physical world. There has been much evidence given to us through the more esoteric literature that there are many millions of worlds teeming with intelligent life. These worlds are of course mostly far in advance of our own, and live on planes of a higher vibration rate than our dense-plane Third Dimension. Visitors from these other more advanced worlds have up to now been forced to limit knowledge of their presence within our World by the aggressive policy of our Governments, who fearing losing their controlling power over us, have conducted a major “cover up” of their existence. Numerous UFO reports supplied by the Military Forces to Governments have been secretly filed away in Top-Secret archives inaccessible to public scrutiny.

Nonetheless, there have been many thousands of unofficial reported “flying-saucer” or UFO sightings, and though usually ignored by the mainstream media under the constraints of their Governments, they have nonetheless been published within the limited circles of the more esoteric book publishers. Our Space Visitors have up to now been forced to limit their direct contact only to those of their particular civilization now incarnated on Earth and to other dedicated “Light Workers” who have truly open minds. One of the first major “Contactees” was George Adamski, who wrote several books in the mid 1950s detailing his actual physical contacts with the Space Visitors and his trips up in their “flying saucer” Scout-ships to the large Motherships overhead. In his second book “Inside the Space Ships”, he describes in detail the interiors of these Motherships and recounts his many conversations with their Commanders and other onboard Spiritual Leaders. A few years later a Brazilian, Dino Kraspedon (eventually locked up for violent revolutionary tendencies:P), also published a book describing his meeting with the Captain of a 300-foot Flying Saucer, who gave him much useful scientific information about space travel and their methods of saucer propulsion. The Captain, for example, explained how they can move at high speeds through our atmosphere by creating a vacuum around the Scout Ships through ionizing the air around the craft, thus not only preventing atmospheric friction but also providing the high forward and vertical motion. He also gave us some of the first available information on the approaching end of Age involving our Planet and the other Solar Systems within our Galaxy and describes some of the coming major Earth Changes.

Another extraterrestrial phenomenon that has surfaced during the last two decades has been the thousands of perfectly formed “Crop Circles” which have mysteriously appeared overnight in fields of wheat and other cereal crops, especially in Britain, showing us many beautiful and complex patterns. These also have been well documented in books and on the Internet.

Although our Space Visitors have up to now only made limited contacts, they are promising that they will soon make their first major appearance in a “First Contact” series of landings. They will not do this until our major Governments open up their Secret UFO files to the general public and inform us about their existence, thus avoiding any possible risk of public panic. The Space Visitors also want a guarantee from these Governments that they will not attack them when they land. The French Government has just recently opened its secret UFO files to researchers, and in March 2008 the British Government also announced plans to make its UFO documents public with hundreds of documented sightings of UFOs across the UK, taken over 10 years, to be released by the Ministry of Defense. There is however little chance of the present US Government regime doing the same until it is replaced by a new Administration no longer under the influence of the secret dark “Cabal” which also controls much of the World’s political and financial systems.

A secret United Nations meeting (hoaxed internet rumour: P) was held on the 12th of February 2008 at the New York office of the United Nations to discuss UFOs/extraterrestrial life. The issue of recent UFO sightings was one of many topics discussed, including a discussion of an unprecedented number of UFO sightings in 2007/2008. Security around the meeting was intense. Everyone was searched. Pens, pins, key chain items were collected and not allowed in the meeting room. There were multiple security checkpoints. UN security cards were confiscated upon entering the room. These secret meetings were attended by over 40 representatives of 28 Member States. A document was circulated amongst them that referred to an offer by extraterrestrials to help prepare Humanity for the disclosure of extraterrestrial life. The meeting also discussed how the UN was being encouraged to take a stand on the release of secret technologies that will enable the development of free energy. A similar document was later circulated to the relevant Ministries all of the 28 Member States attending.

The Galactic Space Federation have passed many warnings since World War II addressed to our Scientific Community and Governments about the extreme dangers in the development of nuclear devices. They expressed particular concern about our development of the Hydrogen Bomb. Hydrogen, they say, is a basic living element permeating our surrounding ethers, and use of Hydrogen bombs could set off a massive chain-reaction conflagration, not only destroying our Planet but sparking an even larger conflagration throughout the Ethers of Space. This would seriously harm many other worlds and therefore the Galactic Federation have been forced to take steps several times to prevent this from happening.

However, an even more important message given by the Space Confederation concerns the coming “Earth Changes”, part of a major cyclic ending of a two-hundred million year-long “Grand Universal Age”, when all our Universes, Galaxies and Solar Systems are to move up to a higher dimensional plane. This is also when our own Solar Ring completes its two-hundred million year orbit around the Galaxy’s Galactic Core, and the entire Galaxy itself completes an infinitely longer orbit around the Great Central Sun.

This also happens to coincide with the end of Earth’s 2000 year-long Piscean Age, which commenced at the time of the Birth of Christ and finishes by the end of the year 2012. A new “Aquarian Age” will then commence, with a long-prophesied “Golden Age of Peace” lasting over two thousand years.

There have been many prophesies made in the Bible and its Book of Revelations about these coming “End-Times”, the final “Day of Judgement” and the “Second Coming of Christ”. A similar message has also been given by the many Esoteric Schools of Higher Spiritual Knowledge which confirm the ending of a long Universal Cycle, a time when the Creator commences an “in-breathing” back to Source for all to assimilate their past evolutionary experience . This will precede a further long outgoing cycle of evolution on the ever advancing Spiral of Evolution.

Earth is to “Ascend” from our present dense physical “Third Dimension” vibration level, moving briefly up through the Fourth Dimension to the Fifth Dimension. Those of us who have made the Ascension will return to a totally cleansed New Earth within a beautiful green “Garden of Eden” environment and a peaceful, loving and compassionate society. We shall also be joining up with the rest of our neighboring Planets on the Fifth Dimension, as they too are moving up from their present Fourth-dimensional level. We shall thus be able for the first time to freely communicate with them and visit their worlds.

However, before our Planet can move up to such a high dimension, it needs to go through a thorough surface cleansing of all the environmental detritus and destructive effects caused by Humanity in the past. During this much needed major Planetary Cleansing period, which will involve great surface upheavals, those Humans who are ready to make the Ascension up to the higher Dimension will be lifted from Earth’s surface by the Galactic Federation Force’s Scout Craft. Some will be taken up to the overhead Motherships and others, through choice, will be taken down into the interior hollow “Inner Earth”, which is at present the seat of an existing Fourth-dimensional civilization named “Aghartha”. This ancient civilization, totally unknown to us, lives within the hollow interior of Earth’s planetary crust in a pristine environment of verdant landscapes, rivers, lakes, crystal cities, all illuminated by its own interior Sun forming the high-density core of Planet Earth. [More information can be found on the Inner Earth at the Link to “The Inner Earth & Realm of Aghartha” at the end of Book II]

Those of us who are not ready to make the Ascension up to the Fifth Dimension, will need to be relocated to another Third-dimensional World within yet another Solar System. There they must commence, once again from the ground up, a new round of Third-dimensional physical evolution. Those whose vibrational levels are still firmly rooted in the lower Third-dimension would find themselves in intolerable discomfort at the higher vibrational levels and would no longer be able to express their many lower desires and emotions.

Those planning to Ascend therefore need at this time to undertake a fundamental change of self-motivation, to move away from a survival-mode of subjective concentration on pure self-interest and its natural tendency towards competitive individualism and domination of others. We need in future to embrace a new attitude of giving unselfish “service to others” without thought of personal gain, and of expressing unconditional love, forgiveness and mutual tolerance to those around us.

When the physical “Earth Changes” finally do take place, the most visible manifestation would be a tilting of Earth’s Polar axis, possibly caused by the close approach of another large Celestial body. The resultant disruption of Earth’s magnetic orbital balance would set in motion a major redistribution of the centrifugal balance of the surface, promoting a rising and a sinking of the main continental land masses, accompanied by massive earthquakes, winds of over 600 miles an hour, enormous tidal waves, great floods and so on. (this sounds ridiculous but what do i know…P)

Previous shiftings of our Planet’s Polar axis have been well-documented, with much visual geological evidence being left behind.(don’t think so…aren’t they confusing all sorts of things together in a muddle here?) Entire continental landmasses have at some time either been submerged beneath the oceans, or raised up to become some of today’s highest mountain ranges. Seashells and skeletons of fish have been found high up in the Himalayas and the Andes. The great plains of the USA from Mexico to Alaska are known to have once been under the sea, and today’s Eastern coast of America was the ‘shore-line’ of what are now the Appalachian Mountains. The North and South Poles have moved rapidly to new positions with dramatic surface and climatic changes, as was discovered in 1799, when frozen bodies of mammoths were unearthed in the tundra of Siberia, their stomachs containing freshly eaten grasses and leaves normally belonging to tropical regions thousands of miles to the south. Former tropical coral reefs have been discovered as far north as Spitzbergen, within what is now the Polar Circle. Coal deposits found in Antarctica indicate that the area was once covered by equatorial forests.

We need to also become aware that Mother Earth (or Gaia) is herself a highly evolved Spirit ensouling the Planet. She now awaits impatiently for her long-desired Ascension up to the Fifth Dimension. She has had to maintain a long and painful duty of supporting a lowly evolved combative and turbulent Humanity as part of her Celestial Service “Contract”. However, before she can Ascend, she needs to cleanse her Planetary Body of all the past pollution, damage and detritus that Humanity has accumulated on her surface. Her Planetary Body has reached such a complete ecological breakdown and disorder that she simply could not, or would not want to move up to a more ethereal density until it is thoroughly cleansed. The many areas of interior blasting within her crust and Humanity’s increasing extraction of oil has also caused her much physical distress. Oil is in fact the very “life-blood” of her Planetary Body, part of the system that helps to move the tectonic plates and, when necessary, to lock them together. An insufficient quantity of this substance at the intersection of two major continental plates resulted in the massive underwater Sumatra Earthquake and tsunami of December 2004.

Humanity itself must go through a process of erasing all of its own past negative “Karma” before Ascending. We have at this time to balance out all our past karmaic debts with others and learn to forgive all those that we consider have wronged us. Many of our long repressed emotional hurts and historical grievances accumulated over thousands of incarnations, held as deep scars within our Soul and DNA, need to be brought to the surface, resolved and transmuted before we can finally “Ascend”. One can see that there is much world-wide activity currently going on in the final resolution of all this past Karma, through the many present day conflicts and recent worldwide escalation of violence. We can see this in the re-surfacing of the old Christian-Muslim conflict in the Middle East which was first generated during the times of the Crusades, a long past confrontation that needs to be finally resolved.

Planet Earth has long been separated from contact with other higher-vibration worlds by a surrounding “Veil” or “Frequency Barrier”. This was first set up over 13,000 years ago after the destruction of the Continent of Atlantis by the Dark Forces (never forget- we are the only dark forces: P) who have secretly (ie on the TV every night) been controlling our World’s political and financial administrations since then. As a result we are unaware of all the other inhabited Planets within our Solar System and Galaxy. When we view them with our low frequency physical vision through telescopes and space probes, all we see is their long-abandoned Third-dimensional core, their inhabitants having long since moved up to higher frequency/vibrational bands of life encircling their Worlds and therefore totally invisible to us.

In conjunction with the ending of this major Universal Age, there is now being enacted by decree of Prime Creator, a major “clean-up” within all of our Sector of Creation of all the former “Forces of Darkness” . This is a final end to over 500 million years of darkness brought in by a Dark Force from another outside Creation which infiltrated our Realms of Light. This includes all the totally Dark Worlds within our Universes which these dark Invaders subsequently created. They have left behind them a scene of much destruction and damage, which is now in the process of being restored.

Planet Earth itself has up to now also had a function as a virtual “remand center” for many of the most negative and destructive Beings brought in from other parts of the Universe. It also has had a further function as a “kindergarten” for large numbers of young Human souls who needed to start out their long evolutionary path within a dense physical Third-dimensional world. Most of these are to be found in Earth’s developing countries. They came here mainly to learn how to control primitive emotional responses with its natural tendency towards conflict. Through a long process of trials and tribulations, they eventually are being forced to learn to develop a deeper respect for each other and for the sanctity of life. To assist them along this path there are also incarnated on Earth many evolved Beings from the more advanced worlds, who also have a function of helping in the advancement of the rest of our World’s more developed civilizations. (what can I say…P)

Planet Earth’s original Galactic role set out by Prime Creator was to be the Galaxy’s “Museum of Bio-diversity”, a Living Museum displaying all the diversity of biological life to be found throughout the other worlds. Many of the original Human settlers of Planet Earth brought here on the Mother Ships of the Galactic Federation, were a specially selected team of volunteer “Celestial Gardeners” who had pledged to help develop new and better varieties of plant and animal life for this Galactic Museum. They at that time made a long-term “contract” to remain here as Stewards of Earth until a virtual “Garden of Eden” was finally established. Although they were soon dragged down into lower levels of dense physicality by the infiltration of the outside Dark Forces, they nevertheless maintained a “Heavenly Pledge” to return here repeatedly until their job was finally done. Millions of years later, many are still here working on developing a beautiful environment for our Planet.

Our Planetary role as a Biological Museum and Showcase for the Galaxy explains why we are endowed with such a vast and rich variety of plant and animal life. Our Planet is considered by other worlds to be one of the most beautiful green Water Planets within our Galaxy. The future Fifth-dimensional New Earth will develop this great wealth and variety of life to even greater heights, creating a true Celestial “Garden of Eden”, not only for our own enjoyment, but for the education and enjoyment of all the other worlds.

Earth also has up to now been a hard “School of Conflict”. It was given, amongst its other roles, the difficult task of being the final place for resolving the great Cosmic experiment in “Polarity Integration” between the fundamental polarities of Light and Darkness, Good and Evil. Thus the other Worlds are watching for the successful outcome of this experiment with great interest. Finding a lasting “Middle Way” on Earth will provide a final resolution to the many devastating Galactic Wars and millennia of conflict.

Henceforth, Planet Earth’s political example for other worlds will be to demonstrate a deeper respect for the integrity and rights of others. As a future loving and helping society, we shall demonstrate a new attitude of mutual respect, incorporating it into our guiding political principle to be known as the Principle of Liberty or Principle of Non-Injury, in which we take all possible steps to avoid intruding into or causing injury within another’s Path of Evolution. This will be exemplified as a personal and social moral-behaviour code of “do unto others only as you would have them do unto you”. You can find more of this here.

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