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Posted by lahar9jhadav on November 26, 2009

Satellite technology has just provided irrefutable evidence that Antarctica is shrinking — and in parts of the continent thought to be ‘safe’.

As a primate wandering around my environment, I became aware in 1994 that my climatic environment had become hotter, that the seasons were morphing into a different situation than known to me in my younger days and in the days of my ancestors. I migrated south to a colder region, with more precipitation. Later I migrated west to a region which I thought provided the best options in terms of water supply, agriculture and temperature — I had become tired of the increasing number of days per year over 40 degrees Celsius.

In the years since I began my migratory movements the world has become more and more concerned with Climate Change and scientific solutions have evolved and revolved around the mitigation of CO2 emissions. In the last decade the Sun, so I believe, has decided to be relatively benign, going through a quiet phase and, I suppose, giving ‘the planet’ a short window of opportunity to perhaps avert a ‘tipping point’ sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately we, in the so called democratic west, must rely on politicians to create legislation on which our future, so the scientists tell us, depends. This is not good, for as we have seen very recently, politicians are: irrational, neurotic, ignorant, open to corruption, ego-driven, deceptive and worse.

In Australia recently, for example, CO2 emission mitigation legislation was offered by the Government (Labor Party) for ratification in the Parliament (they have an Upper House — not controlled by the government and a Lower House — controlled by the Government). The opposition party, the Liberal Party, opposed the legislation in the Senate, and with the support of independents, it was defeated. The Government then announced that they would offer the legislation again. In Australia if Government legislation is defeated twice this then can be used as a trigger for a ‘Double Dissolution Election’ — which means that the Government can call an election of both Upper and Lower houses at any time. The situation at present, politically, means that the Government would be re-elected probably gaining control of the Senate as well — thus the opposition Liberal party decided, with much internal brawling, to offer amendments to the offered Government legislation.

A period of ‘good faith’ negotiation began, but at the same time those who were vehemently opposed to the CO2 Emission Mitigation legislation in the opposition party became much more public and vociferous, and it then emerged that a very large proportion of the opposition Liberal Coalition were what has become known in Australia as ‘Climate Change Denyers’, or Climate Change Sceptics’. This was bad enough, but then emerged s-l-o-w-l-y but surely the thinking behind their scepticism. The Leader of the Liberal Party in the Senate, Senator Minchen, for example, voiced his opinion in Parliament, recorded in Hansard, that the Anthropomorphic Climate Change ‘movement’ was in fact a worldwide conspiracy, a ‘Left Wing Plot’, designed to deindustrialise civilization. That is — that the science was all a hoax designed for a secret worldwide conspiratorial agenda.

If one explores this sort of idea in the world of the internet it soon becomes apparent that the ‘type’ of minds who push this conspiracy are, on the whole, firmly in the ‘seriously deluded’ camp. Now, there are, roughly, two types of ‘conspiracy theorists’ — those who are deluded and those who are not. For example, there are those who think that there was a conspiracy behind Bush’s stolen election — and the bulk of evidence is overwhelmingly on their side. Then there are the other type of ‘conspiracy theorists’ who, for example, think that Evolutionary Theory is an Illuminati plot to thwart the building of the Temple in the New Jerusalem. The bulk of evidence, in this case, is firmly not on their side. These are the type of minds, that in the USA for example: voted for George Bush but were blind to the conspiracy that stole the election for him; or agreed with Bush that Iraq was behind 9-11.

Senator Nick Minchen, and the other ‘denyers’ in his Liberal Coalition, are definitely in the ‘deluded conspiratorial camp’ — when his party was in Government he was a minister and he was firmly behind George Bush and all the lies about weapons of mass destruction etc etc etc.

So, as I said before, the problem western democratic humanity has in the face of Climate Change is that we are in the hands of deceptive, irrational, deluded, superstitious and neurotic politicians — like Senator Nick Minchen.

What possible hope can there be, then, for a serious planetary wide solution to the problem of CO2 and Climate Change if politicians ‘consciousnesses’ are so devoid of awareness? Only if they are not in positions of power and influence. But the trouble with that is, that a certain percentage of voters in these so called western democracies are also deluded, or relatively ‘unconscious’, or unaware.

[There are those, of course, who posit that we are all unconscious to reality — let’s just, with a sense of optimism, assume there is a continuum which goes from totally unconscious to totally conscious and that most of us are in the middle.]

Surely the answer to all our ‘political’ problems is to make sure that politicians are highly conscious beings. If these politicians are given power by the ‘people’, then the people must also become much more conscious. They must become more intelligent.

The solution to the problem of human civilization’s survival into the future is Intelligence. If we take humanity as a whole and as a species, then according to Evolutionary Theory our species will survive only if we are able to adapt to our environment — in the present crisis ‘adaptation’ means to be able to change our way of doing things so as to mitigate our effect on the planetary environment. If we fail, ‘adaptation’, or survival, in the future may mean the ability to physically deal with the effects of catastrophic climate change… so if the dinosaurs were able to dissuade cometary ‘attack’ through technology they would have survived, but since they didn’t they, on the whole, disappeared except for a minority of species that were able to withstand the critical effects or were able to adapt, mutate etc.

In our present crisis there are perhaps certain aspects of humanity which will survive — the strongest perhaps, the most cunning perhaps, the most intelligent perhaps, the most violent perhaps, or maybe mutations of the form will occur. There is a chance that natural selection will throw the most intelligent, the most conscious of our species forward, but there is also a chance that it will not. In other words the best of our civilization may move forward, or perhaps the worst. It may be an ascending or descending octave, so to speak.

Personally, I think some of the religions of the world — as they are understood at present by some of their adherents — are the biggest obstacles to creating a more intelligent species. Also the ‘entertainment’ industry — turn on the television, go to the movies, go to a digital games store, listen to the radio…. a constant stream of psychologically dangerous, distorted reality being fed into the minds of the species young (and old). The balance between the virtual world inside the mind and the reality outside is becoming more and more disjointed, disconnected. The species is being fed ‘dreams’ which cannot be fulfilled, and yet these dreams become the motives for the species actions, desires, beliefs. We are becoming inverted. Imagination is being let loose in place of what is real, let alone what is Real, capital R.

The present crisis is external and internal — it is about psychology, the psyche, as much as it is about climate or geography or technology.

There is a story in the old Testament of the so called Christian Bible concerning something called The Ark and a man named Noah. Noah was warned by a Supernatural being, God, that a catastrophic planetary situation was coming and told that he should build an Ark, a large ship which would help him and his family to survive the cataclysm. A big ship in our coming planetary situation might also be a good idea, what with rising ocean volumes and levels. However, the story if taken as allegory, suggests that an intelligent forewarned bunch of people taking precautions and making preparations might be able to cross the time stream of such a cataclysmic event, and land in a future more suitable for living and bringing intact the fruits of their former civilization and culture.

If the scientists are right, and if humanity does not act rightly, then the coming century or centuries will bring a redefinition of the geopolitical world on a planetary scale. We have seen the rise and fall of great civilizations throughout history, and some have not been known to have existed until discovered in out own times. The idea that the US of A, or Europe might fall is not so radical when we take the long view. The idea that future migratory imperatives might leave great swathes of the planet uninhabited is also not impossible — for example take Australia.

This continent is the most fragile of all and, as is becoming more and more obvious, is feeling the pressure of climate change at an ever increasing rate. The possibility that this continent which up until these times has been a ‘bread basket’ in the world could fail agriculturally and become a net importer of food is a distinct possibility. Already a continent of deserts and low precipitation, the driest continent of all in fact, there are alarming signs of environmental collapse. Whole ecosystems have failed such as the lower Murray River, Coorong and Meningie Lakes area of South Australia. Certain townships which used to obtain water for human consumption from lakes are now unable to, and must rely on water being trucked in.

South Australia is desperately working to secure a water supply for the future — building desalination plants which of course require huge amounts of energy which is currently supplied by coal fired power stations… making global warming worse.

People are already migrating from these areas and mostly to the north of Australia, to Queensland, which is growing exponentially. Unfortunately climate change is working it’s ‘magick’ there also with increased frequency of extreme weather events such as flooding and on the other hand large swathes of Queensland are also having problems with water supply.

“Even if we could stop adding to greenhouse gases tomorrow, the earth would continue warming for decades — and remain hot for centuries. We would still face the threat of water from melting glaciers lapping at our doorsteps.” [Ken Caldeira-Carnegie Institution’s department of global ecology.]

The rise of ocean levels, we know, will cause the migratory flight of many millions if not billions — from the third world and the first world.

So, Intelligence and Consciousness are vital for our species adaptation and survival. We do not have the luxury any more to dwell in the lower stories of our intellectual, emotional and instinctual ‘houses’, as individuals or collectively. The power of the politicians is so fundamental in this crisis, so possible of having dire consequences for countless generations to come, for humanity’s survival, that we are really in different world, a different paradigm from all that has gone before. The level of Conscience required by those who have the ‘levers’ in their hands, at this time is paramount. But the political game is the same as ever, especially if you use Australian politics as a generality. Even if a Carbon Emission Mitigation bill is passed in Australia it will be so watered down, that it will not have the desired effect which in reality is  a motivating factor for the big emitters (USA, China,) and the developing economies to act on CO2 emissions. And this is a good idea  a country like Australia is really at the mercy of the big emitters because it has so much at stake in terms of the effects of climate change, that taking a really impressive carbon reduction bill to Copenhagen is the only way it can do a lot about global emissions, ie. by example and shaming other countries into action. It is a pity local short range politics got in the way  it is a pity that nutters like Nick Minchen are in positions of influence. My great great grandchildren and humanity in the future will suffer in the extreme because of the lack of moral fibre, intelligence and conscience displayed by a cabal of the most ignorant and let’s face it, corrupt, politicians of the time and members of the species. The scum does rise to the top.


Nick Minchen climate change conspiracy theorist    insert photos of Minchen and all the other idiotic climate change denyers.

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