eye of the cyclone

is there life on earth, or are we just dreaming…


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busses will soon arrive to take us home

Posted by lahar9jhadav on September 22, 2008

cloud ufo 004

“Ye shall be as one to bring forth this news/information as it has never been given before. The information is of great concern unto us of our realm. When this information is released there shall be a wave of confusion and disbelief…yet there shall be great relief for the ones which have asked for light- The Truth Seekers.

It is now come when it is expedient to release such information, it is part of the work of our school. For this shall it be seen and understood that we, the Host, are not playing second place unto any man of planet Earth. It is now come when such material shall be made available, yet not many are prepared to be mine messenger or scribe. This work of getting these portions out unto the ones which are seeking truth (naught else), is no small task.

While it is given unto few, in comparance with the populace, to ask for this truth which is now available, the populace, or major part of the people of Earth, will have none of it!… reject it as fantasy. Yet it is foreseen that many shall embrace this truth and give unto ‘us’, the Host, credit for bringing it forth that they be enlightened, for these have waited long for such enlightenment. They shall know the truth of such information, and accept it with joy and thanksgiving.”

Sananda through Sister Thedra …

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