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Russian Troops break ceasefire and head to Tbilisi

Posted by lahar9jhadav on August 13, 2008


Russian troops (above) are moving towards Tbilisi on the main road from Gori. At the same time there have ben reports that Georgian Special Services troops have left Tbilisi making their way towards the Russian convoy.

A column of 70 Russian military vehicles, including military trucks with anti-aircraft guns and artillery as well as armoured personnel carriers, sped down the road to Tbilisi fluttering Russian flags.

Earlier, as the EU announced plans to send peacekeeping troops to monitor the ceasefire, Russian troops patrolled Gori, destroying an empty Georgian military base in the frontline Georgian town and setting up a checkpoint on the road to Tbilisi.

Civilians in Gori today claimed they had been shot at by Russian soldiers and South Ossetian snipers, who local residents said have been attacking villages outside the town. Georgian troops pulled back from the town of Gori earlier this week.

Georgia has also lost its last stronghold in another separatist province, Abkhazia, overnight as its troops withdrew from the Kodori Gorge.

Russian-backed separatist forces took advantage of the Georgian military’s collapse to attack Kodori.

There have been eyewitness reports of rape and murder conducted by Russian backed ‘Militias’.

CNN reported the Russian convoy heading towards Tbilisi but now seems to have changed it’s report…

Russian troops halt their drive toward Tbilisi: CNN
Russian troops have halted their drive toward Tbilisi, CNN reported on Wednesday after its earlier report that Moscow had broken the truce and was sending a military convoy to the Georgian capital. (UPDATED)

A column of Russian tanks and armored personnel carriers (APCs) on Wednesday left Gori and headed in the direction of the Georgian capital Tbilisi, an AFP journalist earlier witnessed.

The convoy, comprised of about 60 tanks, APCs and other vehicles, was seen 10 kilometers (six miles) outside Gori heading in the direction of Tbilisi, the journalist said.

Russian soldiers leaned out of the windows of the trucks shouting “Tbilisi! Tbilisi!” and waving Russian flags, AFP reported.

Gori lies about 75 kilometers from Tbilisi.

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili earlier on Wednesday accused Russian tanks still present inside the Georgian town of Gori of destroying buildings and shooting at people.

“Russian tanks have moved into Gori. They have destroyed buildings, there has been looting by Russian troops. They were shooting people,” he added in a conference call with reporters.

“They were looting, taking furniture, toilet seats, computers, anything of value,” he added.

Russia on Tuesday called a halt to its military operations against Georgia, which centered on the Moscow-backed rebel region of South Ossetia, and French President Nicolas Sarkozy engaged in negotiations with both sides to agree a peace plan.

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