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is there life on earth, or are we just dreaming…


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People of Earth

Posted by lahar9jhadav on October 20, 2008



channelled from a loosely bound

independent and informal co-operative of Cosmic Inhabitants

All your present woes were foreseen and forewarned- countless times. However you chose to ignore rational imperatives and instead blundered onwards into the abyss you now see before you. Your civilization stands on the edge of chaos.

What you understand now, as always, will effect your futures. Ongoing irrationality -greed, ignorance- is an evolutionary dead end. You have reached the Bridge between the old world and the new world – to go forward requires understanding of the present and it’s causes. Also balance and compassion. Not every attainment need be lost. What is real can be useful what is illusion only hinders the view of reality.

You have known, seen, that this day would come. This is the saddest of all. To err once is noble – there is understanding to be gained. But to err continuously in the face of facts is a pathology of the essence.

metanoic 2

We have no solutions- other than those you too in your midst have understood. Can you listen to yourselves as a species and contemplate your highest wish?

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